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March 12, 2012

Ashlin’s been putting us through the ringer with these teeth of hers.  They can’t come through fast enough for me.  She wants to be held, but then doesn’t want to be held.  You can’t rock, or sway, or spin or swing her.  She’s not happy if you sit, nor is she happy if you stand.  She will not let you put her down, but she doesn’t want to be held.  She cries if you hold her horizontally, but also if you hold her vertically.  The teething tablets are helping a little, but not enough.  Motrin is also helping a little, but not enough.

The past two nights it’s taken somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour to get her asleep.  And then she may not stay asleep.  She comes up for air, or comforting, and then it takes another 30-45 minutes to get her back down.  Three to four (and sometimes five,) hours of sleep with just a few awake minutes of nursing and patting, but then more sleep is great.  Two to three hours of sleep, with an hour of nursing and trying to put back down is not fun.

I’m not 100% sure I do want her to have more teeth, she has become a bit bitey, and I’m not quite ready to stop nursing her.  But I do want her to not be in pain any more, to feel better.  I’d also like her to be my lovely, yet not-so-great sleeper, who would sleep (a bit!).  The one you could put down drowsy with her glow worm, and who would put herself to sleep.  I’d also like her to stop biting.

Is that too much to ask?


March 9, 2012

Go the Fu*k to Sleep

Did I mention four teeth?  One is almost all the way through, the other eye tooth is pushing and bulging.  You can see the outlines of the two front teeth now.  She may not look like a short hockey player, after all.  Or, if she does, not for long.  Maybe her birthday pictures will be nice…

She didn’t sleep well last night, and is very unsettled tonight.  I think she’s got more going on in her mouth than both motrin and the teething tablets can help.  She’s been surfacing a bit, crying, needing a rock and snuggle, new round on her glowworm.

Teeth suck.


March 5, 2012

So, the reason this one has been cranky pants at night is a new tooth!  Her upper right incisor has cut through!  She’s going to be a snaggle-tooth for a little while, until the front ones catch up.

I had mentioned to Stu that I thought there might be another tooth coming, as she’s been a bit bity and more fussy at night than normal.  Today when we picked her up, there was that tooth, just gleaming away.  And she was giggling.

It’s not been an easy few nights, thanks to that tooth.  I had just gotten used to having 4-5 hours of sleep a night.  In a row!  It was awesome.  I miss them already.

I’m more than ready for bed now…  I’m sure I’ll be called, (or cried for), soon enough, and then be stuck rocking her or swaying for at least 30 minutes.  It’ll probably be 3am too.


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February 22, 2012

I totally jinxed myself yesterday.  It’s almost as if Ashlin heard me, read the entry about how well she’s been sleeping this week, and decided to totally throw it to all hell.  She was up every. two. and. a. half. hours.  It was like she was a newborn again.  <sigh>

Yesterday I was so tired, (even with the extra sleep), that my eyes felt like they were burning.  Today, they’re past that.  Dry and scratchy.  Blurry.  Heavy.

The girls were good when we got  home.  Mostly.  Ashlin did seem super tired, cranky.  As she should be, having been awake half the night.  We got them fed and I took Ashlin up while Teagan stayed downstairs with Stu and watched Cat in the Hat.  I almost fell asleep trying to rock Ashlin down for bed.  She just wanted to play with pull my hair.  Eventually I got her down, and tucked her in, started her glowworm and snuck out.

Just finishing up a bit of wwilfing and maybe some ice cream before going to an early bed.  Maybe not.  After almost 11 months of little sleep, in buckets of no more than four hours at a time, there are very little reserves.  I need to be able to function tomorrow.

I’m so tired.

I do know it will get better.  I just need want it to be better soon.


February 21, 2012

So, Ashlin slept pretty well last night, once she actually got down.  Surprisingly, it took a bit of coaxing to get her to sleep more than 20 minutes at a go, but she did get there.  Eventually.  Maybe it was because she sat in the stroller most of the day, watching, and not moving much.  She didn’t get to burn off any energy, so she had extra at bedtime last night.  Whatever, it was nice to get her down.

Then she stayed down, for about five hours or so.  From 11pm to 5am.  Lovely.  This is the second night or third night she’s slept for more than 4 hours without waking.  It’s awesome.

Though I’m not sure why I was dragging so badly today.  I think I feel better with the three hour intervals instead of a night or two of long 5-6 hour stretches and alternating with a bunch of three hour days.  Getting some sleep seems to hit me harder than getting no rest.

Hopefully, Ashlin is just working on lengthening her sleep patterns, and will soon be snoozing for a minimum of five hours a go every night!  I can dream can’t I?

I may be dreaming now.


January 10 ~ Front Tooth?

Front Tooth?

Can you see it??  Can  you?

I know, it’s a very very bad picture, with not enough light.  But I swear that lower-right tooth is almost through.  Almost.

Her first tooth. At 9.5 months.

After weeks of often interrupted sleep.  Nights where she slept in two and occasionally three-hour stretches.

Maybe the tooth is up enough that she’s not as bothered by it, even though it’s not totally cut yet, and that could be why she did one four-hour stretch last night.  I’m hoping there’ll be another long sleep tonight.  Don’t want to be too greedy, though!  Four hours in a row is a very lovely chunk of sleep.  That’s so much better than what she’s been averaging lately.


PS.  Is it me, or do her eyes look green???  Nah.  It’s probably the light.



January 9, 2011

who me?

Not yet.  She’s not crawling yet.  And last night, she wasn’t sleeping.  Well, not until way too late.  Inhumanly late.  I’m begining to think she’s going just a rude and inconsiderate baby.  Stu woke me up around 1:40 to go up to bed.  She had been downstairs since 10:00.

It’s just not right.

We both got comments about how tired and run down we looked today.

She’s also not crawling yet.  Still.  Though she’s still working on it.

She also doesn’t like to say “mama”, though she is more than capable of saying it.  She has.  If I’m in the room, she just won’t.  She gave me the one “mama” on New Year’s, so that’s enough for her.

Not like this video that Stu shared earlier today.  Which is awesome.  Just, not my baby.  Quite the opposite.  Sigh.


June 18, 2011

You know you watch too much kid tv when you hear “razzle dazzle” in a grown up tv show both you and your husband repeat it and then giggle.  We both looked sheepishly at each other.  Our daughter likes Yo Gabba Gabba a bit too much.

Yesterday, she came home from day care saying “Mama isa, dada isa, no, Stuaaaaahh.”  Stu would ask about her sister, “Sistah Ashlin,”  “And the cat?”  “Meow meow?”  “Yes, Meow meow.” “Isa!”



Today was a good day.  She played with her new-to-her kitchen most of the morning, until nap time.  She napped  hard.  When she gets into a sleep debt, it needs to be repaid.  We enjoy it being repaid on the weekends.  I’m sure this is why we still get two naps on weekends, the kid needs her sleep.

After her nap, Stu went out to mow and the three of us stayed inside.  Again, she played with the kitchen, bringing me forks (fahck) and spoons (poon!).  Cups of imaginary milk or water.  Ashlin was given a bowl of something, a cup of milk.  She was nursing at the time, so declined.

After her second nap (yay!), Stu took her to Lowe’s and the grocery store.  He went looking for a new garage door.  One was a bit beat up when we moved in, and it finally gave the ghost, or the top panel did.  The door was too big and heavy to fit in the wagon.  At the grocery store, he told Teagan that they were going to pick up some beer for me.  She repeated to everyone that would listen “mama, beer!”  Gotta love that.

Later, in the bath, she farted.  Nice big bubbles!  Stu asked her “what was that?”  She answered “Ashlin’s bum!”  Really?  Your sister did that from all the way downstairs?  Teagan giggled.

As she has for the past few baths, she played “penguin” as the water drained away, slipping and sliding around the tub on her belly.  She’s getting a bit big for it, but it’s still very cute.  I’d video and post it, but I may get in trouble.  It’s so cute though.

Stu got her ready for bed, did the rest of the bedtime routine – pj’s, book, bubbles.  He added in one more step – having her repeat “no crying” before leaving her for the night.  It seems to be working, we don’t need to go in two minutes after leaving her with kisses and “love yous.”  Tonight, she was cheeky.  Instead of repeating “no crying,”  she said “yes, crying” and laughed.

She’s getting a sense of humor.

still chilling

growing, but still chilling

Ashlin was mostly chill today.  She went outside with us for a little bit when we looked for Stu’s pedometer.  A little difficult to get nap, but generally happy.  I was able to get more video of her chattering.  This kid never shuts up, even when she sleeps.




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June 6, 2011



So, it’s been a bit busy, and I can’t seem to stay awake (or up to date with my e-mail) long enough to write.  I know I need to.  Things keep happening, things that I want to remember.

Ashlin has a new trick – blowing spit bubbles in her sleep.  She was doing this during our almost-daily evening walk.  Teagan thought it was the bomb.  Bubbles!

Teagan’s been growing so fast.  Her vocabulary is exploding.  Verbal skills just zooming along.  Four word sentences, sometimes even five, are the norm now.  She remembers things!  And the thoughts – yes thoughts! – she comes out with.  So fun.

Whiskers are a “tickle mess.”  One sentence we hear over and over is “Ouch?  Kiss. All better, Teagan kiss.”   And then a big sloppy kiss is planted on whatever she deemed the”ouch.”  Curious George is a “bad bad monkey,” never just a bad monkey.  “Buggies” are “ewwww.”   I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t think of them now.

Fancy Hair

Fancy Hair

She’s now wearing 24/2T clothes – 34 inches tall.  Still 50th percentiles, but she’s so big now.  I know she looks a bit bigger, thanks to Ashlin, but still.  Her face has changed.  She’s taller.  Clumsy, as always, she’s not as bad as she was.  She may not ever be a ballerina  She doesn’t look where she’s going.

Her hair is getting longer, and it’s not quite as funny as it was.  Day Care will put it up in one top pony tail, I can do two cute ones on the sides.  She has amazing curls in the back.  Her bangs probably could use a trim.

She was a bit sick yesterday.  Mystery fever.  Poor kid.  Woke up from her morning nap with a 101°F fever that soon became as high as 103.9°F.  We knew she didn’t feel well as she sat still on Stu’s lap, for almost two hours, watching videos on the laptop.  Yay YouTube.  She napped again, early, for another 2.5 hours.  Five hours of nap?  She’s a sick kid.  After the afternoon nap, she snuggled with me for another hour or so.  She didn’t want to eat.  There was no argument about bedtime either.

She did wake up at 3am or so.  I was up nursing Ashlin, so went to her, checked her temp.  It was 98.8°F or so.  Better.  Stu and I let her sleep this morning, and she woke up almost an hour later than normal – around 8:30.  She was hungry and a bit subdued, but almost her usual self.  Such a relief.

Lunch ViewIsn’t this a lovely view for lunch?  Friday after my (weekly!) beach walk, I got to watch the ocean while I ate :)  It doesn’t get better than that.  Ashlin wasn’t very impressed:

I can see forever

I can see forever

So, anyway.  I’m going to try to post more often, better.  Hopefully when I’m awake.

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May 24, 2011

Today sucked.  It felt like no one was happy.  They all just cried.  And wouldn’t stop.  On top of it, it was raining.  Again.  Still.

Maybe it was the weather that set everyone off today.  I don’t know.  Both kids were super cranky today.  Well, for Ashlin it was more needy than cranky.  Today, putting her down was not an option.   She didn’t want to be put down.  She didn’t want to nap, or she wouldn’t nap more than 30 minutes at a time.  Then we had to do the rounds – bouncer, play mat, nursing, pacing and bouncing, swaying.  Repeat every 3 hours or so.

I do have to say that while she did nap, I was able to pull the Wii Fit out, and did a bunch of yoga – had two new positions unlocked.  Woo woo! Oh, and I was also able to drink half my coffee while it was hot.  And eat breakfast and get a shower between morning naps.

At the Chiro’s office, she was a sweetheart.  The Doc and his receptionist both fell in love with how wonderful she was.  She totally  had them hoodwinked.  LOL.  To be fair, most days she is a sweetheart – smiling back, sticking her tongue out.  Almost laughing.  (She’s growing so fast, responsive smiles, imitation, almost laughing!)

The hip still isn’t back in.

Stu worked late, so asked if I could get Teagan from day care.  Sure.  I wake Ashlin up putting her in the car seat and she stays awake driving there and home.  Teagan runs and gives me a huge hug, and then starts crying because I don’t have a bubble (pacifier) in the car.  Distraction stopped the tears initially – she loves it when I open the sun roof shade.  She screamed when I opened the sun roof though.   Thankfully those tears stopped when I closed the roof, but oh, once we got home nothing made her happy.  No miwlk (milk), no daata (pasta), no mama beans (green or lima beans), no dup dup (catchup, mustard, sauce, dressing, Parmesan cheeseor any condiment really) , no wawk.  <sigh>

Stu came home to this.  Fun.  An extra long day and then home to two crying kids, and a frazzled wife.  A tired wife.

Eventually, we get the two of them quieted down.  Or so we thought.  Every time I sat down, one of them started crying or fussing again.

Today sucked.

Tomorrow is going to be a challenge, Teagan has her 2 year old doctor’s appointment.  I have to have to be out – alone – with the two kids.  In public.

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