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January 18, 2014 ~ Frozen Tears

Not OlafSo, Frozen brings me to tears.  Well, not the entire movie, but two songs.  And hearing my daughter sing those songs.

I knew that the one made me teary, it did in the theater, with Ashlin on my lap.  But today, the other one did, and it was a surprise.  It’s not meant to make one cry, it’s meant to empower, to tell you it’s ok to leave everything and everyone behind and be yourself.  Maybe it was that Teagan was singing along, most of the words (she has the Frozen story cd), and was singing in a voice that was no longer a baby voice.  It was a little off-key, unpracticed, but a very sweet little voice.  A young girl voice.

She’s growing up.  Sniff.


Stu was half laughing at me today about it too.  He joked about reading the “I will always love you” or whatever book, the one that I can’t read aloud without something getting in my eye…  and then this.  Of course, both girls asked to hear the two songs over and over and over again. Laughing when Olaf is on the beach, when Ana does the tick-tock sound and follows the grandfather clock with her eyes. Again, Dada!  Again!

Then again.  I’m not the one humming them even though the girls are both in bed.




June 12, 2013

This morning’s ride to day care was fun!

Gotta love it.  Stu taught her a song that his dad taught him.  And then she adapted it!  My goof.

Ashlin wanted in on the singing too!

ABC’s are still her favorite song.  She dreams about the ABC’s, it’s her first request.  Yesterday when Stu asked her what she sang at day care, she bellowed ABC’s.  When asked if she sang anything else, she offered up ABC’s.  He asked if they sang BINGO, nope, ABC’s.  Wheels on the Bus?  Nope.  ABC’s.  Itsy Bitsy Spider (which she likes too) was also met with a nope!  ABC’s.

They’re both silly girls.

Cheese and peppers!!!


January 28, 2012

Teagan missed her sister this week.  A lot.  Ashlin was almost always asleep when she was awake.  No sisterly kisses before bed, or upon waking, or even before leaving for day care.  No sisterly hugs.

Ashlin seems to be better.  She was actually conscious for more than one hour at a time.  Her fever, although not gone, was in the double digits, and not triple, so better.  No motrin or tylenol today.  Her appetite wasn’t really there, but she did eat.  A little.  She nursed.  A lot.

Teagan was so distracted with everything this week – her sister, several no bathroom accident days – that she didn’t notice that her hop hop shoes aren’t around.  The original ones, the ones that she saw from across the Old Navy.  She had finally outgrown them, after weeks of trying to squeeze her feet in.  They had to be thrown out.  She asked once, but we distracted her.  The replacement slippers – still hop hops – aren’t as cute.

Other than throwing out her most favorite slippers ever, and her sister getting her first ear infection, Teagan had an interesting week.  She told us a story about the worms that live in her boogers, and make her yawn.  I wasn’t party to that story – Stu was – and I think I’m happy.


She also dreamed – twice! – about things other than twinkle stars.  One night Teagan dreamt about her aunt NayNay and cake.  Not sure if Renee was eating cake or dancing with cake.  Or were they cupcakes?  I don’t remember.  One way or the other, interesting.  Another night she dreamt about a little pig and a big pig.  Two pigs.

Oh, and Ashlin’s tooth has finally cut through.

Pay no attention to the snot that is still pouring out of her nose.


April 18, 2011 ~ Bumble Bee!

7757 – 041311 – Bumblebee Song

Teagan loves the song “Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee.” This is one of her various renditions.  Please excuse the filthy hat, we went out for our evening walk before I could take it from her. Not sure that I would have succeeded that night, she’s very attached to the hat. LOL.

We’ve been walking every night, taking the double stroller.  I try to remember my camera.  Teagan asks to go for a walk as they leave day care.  It’s the topic of discussion in the car.  No more “how was your day, Teagan?”  Now it’s all walk!  Now, beeze, walk!

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February 25, 2011

Stu has been bringing Teagan to day care most mornings.  He tells me that they usually sing in the car – the name song, listing everyone in the family.  From Mama all the way down to the cat.  Sometimes they just sing along to the radio.  When they get to the parking lot at Day Care, they do an “I spy” type game, which now includes various adjectives – I see two white busses, one red car, etc.

Yesterday, after a short ride of song, they get to Day Care and get out of the car.  Teagan yells “Mama!” and points at a guy getting out of a jeep.  Stu gently corrects her, “that’s not mama, that’s a man in a black jeep.”  Teagan then sings back “baa baa black cheep!”

LOL!  I wish I had been there.

Stu said that the man and jeep were there when he picked her up.  She did it again.


September 12, 2007

And now it’s 17…

Anyway, we needed to pick a song for the first dance. Easy you say? Not so much. Stu and I have different musical tastes. We both offered up several suggestions, which well… didn’t go so far. It’s amazing how a lovely song has lyrics that suggest a less than happy (or PG-13 image). Anyway, we ended up settling on a song by Genesis. Go figure. I do think I’m a bit more happy about it than he his, but the lyrics are just wonderful.

Follow You Follow Me

Stay with me,
My love I hope you’ll always be
Right here by my side if ever I need you
Oh my love

In your arms,
I feel so safe and so secure
Everyday is such a perfect day to spend
Alone with you
I will follow you, will you follow me?
All the days and nights that we know will be
I will stay with you, will you stay with me?
Just one single tear in each passing year
With the dark,
Oh, I see so very clearly now
All my fears are drifting by me so slowly now
Fading away
I can say
The night is long, but you are here
Close at hand,
Oh I’m better for the smile you give
And while I live
I will follow you, will you follow me?
All the days and nights that wee know will be
I will stay with you, will you stay with me?
Just one single tear in each passing year there will be…

 Am I totally corny? Now… to dance :)

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