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April 15, 2013

Because I need three WIPs. #knit #blanket on #circular #needles.

Just starting

Wednesday night I started a new project. My third active project. It’s going to be a car blanket for Ashlin. It will roll up and have straps to fasten it.

I thought having a blanket for each girl would be nice for next winter, one that would stay in the car, but be made especially for them.  It also would keep me busy, as well as working on new skills.  In winter, I would always have a blanket in the car, “just in case”.  Even in the summer, we always grab a receiving blanket for them before we go on a longer trip, hoping it helps them nap.

So, I’ll end up making two car blankets.  I’m using a regular worsted yarn (Red Heart Super Saver in watercolor) instead of the Thick and Quick the pattern is made for.  It’s working up quickly enough, and I’m enjoying it.

#knit #blanket #project #progress

Progress at the end of two days

I figured I could double the stitches to compensate for the difference in yarn weight. I couldn’t find enough nifty yarn for two blankets in the T&Q. They do have lovely colors, and I probably could have just done a solid blanket for each girl and been done with it. But I saw this, and thought Ashlin would really like the colors.  Makes me think of Monet and his Waterlilies.

I have yarn for Teagan’s version too, all pinks and browns. Her favorite colors.  So, I think they’ll be happier with them, then if I just picked a pink and a purple.  I may change my mind about that decision before I finish this one.

Gahhhhhh!!  I purled when I should have knit. Or whatever. #frustration #knit #blanket #oops


Even though this is an easy pattern, and knitting is still such a new skill, my mind still wanders, and I’ve made a few mistakes.  This is the worst one, for me, anyway.  The purl bumps are on the wrong side!  Other mistakes aren’t quite as apparent as this.  This one would always  be the one thing my eye went to on this blanket.  I had to fix it.  So, I found an awesome video by VeryPinkKnits that gave me enough confidence to actually fix it:

Corrected!  Take that sleepy knitting!  Well, once I set the stitch the right way :)  #knit #corrected #oops #successIt wasn’t too difficult fixing the stitch. For some reason, I naturally put a twist in it as I crocheted it up, so had to redo it. Eh, easy enough. And then I set the stitch backwards, and had to tink out the few I did after putting the loop on the hook.  Then I twisted those.  Gah!  I had not having the knowledge to do what I want to do.  I know soon enough I’ll be able to “see” the pattern, see how the yarn needs to be.  I’ve only been at this for less than a month

Ten inches!  Gettin there!  #knit #blanket

One skein down!

So, now I’ve knit a full skein and needed to join yarn (no russian joins, though I probably could have, or spit splicing with acrylic), and that wasn’t any fun.  But it’s not fun in crochet either.  It would be awesome to have the balls come in just the right length you needed for the project, though probably too unwieldy to carry around.


March 29, 2013

All done.  scarf knit garter stitch

All done!

All done!

I decided to end the scarf a bit short of what the pattern said.  I reached a point where the color stripes matched both ends.  Balance.  I will probably add some fringe on it before fall.  It is probably far from beautiful, but it’s my first knit project and it’s done!

The casting off wasn’t too difficult, once you get the trick of it.  The yarn tension was a bit problematic, this first run was definitely too tight.  I’ll need to keep that in mind next time.




January 21, 2013

one more foot, brick stitch, crazy stitch

One more foot…

So, I have about a foot left to go on the crazy stitch/brick stitch afghan.  It’s really working up fast, you almost don’t realize how quickly it does go…  But it’s now a bit too big to bring to and from work, for the “Ya ya yarn” lunch sessions, so I needed something smaller, more compact to work on.

A while back, I found this heart garland, thought it was pretty cool.  Hello new pin!  With all the leftover red yarn I had from the Angry Bird amigurumi presents, it’s a “free” project.  Gotta love when you already have the yarn and don’t need to buy any new supplies.

Anyway, the pattern seems pretty straightforward, but I must be reading it a bit wrong.  On the third round I needed 8 or 9 stitches (not 5) to get back to the alternating single and 2x single crochets.  Making that small change seems to work pretty well:


First Heart

I have my project bag all ready packed!


November 9, 2012 ~ Teagan’s Ripple

I think she likes it!  #crochet #chevron #ripple #afghan

I think she likes it

I think it’s safe to say Teagan likes her new blanket.  She got it tonight, after dinner.  The three of us were on the sofa, Ashlin on one side, Teagan on the other, both girls snuggled up under a blanket.  Teagan with her new one, Ashlin with the old throw.

Anyway, it took me just over two weeks to crochet this ripple afghan.  (I started November 21!)  The pattern is from here, and I decided to start with a 40 inch width, and somewhere around 50 inches long.  Long enough to work well in her toddler bed,  (crib mattress), but still be usable in her full size bed, once we move her up.

Third time's the charm!  Foundation row of new #crochet #afghan

Third time’s the charm!

I chose this pattern because it was a pretty simple one, but still offered something new to learn.  I didn’t want to do something too complicated for such a large project.

Teagan and I went to the store with one of her curtains, so we could match yarn, or at least be sure they wouldn’t clash.  She insisted there be pink.  I was able to talk her out of red and purple though!


Cheat Sheet

The foundation row took forever.  I think I had to do the base chain four times, and the actual first row three times.  I totally suck at counting stitches.  I ended up ticking off every ten stitches for the chain to be sure to have the correct number.  The foundation, with it’s multiple of six was also tricky, but eventually I got it.  A mistake on that first row would be bad, I wouldn’t know how to fix it!  LOL!

I can, and did, figure out how to hide a mistake further along.  I did keep getting lost in the six up and then six down, every now and then in the increase or decrease of three.  Not sure how, but I did.

It was rewarding to see the blanket get longer and longer.  To see Teagan get more and more eager, once it got past a foot or so…




First taste of green

Getting there!! #crochet #chevron #afghan

Hint of length

After I got about 18 inches done, I got tired of swapping out the colors, so I did a quick visual in Excel to figure how how I could start some thicker bands.  One thick band of each color, but the brown.  That would be two, so that the pattern would look like it was reversed depending on how you looked at it…  brown to green on one side, brown to pink on the other.

Geeky pattern play

Most of the #ripple #chevron #crochet #afghan

Most of the ripple

Excel did help.  The blanket turned out to be about 54 inches, including the boarder, which was a slip stitch to finish the last edge, then a single crochet all around, with two stitches in each row, four for each color band, and ten for the thick ones.  I followed that up with a half double crochet, just to give the sides some substance.

Getting there!! #crochet #afghan

Getting there!

The edges were pretty straight with out any finishing, but I didn’t want to give her too much chance to fiddle the edge apart, to find a weakness to pick at.  She’s worried off most of the tassels on the throw I have downstairs.

#chevron #ripple #crochet #afghan is done!


I’m going to need to find another pattern to do to replace that one!


November 30, 2011

A few weeks ago Teagan and I (and friends too!) did an art project. The friends were lovely enough to take some pictures during the process – and what a process it was! Two toddlers. Paint. So exciting!!

Anyway, we had fun.  Teagan really enjoyed doing the leaves. She’s a big fan of doing art.

I’m not sure if our friends got to finish theirs…

Oh, and nothing was damaged!

Paint tickles!

What doin'?

Hold it down

Teagan's Hand!

Teagan's Tree

PS. Teagan made one for Nana too!

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