What to muse about today?

April 11, 2012


Today was Ashlin’s twelve month doctor’s appointment. One year.   We were supposed to go last week, but as she was just getting over Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, we postponed to this week.

Ashlin is now 19 pounds 3 ounces.  Up three ounces from two weeks ago.  Go baby!  So, she’s holding on her 10th percentile.  She’s now 28.5 inches long, hanging out in that 50th percentile.  Head circumference is 46.5 cm, or 80-90th percentile.  She still has a freaking big noggin.

Doctor was happy with her growth and weight.  We needed to remeasure her, as the nurse originally had her at the exact same length as her nine month check up, and I knew she had grown, if only a little bit.  She grew out of the six month pants, although the nine month are still a bit long, they aren’t as long.

Our baby is still a peanut.

The doctor asked if she was walking, drinking milk, using a crayon or pencil, or a spoon or fork.  Um.  Well…  the last time she had a crayon, she ate it.  We haven’t really tried to have her color since then.  And I guess we’re a bit lazy, as we haven’t given her spoons or forks with her food.  I suppose I should ask if day care gives her utensils or not…

Ashlin was not happy during the appointment, we had waited almost an hour to go back and she was tired.  She cried as the doctor examined her, only stopping when I fed her some of the stale goldfish I found in the diaper bag.

So, she’s hitting milestones pretty well, growing pretty well.  Her belly button – umbilical hernia – is something we do need to watch a bit…  but other than that, she’s perfect.


She only cried a little bit when she got her shots.

As we left, she waved at the little girl – Sinead – that she made friends with in the waiting room before our appointment.  Nice to know we weren’t the only ones that had a very long wait there today.  Once we got to the car, she immediately fell asleep almost as soon as I had her strapped in her seat.  Before I drove away she started snoring.


January 3, 2012

What's in here?

Today we had Ashlin’s nine month well-baby visit.  She is going great! Doctor was pleased with her, her weight gain, milestone progress.

Ashlin now weighs in at 17 pounds, up from 14 pounds at six months.  Up from the 10th percentile to something “between 10th and 20th percentiles” according to the doctor.  But, she was happy with that gain.  No need to test poopy diapers, feed the baby butter, or make her eat in the middle of the night, or really worry much more.  Yes, she’s small, but she’s gained enough weight to not worry about failure to thrive.  That’s so good to hear!  I blame it on the macaroni and cheese, and the french toast, and the sausage casserole, and the lasagna.

The rest of the stats were good.  Height is now 27.75 inches, up from 25.25 inches, but holding at 50th percentile.  She has a big noggin, 46 cm (90th percentile) up from 43.6 cm (75th).

So, good visit.  Whew!

As you can see, she’s getting into things, even though she’s not crawling yet.  She still can move around in her space.  She can’t be deterred, she wants go explore.


August 8, 2009

Yesterday was Teagan’s three month doctor visit.  She grew 2 inches in a month and gained 2 pounds 12 ounces!  No wonder it seemed like she grew out of clothes overnight!  Her percentile is now 75th, from last month’s 20th or so.  Just look at the jump in her stats!

teagan weight 080709




The Doctor said that her growth (including her head) is proportional, and exceptional for a breast fed baby.  She’s very happy with how Teagan looks and is progressing.

She also got a shot :(  The second Hep B shot.  She turned purple as Mimi (the PA and LC) gave it to her.  She also got her second Rotovirus dose, and decidedly did NOT like the taste of that.

Afterward, I went home, got Stu and we went to the church fair for dinner and dessert – yay fried dough!  Tea was a bit unhappy at first, but after her initial outburst and fuss, became her normal happy and smiling self.  She charmed everyone that peeked into the carriage.  While I stood in the line for the burgers, she was smiling up a storm to someone else’s grandma, who wasd quite taken with her.  LOL.  Everyone seems to love her name :)

She ended up being a bit fussy and didn’t want to go to sleep, but eventually did.  We didn’t dose her with Tylenol this time, and she did ok.

All in all, a good day, with no sunburn and not too much residual pain from a shot.  And a good 8 hours of sleep was had by all!