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January 6, 2012

Happy Kings Day!  We celebrated with one sick toddler (who didn’t know what today was, she thinks it’s tomorrow) and one happy (finally!) bathing beauty. Look at that belly!!

Night-Night, Kings!  Teagan is waiting for you!


We didn’t have Teagan put a box with grass out.  I had wanted her to color a picture as her wish list, but somehow the day got away from us.  We’ll do that next year.


December 21, 2011

The stockings were hung

The girls are trying to kill me. And almost succeeded.   I’ve been sick.  Since Monday.  Or more that Monday started with that tickle in the back of my throat and a sniffly nose.  That feeling that you get and hope that if you get enough sleep, enough Airborne, you may just escape.   I went to bed early (like that was hard), hoping against hope that I wouldn’t get sick, but no luck.  The girls are thorough.

I woke Tuesday knowing that I hadn’t escaped.  Throat had that lovely broken glass mixed with gravel feel to it.  Nose was stuffed full of snot.  Awesome.  I supposed I should be sort of happy, that it took until this week to succumb to all the germs that they’re just crawling with.  They have been oozing some sort of icky body fluid for the past few weeks, maybe since Halloween, when they had back to back episodes of croup.   Well, one each, but both girls.

Not quite there

Yesterday was not fun.  I was sick and Ashlin was home.  I suppose if I had enough presence of mind to think, even a little, I would have sent her into day care, and swapped her days.  But I wasn’t thinking.  I just wanted to sleep.  Ashlin, on the other hand, wanted to play, to move.  She got so close to getting on all fours and rocking.  But she’s not quite there.  I think we’ll be seeing her move come by New Year’s.  I did get two short naps in while she napped in the bouncer.

And, of course, I couldn’t take anything to make me feel better.  With all the supply issues I’ve had this time, I couldn’t take any chances.  Yay to feeling crummy in order to nurse longer.

Today was better.  Both girls were in day care, so I got to relax a bit.  And nap, for more than 20 minutes at a time.  And after the afternoon nap, I feel almost ok, just some remnant sniffles.

When the girls got home, I made a batch of salt dough and we did Teagan’s hands, and then Ashlin’s hands (yay!) and feet.  They turned out pretty good!

Ashlin's Foot

Ashlin's Hand

Teagan's Hand

I don’t know if I’ll get more decorations up or not…  I still have to do a little more shopping, and then wrap.  Yikes.


November 3, 2011

T&A&L - Sharing is not always good

It seems that my two girls are sharing, and sharing more than they should be.  Yay.

Teagan now appears to have caught some of Ashlin’s croup. She had a very restless – bad – night last night. Coughing a bit.  Up at least twice requesting “rock-a-me mama,” saying “I have boogers” and asking to have her nose wiped.

This morning, she was a bit warm, but it wasn’t a fever.  She wasn’t hoarse, nor coughing.  I had work to get done, and with one baby already staying home, she got bundled off to day care.  Bad mom, that’s me!

Just after noon I received a call from the Day Care supervisor, telling me that Teagan was “not herself” and “didn’t want to talk” because her throat hurt.  I will admit, I wasn’t totally surprised.  I was a bit sad with myself for sending her after all.

Once we got home, Teagan didn’t want to eat, but said she was hungry.  Didn’t want to nap.  Her temperature was in the high 100-101 range.  I did get her to eat some applesauce, and nap.  Though Ashlin woke up, so I wasn’t able to get much work done at all, though I did sit in on the project’s daily afternoon conference call.

After the nap, her fever was higher, voice more hoarse.  She just wanted snuggles, and was talked into some cheese, pretzels and apple cider.  It is nice snuggling with her, she wants it less and less as she gets older.  It would be nice, though, if she did it when she wasn’t sick.

She’s in bed now, with a dose of motrin in her, to try to keep the temp down.  Hopefully, it will stay down, she won’t cough too much, and will be more her usual self tomorrow.

I can hope.



November 2, 2011


She’s having fun, going for walks with dada, when she’s supposed to be home sick. :)

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November 1, 2011

Ashlin does have croup. It was not an easy night, though I – we – got some sleep. Even Ashlin got some sleep.

She was sounding so bad, even in the morning, that I called the doctor for an appointment. We got in first thing, thankfully. It is croup. We need to watch her breathing, and as long as she isn’t having too much difficulty, we can avoid both the hospital and steroids.

In weight news, she’s up nine ounces. Yay!



October 31, 2011


This one loved trick or treating. Halloween was a success for her.



This one probably has croup. Halloween was helpful to her, being out in the cold.

More later when there is more sleep and a happier baby.


October 14, 2011

The Girls

Friday.  It’s finally Friday.  It’s been a long week.  And I’m kinda glad it’s over.

Monday was mostly fun, having both girls home, going shopping, playing, being with them.

Tuesday night was not fun.  Ashlin was sick again.  A lot.  The on-call doctor thought that she may have caught a stomach bug or something.  She was mostly better by Wednesday morning, but Tuesday night, she was not good.  Crying as she vomited, crying after she did, low temperature.  She would cry and then snuggle in as if for warmth and comfort.  She got some Pedialyte and dozed fitfully on me and then in the bouncy.  After a few hours, Stu woke me for my shift.  I stayed on the sofa with her in front of me, terrified that she would start vomiting again after nursing.  She didn’t, thankfully.  But neither of us slept well.

Wednesday was a recovery day.  As Ashlin was better, and I so needed sleep, we sent her to day care.  I thought we’d get a call, but we lucked out.  Maybe it was the wrong decision to make, but oh, it was a nice day not needing to worry about another human beings survival for a little while.  Worked from home, as I probably shoudln’t have driven a heavy motor vehicle at fast speeds.

Yesterday was crazy busy at work.  But I had ice cream.  Twice.  The Starbucks Mocha Frappachino ice cream bar is very nice.

And today, it’s game night!  Woo woo!

PS.  She’s babbling!


June 6, 2011



So, it’s been a bit busy, and I can’t seem to stay awake (or up to date with my e-mail) long enough to write.  I know I need to.  Things keep happening, things that I want to remember.

Ashlin has a new trick – blowing spit bubbles in her sleep.  She was doing this during our almost-daily evening walk.  Teagan thought it was the bomb.  Bubbles!

Teagan’s been growing so fast.  Her vocabulary is exploding.  Verbal skills just zooming along.  Four word sentences, sometimes even five, are the norm now.  She remembers things!  And the thoughts – yes thoughts! – she comes out with.  So fun.

Whiskers are a “tickle mess.”  One sentence we hear over and over is “Ouch?  Kiss. All better, Teagan kiss.”   And then a big sloppy kiss is planted on whatever she deemed the”ouch.”  Curious George is a “bad bad monkey,” never just a bad monkey.  “Buggies” are “ewwww.”   I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t think of them now.

Fancy Hair

Fancy Hair

She’s now wearing 24/2T clothes – 34 inches tall.  Still 50th percentiles, but she’s so big now.  I know she looks a bit bigger, thanks to Ashlin, but still.  Her face has changed.  She’s taller.  Clumsy, as always, she’s not as bad as she was.  She may not ever be a ballerina  She doesn’t look where she’s going.

Her hair is getting longer, and it’s not quite as funny as it was.  Day Care will put it up in one top pony tail, I can do two cute ones on the sides.  She has amazing curls in the back.  Her bangs probably could use a trim.

She was a bit sick yesterday.  Mystery fever.  Poor kid.  Woke up from her morning nap with a 101°F fever that soon became as high as 103.9°F.  We knew she didn’t feel well as she sat still on Stu’s lap, for almost two hours, watching videos on the laptop.  Yay YouTube.  She napped again, early, for another 2.5 hours.  Five hours of nap?  She’s a sick kid.  After the afternoon nap, she snuggled with me for another hour or so.  She didn’t want to eat.  There was no argument about bedtime either.

She did wake up at 3am or so.  I was up nursing Ashlin, so went to her, checked her temp.  It was 98.8°F or so.  Better.  Stu and I let her sleep this morning, and she woke up almost an hour later than normal – around 8:30.  She was hungry and a bit subdued, but almost her usual self.  Such a relief.

Lunch ViewIsn’t this a lovely view for lunch?  Friday after my (weekly!) beach walk, I got to watch the ocean while I ate :)  It doesn’t get better than that.  Ashlin wasn’t very impressed:

I can see forever

I can see forever

So, anyway.  I’m going to try to post more often, better.  Hopefully when I’m awake.

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March 15, 2010

Watch out world!  Here she comes!  She’s nothing but trouble now.  And she’s fast! 

We’ve protected the coffee table with foam insulation and even have an outlet cover in the living room.  Never leave the basement door open.  Try to not let her further than the dining room.  Did I say that she was fast?  She’s gotten to the kitchen.  We’re in the midst of packing, so it’s not completely safe to get out of the living room.  Piles of boxes that are not stable enough to pull up on.  We try to keep her distracted from the rest of the house. 

It will be easier in the new house, we have gates that we will put up.  Get new fancy ones that have foot pedals and you can walk through – a must if you are short and can’t simply step over the other kind.  We’ll have to be good too, as there’s two sets of stairs there.  and LOTS more wall space that will be unencumbered by furniture.  She’ll have her own play room upstairs (for now).

So, we’re about two weeks away from the move.  Pods will be delivered to the driveway, and we can pre-load the stuff we’ve already packed, and what was in the basement in tubs (prepacked!  WOO WOO!)  Getting those boxes out will clear the way to get the rest of it done.  Hopefully.  At least, I think it will.  I’m getting excited about getting into the new place.  It’s going to be fun :)  A home for all of us.

We’re also about a week away from the plague that attempted to take out the household…  I started feeling ill late Tuesday evening, which became a full on bodily horror that lasted most of the night.  It seemed to never end.  Every hour, on the hour, I needed to get up and threw up.  Stu got something similar the following day, but never quite as pukey as I did. We were both thankful that Teagan went into day care Wednesday.  Neither of us really were able to deal with her, so we just writhed in agony on the sofas for most of the day.  She never seemed to get ill, (breastfeeding benefit!)although she slept about five hours in day care, up just a little from her usual hour and a half.  Stu was only really out of commission for two days, I on the other hand about a week.  I dropped 4-5 pounds in two days.  It was not fun.

So, anyway our near future contains more packing, four teeth cutting at once, a bit more packing.  A touch of corned beef, and some left-over ice cream cake, and maybe more packing…


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January 17, 2010

:(  This face says it all. 

Double ear infections suck.  Fevers on babies suck.  Stong antibiotics suck.  Piglet has another double ear infection.  Poor kid.  

She got sent home from day care Thursday with a 102° F temperature.  They said that she napped for over an hour and wasn’t clapping and happy like normal.  They thought she was “off,” and took her temp.  102° F.  Stu scrambled to get to the center in time…  by state law we have just one hour from when they call to get her.  We work an hour away.  I told them one of us would be there as soon as possible.  Immediately called to the doctor’s office to see if we should bring her in, and to see if we could do so on the way home from day care.  Got a message to call back after lunch – 2:00pm.  I leave my meeting to try again, and get the same message.  Stu gets Teagan home and settled in – she’s all hot and cuddly and sleepy – and tries to call, but doesn’t get anyone.  

I leave my meeting as soon as possible to get home.  She’s never had such a high temperature.  When I get home, she’s still sleeping.  I eventually get a hold of the doctor and get her in that evening at the office in the next town.  Double ear infection.  The worst that the doctor has seen all week.  That makes me feel great.  Teagan wasn’t pulling at her ears at all, she wasn’t really “off” until Thursday morning.  She did have a cough that started late Tuesday, but it wasn’t a whooping-cough, nor did it accompany a runny nose, so we didn’t think anything of it at the time. 

So, back on antibiotics.  This time it’s Omnicef/Cefdinir.  Not quite as evil as Augmenten but pretty close.  One dose a day, thank goodness.  I asked if it was something we should have flavored and was told that normally kids are ok with it.  WRONG.  She HATES it.  Thankfully it’s a 2.5ml dose, and not too bad to force into her.  Still not fun though. 

It seems that her disease has contaminated the entire house.  Even Clio is sneezing.  I seem to have gotten the runny and fatigue part of it, while Stu has the fever and aches that Teagan must have.  She’s better now, but we’re still working off the love that she shared. 

Of course, we had to cancel our plans for the weekend – we were supposed to go to PA and play games – Talisman!  Expansion set!  Zombies – Last Night on Earth!  Well, it’ll just have to be rescheduled.  I like playing games and seeing distant friends too much.  I don’t want to get them sick :)