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March 10, 2011 ~ The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid

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Today, while grabbing screenshots for a PowerPoint for work – Yes, PowerPoint.  Snag-It is my friend – I watched the Karate Kid.  No, not the one with Ralph, but the one with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, and is about learning Kung  Fu not Karate.  It was ok, not bad.  I kept thinking the kids were just too young.  Maybe Ralph played the same age kid, but just looked older – wasn’t he 30 when he did the movie?  LOL.

Anwway, it made me cry.  I’m going to blame it on hormones though. The commercial for U-Verse (it’s not overdone, it’s a job well done! ) also makes me cry.  I suppose if I thought about it, I get misty for the cheese commercials too.  Behold the power of cheese.

I don’t remember the hormones making me this emotional last time.  At least not while still pregnant.  Maybe they did…  I do remember getting angry easily enough… Postpartum, that’s a completely different story.