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March 9, 2014 ~ I Forgot

Attempt #3

Let’s not talk about the things I forgot – both daughter’s shoes (!?!?!?) yesterday, my wallet on a trip to the grocery store today, what day it was, so missed calling my dad on his birthday…  Let’s talk about crochet instead.

I started working on this runner to put on Teagan’s dresser.  I’m stuck on two other projects – one knit and one crochet, (I think I’m going to frog them, do over) – so decided to learn how to crochet lace.  Since I’m using a sock yarn, so light fingering instead of crochet thread.  I may be crazy, but I’m not completely insane.


The first motif was challenging.  The yarn is a bit more stretchy than a cotton would be, and the instructions for the pattern aren’t always clear.  Eventually I got the first motif done.  The pattern calls to join motives as you go, my first attempt there wasn’t very good either…

I hadn’t realized that when I joined them, they were just a tiny bit off.  It wasn’t too hard to figure out where I went wrong, finding the time to actually fix it was more difficult.

Once I got that, the next four came easily!  Only 17 more to go!















PS. Yes, I really did forget the girls’s shoes.  Stu and I packed them into the car for a trip home, neither wanted to put their shoes on for the ride, so we carried them.  I turned the alarm on and locked the house.  We only realized we forgot the shoes when we got to my parents and went to get the girls out of the car.  They’re almost 5 and 3, it’s not like they’re itty bitty and don’t need shoes.  Sheesh.

Can I blame it on the time change?


February 22, 2014 ~ Hats and Knickers

Hats, K.Swanson picture, donation

Hats made for PatPat’s Hat donation

Look at all those hats!  All of these hats were donated to PatPat’s Hats.  Each one intended to make a sick little kid just a little bit happier.  Make them feel a bit more loved and cared about.  When I heard that someone from day care was collecting hats, I immediately started looking for a pattern.  Hats are fun, quick, gratifying to make.

The yarn I had left over from one of the baby blankets would be perfect for a hat.  I had a bit more than usual left over, as I hadn’t had time to make the add-on bit.  It is acrylic,  washable, one of the few asks the site has.

Of course, I had to Google and search a ton before I found a hat.  I didn’t want to do just the same old hat pattern, I wanted something different, something that would help expand my skills, or just keep me a bit more interested than and around and around knit.

Mistake Mistake Rib hat

I ended up choosing the Mistake Rib pattern, worked up a hat in the 12 month size.  Since I was using a heavier weight than the pattern, it should be good for a 3-4 year old.  While I was going around, I forgot to do the mistake part (knit every other round of rib).  Oops.  So it’s not really a mistake rib, while being a true mistake.

While making this, I tried magic loop, which I found a bit awkward having all the loopy bits of the cable in the way.  Also tried splitting the stitches on four double pointed needles, and that was weird too.  Knitting in a triangle is much easier for me than a square!  Still, I made it through, without too many issues.

I hope someone chooses my hat!


In other news, Ashlin wore knickers all day.  No accidents!  She wore them with a pair of legwarmers that tickled her pink:

Leg warmers AND birdie knickers!!


January 21, 2014 ~ Oops Zoo!

Trying to pick up the cow

So, yesterday Stu and I had off from work. Somehow, I thought day care was also closed. So, we had a little lie-in, as much as Ashlin can be talked into, anyway. Watched some Blues Clues, Peg + Cat, Dinosaur Train. Had some lunch – Teagan ate a Bologna sandwich! – and a nap/quiet time.

After naps, we bundled up the girls in some layers – sweaters! and hats, scarves, mittens (on a string!) – and headed to the zoo. We met up with E and her dad, and the girls had fun wandering the zoo. Looking for tigers and pigs. Trying to look at the prairie dogs through the tunnels – Ashlin is still a bit too short! We even had a carousel ride, though only one, as it was closing time. I think the operator ran us a little longer than normal. She was very nice. Although Teagan understood why we only had one ride, neither Ashlin nor E did. There were some tears then.

Too short

Driving home, we got stuck in a bit of traffic. Enough that the possible short afternoon nap did not get to happen. We ate dinner, snuggled on the sofa and then put the girls up a tinsy bit early – to compensate for the lack of nap.

This morning, Ashlin was up at her usual not-quite-as-stupid early, though Teagan slept in! Late! Thinking her light was on, I went into her room to have her join Ash and I for breakfast.  But instead, ended up waking her up. By mistake. Oops.  We try very hard to have them sleep as long as possible.

There were some tears this morning as we bundled them up for day care.  They wanted to go back to the zoo.  With E.  And have cookies in the car.  And ride the carousel, because this time, it wouldn’t be closing time, it would be open.  According to Teagan.  Being the mean parents we are, they ended up going to day care.  When Stu dropped them off, the caregivers asked why the girls weren’t in yesterday.  They were open.

Three monkeys eating cookies


Well, we did have a fun day.  A good day.

PS.  We’re getting more snow.  There’s at least four inches so far, with another possible six to eight to fall over night.  Fun!

Snow is Blue


April 15, 2013

Because I need three WIPs. #knit #blanket on #circular #needles.

Just starting

Wednesday night I started a new project. My third active project. It’s going to be a car blanket for Ashlin. It will roll up and have straps to fasten it.

I thought having a blanket for each girl would be nice for next winter, one that would stay in the car, but be made especially for them.  It also would keep me busy, as well as working on new skills.  In winter, I would always have a blanket in the car, “just in case”.  Even in the summer, we always grab a receiving blanket for them before we go on a longer trip, hoping it helps them nap.

So, I’ll end up making two car blankets.  I’m using a regular worsted yarn (Red Heart Super Saver in watercolor) instead of the Thick and Quick the pattern is made for.  It’s working up quickly enough, and I’m enjoying it.

#knit #blanket #project #progress

Progress at the end of two days

I figured I could double the stitches to compensate for the difference in yarn weight. I couldn’t find enough nifty yarn for two blankets in the T&Q. They do have lovely colors, and I probably could have just done a solid blanket for each girl and been done with it. But I saw this, and thought Ashlin would really like the colors.  Makes me think of Monet and his Waterlilies.

I have yarn for Teagan’s version too, all pinks and browns. Her favorite colors.  So, I think they’ll be happier with them, then if I just picked a pink and a purple.  I may change my mind about that decision before I finish this one.

Gahhhhhh!!  I purled when I should have knit. Or whatever. #frustration #knit #blanket #oops


Even though this is an easy pattern, and knitting is still such a new skill, my mind still wanders, and I’ve made a few mistakes.  This is the worst one, for me, anyway.  The purl bumps are on the wrong side!  Other mistakes aren’t quite as apparent as this.  This one would always  be the one thing my eye went to on this blanket.  I had to fix it.  So, I found an awesome video by VeryPinkKnits that gave me enough confidence to actually fix it:

Corrected!  Take that sleepy knitting!  Well, once I set the stitch the right way :)  #knit #corrected #oops #successIt wasn’t too difficult fixing the stitch. For some reason, I naturally put a twist in it as I crocheted it up, so had to redo it. Eh, easy enough. And then I set the stitch backwards, and had to tink out the few I did after putting the loop on the hook.  Then I twisted those.  Gah!  I had not having the knowledge to do what I want to do.  I know soon enough I’ll be able to “see” the pattern, see how the yarn needs to be.  I’ve only been at this for less than a month

Ten inches!  Gettin there!  #knit #blanket

One skein down!

So, now I’ve knit a full skein and needed to join yarn (no russian joins, though I probably could have, or spit splicing with acrylic), and that wasn’t any fun.  But it’s not fun in crochet either.  It would be awesome to have the balls come in just the right length you needed for the project, though probably too unwieldy to carry around.