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January 31, 2007


Great. Just great. On top of being an incredibly drawn-out, lengthy and complicated process, it’s now going to double in price? Great. Just what we need.


This article was just such a joy to read <sigh>




The cost of the process is already quite steep, why can’t they make the process more efficient? If it didn’t take YEARS and cost an arm and a leg, they might get more people that actually go through the legal process, hence their getting more money by having more applicants. Why penalize the few that are actually doing the right thing??? The longer this goes on, the more I think about how we could have tried to circumvent the legal process. We could have gotten married and tried to go through the “spousal” visa, which we had been told would be longer and more complicated. Instead we tried to do the right thing, the faster route, the “fiancé” visa. Well, it’s not quick. It’s not easy. <sigh>


Don’t mind me and my general frustration with still being in limbo. With still not knowing when I get to become a Mrs. With still not knowing when I’m going to be able to see the fiancé again. Lack of status updates is just so frustrating. Yeah, yeah yeah, the processing time from the UK is taking three times as long as it was, which was just about a month back in June. Yes, I understand that there’s 300 terror plots being investigated (and a new one stopped) over there.


So, 7 months later, I still feel as if we’re at the beginning, although for the petition that needs to be done first, that process was just under two months. The file then gets sent to the central office and they do a bunch of stuff, that took a month or so, and then they send it off to the consulate. Consulate’s had their stuff over four months now… and they don’t give/haven’t given any updates. The only way to get any is to call this 1-900 type phone number, and pay through the nose, again. Grrrrr…. At least the petition status was available on line. I could check that and see that it was still somewhere, that it was in processing, that it hadn’t been refused. Now? Nothing.


I’m not going to even mention about being asked several times a day for updates. The people are generally interested. They don’t need me wigging out just because they hit a sore spot. Though the funniest day was the one I was asked over 20 times. In one day! After the 7th person, I started laughing about it. I had to.


I don’t know how much more of this I’ll be able to take with out totally cracking. <sigh>



January 11, 2007


Ok. The basement is still damp, though it is much better, almost good, even. Mostly just dampness in the carpet, though enough to get your socks wet if you walk over it. Some small spots where the water just pooled and hasn’t gotten evaporated yet. Some fuzzy spots on the walls where the dampness has done it’s damage, which will need to be scraped and re-sealed eventually. Same for parts of the floor, you can see where the urethane paint is just shot from all the water. Some of the icky red and green is coming through, making the showroom-white seem dull, not just the slightly grey it is. <sigh> Will need to scrape and scrape and then repaint eventually. Maybe I’ll have some help soon.  

Maybe not, if immigration keeps taking it’s sweet time, like it has been. We’re into the seventh month now, with still no end in sight. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is having absolutely no idea where in the process we are, how much longer there might be, what additional delays there might be. <sigh> I do need to stop whining about how they don’t understand that I just want to live my life. That I want to be able to answer the questions posed daily (multiple times) about when he can get here, when the wedding will be, etc.


PS. Am I allowed to giggle about my tag cloud having “john_cusak, margaritas, orgasm” all in a row? Is this a message? <beg>


PPS. David Beckham is going to LA to play soccer? From Madrid? He *chose* to do this??


December 06, 2006

This isn’t much better <sigh>

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December 05, 2006

This is just so not fair. Why should they get special treatment? Oh, because they’re rich and in the spotlight. What about us other poor schmucks that have to wait more than a few hours for some sort of result?

The system is very messed up.


November 20, 2006 bis


Interesting article.  Hopefully they can actually do something.  The current process is unbearable.



and this doesn’t make me feel much better <sigh>

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