What to muse about today?

July 10, 2012

Praying Mantis

Stu noticed this lovely buggie on the door this morning as he was shuttling the kids to the car.  At first, I thought she was stuck in a spider web, but no.  Soon enough, she was waving an arm at me, maybe threatening the phone I was using to take her picture.  Being shy?

We’re lucky Teagan wasn’t really awake enough to take notice of her, or we’d have a new pet, or one that we’d need to convince her didn’t need to live in her bed.

Unfortunately, some of our other pets aren’t faring very well.  Our pond is “sick”.  The Pond Store down the road gave me some medicine to put in to try to kill off the parasites that have already killed two of the new fish, and both of the big ones.  There’s only one fish left right now.  And about ten frogs, who don’t seem to sing.

Hopefully, the one fish will survive.  After a bit, we’ll get some more fish.


April 30, 2012

Looking for bugs

Looking for bugs!  Teagan is fascinated with bugs.  At daycare, they did an art project where they drew the bugs they wanted to be.  She said she wanted to be a fly.  But if a fly is in the house, she wants it outside.  Ants,  well, they’re fun to watch, and she’ll pull some grass and put it down for food for them.  But she’ll stop on them if they’re on the patio.  A contradiction this little girl of mine.

Oh, and she was great today, and we got a report that she was well behaved at day care too.  Yay!  I told her at dinner that today, she was my friend.  And she made me happy.  Stu gave her a marshmallow.

Fingers crossed for more marshmallows in the future!