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November 2, 2012



Today I was able to finish Stu’s scarf. Yay for fringe! He’s been wearing it already, but now it has it’s fringe. I was really happy with how it turned out, just a simple single crochet and then a double crochet make that nifty waffle-like pattern.  It’s delicate without being feminine, very nice.  I’m going to need to try that with another scarf, or even a blanket. Yes, maybe a blanket.  I’ve got three baby blankets and three-quarters of a toddler blanket under my belt…  Maybe it’s time for an adult one?  Though I do have my eye on a circle in a square pattern…


Apple Cheddar Meat Pie!

For dinner tonight I made Apple and Cheddar meat pies! I had a package of the Goya discos and oh, so many apples.  They turned out pretty well, considering.  I think next time, I’ll try with rolled out pizza dough, maybe do a Stromboli type roll.

I bought some puff pastry, so will use that to make some more apple hand pies.  It seems more of a sweet pastry than savory one, so I’ll be making more hand pies soon…  maybe with Teagan this weekend.  She asked about them, while eating her dinner tonight.  Also, if I could make a broccoli pie.  Um.  Ok.  I could, I’m sure.  I’ll find one with cheese.  Everything is always better with cheese.


Can you make broccoli pies?

Both girls enjoyed the meat pies. Ashlin ate three quarters of hers, in something like 1o minutes, while Teagan ate about the same amount in 30 minutes.  She almost didn’t get her treat – Sherbert – because she was taking so long with her dinner.  Stu liked them too :)


Taped on shoes! Really?!?!?!?

Teagan had a great day at day care, a great week actually, hence her treat.  Ashlin, well, I’m not sure what happened for her today at day care.  She came home with her shoes  taped – yes, I said TAPED! – on. AND they taped her socks on too.  Stu didn’t notice when he picked them up tonight, but you can be sure I’ll ask why they felt they needed to tape them on.  Yes, the shoes are a bit big, she’s outgrown the size 4’s and is a bit too small for the 5’s, and she does love to take her socks off, but still.  It just doesn’t seem right.


AND socks!?!?! WTF??

AND her socks?!?!?! WTF??


October 19, 2012

Girls in #crochet #hatI’m not sure if anyone has noticed the girls hats…  the crocheted hats?  The hats I made?  I made them!!  I relearned how to crochet, and then how to actually do more than just single crochet a blanket, and maybe do a chevron pattern.

A few ladies at the office encouraged, well, pushed and prodded more like, to start up again once they learned that I wanted to make a few baby blankets for my expecting friends.  Over lunch times, they helped me, showed me step by step how to make a chain, turn, then single and double crochet stitches. You Tube has some lovely videos that helped as well – with left-handed crocheters!  I used the goal of making Teagan a scarf and hat set to learn.  Then Ashlin needed a hat for her ginormous head.

Teagan’s scarf:
Fringe for a little princess

I did a simple fringe on hers, as she is absolutely guaranteed to play with it.

And her hat:
#hat is done!  #crochet

She has pulled the ears a bit, and it’s getting out of shape.   I am glad I didn’t do too much embellishment on it, as I’m not sure it will last the season.  Oh, well, I can always make her another.

Ashlin’s hat:
Ash's #hat #crochet

I loved the curly tops on this pattern. I needed to adapt it a bit, embiggen it, as the only pattern I could find was for a newborn.  My Little Miss and her big head can fit in her sister’s hats. Also, all childrens (and some adult) hats need ears of some sort.

Ashlin wasn’t convinced at first:
No #crochet #hat!  Ash doesn't like it :(

But eventually she changed her mind, and won’t leave home or day care with out it!
Chillin' with my #hat and beep beep!