What to muse about today?

February 9, 2012


I felt better and better, generally, as the day progressed.   Being home alone – or at least without a little baby – was heaven.  Coffee wasn’t a wonderful idea, but it did stay down.  I was able to eat some toast by noon.  Naps were still a very good thing.

Stu also survived the day.  Yay!  And ate some chicken noodle soup too!

Ashlin, on the other hand, is very much the worse for the wear.  She had been difficult last night, not wanting to sleep in her crib.  Maybe because it was still missing the bumper, as I hadn’t had a chance yet to wash it from the other night.  Maybe she didn’t want to lie down, due to teeth (the second is through!) or ears.  For whatever reason, she was difficult to put down, and woke up every hour or so all night.

After a night like that,  we were very glad to send her to day care today.  I was very happy to have her gone.  I was looking forward to being sick without having to take care of anyone.

I am such a bad mother.

Anyway, the care givers at day care said she was cranky and whiny all day.  When she wasn’t sleeping, that is.  Over three hours of naps there today.  She never naps that well at day care.  She threw up – all over me, herself and the floor – as soon as she got home and out of her bunting.  A lot. Wonderful.   Like there hasn’t been enough puke in the house this week.  After throwing up, she was all snuggly, and pale.

We ended up giving her a saltine or two, some water, and some pedialyte.  Kept her up for a while and then put her to bed, as she was totally exhausted.  She fell asleep within five minutes.  I had called the doctor’s office, being worried about her, her ears, whether she’s dehydrated.  The on-call doctor said that we should bring her in tomorrow, that it’s most likely her ears, but it could be something else.

We’ll be calling for a doctor’s appointment as soon as the office opens.

I may not be sleeping well again, tonight.


January 25, 2012


Sick Baby

Ashlin got sent home sick today.  She was running between 101.4° and 102°F and was lethargic.  not her usual cheerful and smiley self.  She fell asleep in my arms after we got her home – all she wanted to do was snuggle.

I do wish she wasn’t such a hair puller, and that she didn’t seem to prefer mine.  She’s always twirled, or pulled, her hair as she falls asleep.  Swaddled, she couldn’t reach, but now that she’s no longer swaddled, she can do it again.  Sometimes she’ll pinch a bit instead, or will get distracted with my necklace.  Her hands just always seem to move until she falls asleep.

Anyway.  Her temperature went down with Tylenol, and she’s been sleeping for the most part since we got home.  Awoke once for a feed, and once to be laid back down (she was standing up in the crib in her sleep).  Hopefully, the rest of the night will play out in similar fashion, without the standing, and she’ll wake up smiling and happy without any snot.

Teagan was running a bit of a temp tonight.  I do hope she doesn’t get it.


I have to say, the pop-up video thing that AMC is doing with Superman Returns tonight is very annoying.  Informative, but annoying.  I’d probably appreciate it more if I had already seen the movie.  But I’ve only seen pieces of it, never all of it in a row.  It’s been fun so far.

PS.  The opening credits made me giggle, they’re just like the ones from the first movies.