What to muse about today?

May 22, 2013

WhaThis morning, Ashlin was too hungry for hugs! It may be one sign of the Apocalypse.  She had already had her first breakfast at the house, but it must not have been enough. Ashlin will usually hug everyone at day care when she comes in. Today?  Nope, she had no time for suck niceties. She even walked past two of her favorite teachers.  When Teacher S asked for her hug, Ashlin simply raised her hand and said “hi!”.   She then went right up to the table where breakfast was waiting, picked through the stack of bowls until she found the right one. She held it up like Excalibur and announced “pink one,” grabbed a handful of cheerios from the big bowl and put them in hers. Then she sat down, like a princess, waiting for someone big to pour her milk.

Such a personality.



August 16, 2012


The girls were so sweet this morning. They were dressed and had finished breakfast. Stu had started an episode of “Yo Gabba Gabba” while he went to get showered and dressed.

Teagan crawled up onto the couch and snuggled up next to me to watch. Ashlin was wandering around with her new favorite baby book, but then decided she wanted to be on the sofa too. I helped her up, she squeezed in between me and her sister.

Ashlin then started hugging her sister. Again and again. There was no hitting, slapping or hair pulling, by either side.

Sometimes “Yo Gabba Gabba” is magic, sometimes it allows magic to happen.


February 28, 2011

Sigh.  My baby doesn’t love me any more.  She doesn’t listen to me either.  The past several days she just doesn’t listen.  I don’t yell at her that often, I try to distract instead, but sometimes she’ll do something really dangerous and you need to. 

Yesterday, she was banging, hard, on the play room windows with a toy.  You could hear the glass rattle.  I yelled.  Loudly.  She didn’t stop.  Stu heard me from the other room and came in.  He then yelled at her, and she stopped. 

I know the whole point is for her to stop doing a dangerous action.  That it doesn’t matter who she listens to, who she obeys.  Still.  I felt ineffectual.  How can I discipline her if she doesn’t listen to me?

Distractions.  This I have a bit better success with.  She does seem to listen to me, move on to the distraction, to something else.  You just can’t always use distractions.

She used to listen to me.  She used to come up and give me spontaneous hugs.  Stu seems to get most of the hugs lately.  I know that this is because he’s been dealing with her more – getting her up, taking her to day care, picking her up, putting her to bed.  I know it’s temporary, or at least I hope it is.  Still.  It hurts.  When I ask her if mama can have a hug, and she says “no,” it hurts.


PS.  Teagan’s Tunes page  has been updated…