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June 16, 2009



She’s a month old – four weeks – today. Where did the time go? I know, it’s cliche to say that time flies, that it goes by so fast, but it really has.  She’s grown so much, changed so much in just four weeks.  She now smiles.  Well, she returns a smile if you smile at her, and she smiles in her sleep.  This picture doesn’t really show her smile – yet.  Her smiling is still that new, that she only smiles back at you, and can’t see me smile with the camera in my face :)

I think she’s got to be in the upper 7 pounds now.  She’s filling her newborn clothes out nicely now.  There are still some that are too big for her…  You can still feel her ribs and spine, but she’s getting there.  She has chubby thighs :)

She also holds her head up quite well, surprisingly well.  After a few minutes, she gets all jerky and flops over, but still, she’s not really supposed to have this much control over her head and neck yet. 

She also really enjoys baths.  Well, she seems happy with them, doesn’t scream bloody murder (like when I change most of her diapers).  I even got water in her face today, and she didn’t pout about it at all.  Such a good natured kid.  Well, mostly, except when she’s not sleeping at night.  But even then, she’s getting better about that, sleeping as many as 5 hours in a row.  I know I shouldn’t be complaining too much about the nights when she seems to wake up crying after 10 minutes of being in the room alone, as they aren’t every night.  We truly got lucky with her.

In other news, I can still feel my stitches, but it’s much easier to sit.  I didn’t need my egg carton at all today.  And I’ve lost all but six pounds of pregnancy weight (yay!).  There are also only two weeks of shots left as of today.  Double yay!

PS. It’s 3 years today since Stu asked me to marry him.  Even with all this craziness that Teagan has brought, he remembered and left a card on my pillow.  Sweetheart.  Sometimes he surprises me with how sweet he can be.  I’m glad I said  yes.  My life has changed for the better since I have.

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June 1, 2009

So, I’ve been alone since 8:20 this morning. Stu went back to work today. This is the longest that I have been alone with Teagan since she’s been born. The hospital doesn’t really count, as there were nurses and consultants and the nursery just out the door. Now, there’s no one… My parents had said they’d be here by mid-morning, but they didn’t leave until almost 11.

I do have to say, that I’ve been able to shower and dress and dry my hair so far this morning, which is pretty good. I wasn’t always able to do that, even with Stu here :) I think I’m getting used to this mother thing… knowing when I can leave her in her chair sleeping, when I really need to fuss with her… granted, I know that as soon as I have it under control, it will change. Joy.

Anyway, I’m waiting for my parents to get here, so I can get to the Doctor’s office for a quick scan to make sure everything is ok. I’ve been trying to be good, and rest and recuperate, but it seems that some of the complications that plagued the pregnancy are continuing now that I’m post-partum. The scan is to see if there’s any retained placenta. The doctors and nurses said that if there was a clot that you felt the urge to name, that you should call the doctor to get it checked out, as it could mean that you were hemorrhaging. So, I pass an egg-sized one, that made me a bit more nervous than the other slug/pea/quarter sized ones. I call the on-call, and the midwife that attended most of Teagan’s birth was who called back. She asked if I had any pain, a fever or had more than the one. Nope. Just that. So, she said that I’d need to get an ultrasound Monday, just to be sure that it wasn’t retained placenta, and if it was, then I’d be off to get a D&C.

I’ve pushed back the appointment twice already today, as my parents aren’t here yet, and I’m still not supposed to drive, and don’t have the car seat installed in my car yet… Fingers crossed that they’re here within the hour… I’d like to have some peace of mind, and know that there’s nothing “complicated” going on!

But the good note, I have survived being alone with the baby for four hours!!


PS.  The scan turned out fine.  Nothing retained, although I have some fibroids.  According to the doctor, the one that I never saw, nothing to hinder becoming pregnant again, if I (we) wanted.  Thanks lady.  Really thinking about that right now.

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