What to muse about today?

June 13, 2012

It’s been a busy day.

Teagan got to wear new pink sneakers today.  She was so excited, saying over and over that “they’re just like E’s.”  E is her best friend, at day care.  Teagan always qualifies it with “at day care.”

Pink Sneakers

She was also a nightmare, again.  A very bad girl.


Today at nap time, she pulled her pants and underwear down and danced on her cot.  Wonderful.  My girl is going to be a stripper.  Not an encouraging thing to hear from the instructors today.  Teagan did not get a cookie after dinner tonight.

Oh, and she’s not going to be wearing her pink sneakers to day care tomorrow.

Ashlin, on the other hand, had a good day.  She spent most of the day, including her nap, in the toddler room.  It’s not her first time, they’ve had her visit on and off for a few weeks now.  And she loves it there.  Mornings lately, she does not like being dropped off in the infant room, and will try to get into the toddler room.  She’ll walk up to the half door, and hold her arms up, until someone comes and picks her up and brings her in.  She also tried to let herself in.  (She’s going to be trouble.)   There must be something magic about the table over there, she loves eating her breakfast (pancakes, or waffles, or a bagel), at that little table, in her own little chair.

I think they’ll be moving her over soon, she’s ready.  I’m not sure I am.

Also, no bumps or scrapes today for her.  Yay.

And tonight, she did great with her fork.


September 2, 2010

My heart almost broke this morning.  Teagan looked like such a big girl when I dropped her off at day care this morning.    We walked into the building (well, I put her down after the outside step), through the security door, past the outer table, where kids were eating.  Miss T gave everyone she passed her princess wave.  I then opened the door to the infant room and she walked in.  She never used to like going into the infant room, she would cry until she was put in the high chair and promised food.  Again, she waves to everyone in the room, goes to get a toy and would have started playing except she’s not in the infant room any more.  She’s “officially” in the young toddler room now, although she’s been going in there and spending parts of the day for the past month or so.  The young toddler room is through the infant room.

The instructor (teacher?) said she should come right in, so I opened the half-door from the infant room to the  young toddlers.  She walks right in.  Goes towards the toy box to get something to play with, but the instructor asked if she wanted corn bread and fruit (they had peaches!).  Of course Teagan wanted food – she always wants food – so walked over.  As the instructor was getting a plate (!) ready for her, she asked Teagan to go sit in a chair at the table.  They have a toddler table, with these tiny chairs.  Teagan goes and sits herself right down, and then when the plate is put in front of her, loaded up with food as well as a fork, she picks up the fork and starts eating with her hand.  LOL.  She had to hold the fork though.

I wish I had a camera (even my phone) to have taken a picture.  She’s gotten so big, but this morning, she looked so grown up.