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August 22, 2012

Fish chasing the frog

Get the frog!

Today as I was getting Teagan into the car, she told me she had a boyfriend. O Rly?

Clipping Ashlin in, I asked her who her boyfriend was.  I knew who she was going to say, she told LaLa last weekend, and LaLa told me.

A is my boyfriend.”

“Oh.  What do you do with your boyfriend?”

“We play together.”

“Oh, that’s nice.  What games to you play?”

“We play Legos.  And I hug him.”


“Yes, when he gets a boo boo, I hug him, so him feel better. ”

“That’s nice of you.”

“Yes.  And I hold him hand.”


“Does he know he’s your boyfriend?”

“Yes.  We read together.”

“Oh, that’s nice.  Isn’t he older than you?”

“Yes, him an older boyfriend.”

Gotta love that logic.  I hope G isn’t too heartbroken.


PS.  Updated the Teagan’s Quips.  LOL!



August 20, 2012

Napping at Day Care

Napping at Day Care


Teagan was sent home today with this picture.  She napped at day care.  Again.  This is two days in a row for naps at day care.  Crazy.

I think these may be the first naps at day care in over a year, maybe even two years.  Well, except for when she’s been sick and sent home.  She  never naps at day care.  I think they didn’t believe it either, which is why they took a picture, to prove it.

Still.  Teagan napping is so rare that they had to send a picture.  LOL!

Ashlin, who does still nap at day care, is picking up a new word every day or so.  Today’s word, puppy.  She was using sidewalk chalk, when two dogs went by (with a lady walking them, of course).  Ashlin noticed, stopped what she was doing, pointed and said something.  I supplied the correct word – puppy.  She repeated it.  Again.

We waved bye bye to the puppies as they rounded the corner.  Once we came back inside to finish dinner, she told Stu that there were puppies!

Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk Chalk


July 2, 2012

This is the best incident report we’ve ever gotten.  Ever.

To be fair, we haven’t gotten too many.  Maybe one for biting, one for hitting or throwing, one or two for not listening.  Most for not listening.  But this one tops them all.

Stu picked her up while I got Ash.  He was very strong, not laughing as he signed the form.  Not laughing as he told Teagan not to throw blocks at other children’s heads, that Captain Hook was a mean man.

I was not so strong when he told me in the car.  I laughed, though quickly smothered the giggles.  I’m such a good mom.  It is too funny though.

We did have a good discussion in the car.  We asked why she threw blocks, and she said she didn’t want to be good, she wanted to be mean.  But she understands that she shouldn’t throw blocks.  Especially at her friends.

Next time, she’ll pretend to be Wendy instead.  Even if her other friends are pretending to be mean ole Captain Hook.  She’s a good girl, not a mean, stinky pirate.


June 21, 2012

20120621-185919.jpgTeagan had a “graduation” today.  It was actually the Fours who were moving up to Kindergarten from the Threes, but they included her and her friend, as they were the only ones who weren’t truly moving up.

Teagan, who loves hats, didn’t want to wear hers for the ceremony.  Then she didn’t want to sit for the whole time.  When they sang “You Got A Friend In Me,” Teagan was distracted and didn’t remember all the words.  Still, it was very cute, and she was very touched that I got there.  Stu stayed home with Ashlin, who we didn’t think should be out more than needed.

I recorded most of it, and took some pictures, this being one of them.  My little miss just wanted to run, it didn’t matter that it was 100° outside.


Watching her dance and interact with the other kids was much more interesting than the ceremony.  It’s always interesting to see her move, talk , be with other people.  She always seems so much older.  She’s getting so big.

Most of the songs, she ran in a circle or spun around, trying to do the moves that DJ/Singer was doing.  You could see her trying to see what she was supposed to do next, see the brain trying to absorb movements and put them to the rhythm.  But for one song, she started dancing like a big girl, booty bounce and one song had a head bop.

She’s getting so big.

I would like time to slow down, thank you.


May 2, 2012

She’s so big

She’s so big!  This morning I left her in the young toddler room as the normal caregiver for her room wasn’t in yet.  She was quite excited too!  She did the happy kicky feet thing as I strapped her in.  And that was without any food in front of her too!

The caregiver asked if she needed breakfast.  Well, duh.  Of course she did!  It had been a whole 10 minutes since she had last eaten!  She was starving!  Wasting away.  She was given a plate of waffles (already cut up, oh well) and chipped peaches.  And a fork.  She was in heaven.  Bliss.  More happy kicky feet action.  She didn’t even notice me leaving.

She hasn’t done any more walking – that we know of – since Saturday.  They won’t be moving her over to the young toddlers any time soon.  But she may visit every now and then, once she does.

Eating Waffles

She’s growing up so fast.


It’s been a rough few days here.  The tummy bug that Ashlin had Saturday made its way through the entire house.  Stu first, then me, then Teagan.  Neither Stu nor I are quite right, yet.  Yes, we are the house of plague.  Teagan wasn’t entirely sure why she was feeling so bad, but she was glad she wasn’t throwing up any more.  Throwing up in her sleep really upset her.  Rightfully so.  She snuggled in the morning, and then after a three hour nap, she asked to go to day care.  She was feeling much better, but we were feeling green, oh, so green.  Yes.  We let her go (Stu drove her in).  We are bad parents.  The kind of parents that you hate, but she’d been puke free for at least 4 hours,  and had oh, way too much energy for me, and Stu to deal with.  We figured that since she’d been there the day before, everyone was already infected, if she was contagious.  And those few hours she was there were lovely.  I slept most of it, and felt almost ready to deal with her and her sister.  Well, except for heating up their dinner.  That I couldn’t do.

Today, the grown-ups are still a little queasy, the young-uns just fine, though Teagan’s appetite is still a bit diminished.  Ashlin?  Well, she could eat the horse, and the saddle, and the shoes…



April 2, 2012

Although Ashlin’s rash is much better, it is still enough that day care would have sent her home immediately.  So, we stayed home.  And played.  She’s still a bit fussy, so napped a bit, but between the two long naps, we did lots!

First there was breakfast, then second breakfasts.  It seems my daughter may be part hobbit.  Oh, and then thirds!

Yay cheerios!

Cheerios are back in favor!  For a while it was saltines and goldfish and just about any other carby cracker thing.  But not cheerios.  Those were thrown or swept onto the floor.

After all that breakfast and snacking, there was a smallish nap, then we went shopping.  Target had bunny ears in the dollar bins. Ashlin liked the green ones.  They matched her pacifier.  She is a stylish baby after all.

Bunny Ears

They looked awesome on top of her giraffe eared hoodie.  Everyone (mostly old ladies, actually) said she looked adorable in the ears.

Since we needed to find an egg coloring kit for her big sister, we went over to the seasonal aisle.  They had these cute basket stuffers, giant peep bunny banks.  Ashlin wasn’t sure if she wanted it or her pacifier.

Eeny meeny miney moe

She needed a taste first.

It doesn't taste like a peep

I ended up getting a set, I couldn’t put it back in the shelf after she gnawed on it.  LOL!

She fell asleep as we were driving home from the shopping trip, and napped hard, over two hours.  But then we had lunch and then a snack and a bit of wistful swinging in the sun.

Wistful swinging

She loves to swing.  And then dinner of avocado and sweet potato with a side of yogurt and banana, applesauce chaser.  A little trip to the play room, an a second dinner of macaroni and cheese followed by strawberries once her sister got home, and she decided she was hungry again.

The kid might have eaten more than I did today.

She was ready for bed at her normal time, and is up now.  I’m hoping that we’ll get a second night of double digit sleep.  She has played hard and eaten a lot today.  Fingers crossed.


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March 28, 2012

Grumpy Teagan

Teagan has been grumpy the past few days.  It’s not that she’s not sleeping, she is.  She gets at least 12 hours a night.  It could be that she’s not napping, which she just refuses to do at day care.

Anyway, today, she didn’t have an accident.  She asked to go to the playground as we were driving home.  I had gone to pick her up as Stu was working late, so it was just me and the two girls.  We had promised her a trip to the playground as a reward for not having an accident. So I took her to the smaller playground, the one with slides.  She promised to listen and be good.

We get there and I get Ashlin into the stroller, then get Teagan out.  And she was pretty good.  She didn’t run too far ahead while I pushed Ashlin, she dropped the garbage that she picked up and wanted to throw out.

She was so excited to be able to go down the slide!  The bottom had a bit of leftover rain or melted hail, which she asked me to wipe off.  Then we had to check the other two slides.  Yup, they both had water at the bottom too.  Ok, not a big deal to swish the water off.  Back to the big blue slide she runs, climbs up the ladder and down.  Laughing.

After a bit, she wanted to go on the swings.  Not the big girl swings but the baby ones.  The one Ashlin was in last time we were there.  Fine. Ashlin is staying in the stroller.  I wasn’t allowed to push her though.  Weird kid.  Eventually she wanted to get out, so we did the wiggle, wiggle, wiggle dance to get her out of the too-small swing.  The slightly wet sand under the swings was the next source of gravity, and she crouched down to grab a handful.  And peed her pants.

Then denied she did it.

I probably should have taken her home right then, but she wasn’t too fussed, and I didn’t have anything to change her into, I was only on a quick day care pick up.  We stayed a bit longer, hoping her pants would dry a little more before having to get her into the car.

She slowly became more and more unruly and stopped listening to me.  So, I told her she could do two more slide runs and then we needed to go home.  She tried to bargain for more time.  Nope, well ok, one more slide down, there really wasn’t any rush to get home if she wasn’t unhappy about her wet pants.

And so we started out of the park.  And she ran into the road.  Thankfully it is a very quiet street, and a surprisingly seemingly unused park, so she was fine.  I was lucky.  She melted into tears and became a boneless mass, unhappy that at first I yelled at her, and then because I was putting her into the car.

While Teagan cried, I got Ashlin in, the stroller away, then went back to Teagan and sat in front of her, at her eye level.  I asked her to stop crying and to listen to me.  That she can’t go running into the road, that she needs to listen and be a good girl or she won’t get to go to playgrounds with just mommy and her sister.  She did say she was sorry, and said she’d listen.

She still refused to admit she peed her pants.  Fine.

I’m proud of myself that I didn’t loose it, that I was calm the entire time.  The only time I yelled was when she ran into the road.  Oh, and when she tried to put the straw she found in the dirt into her mouth. And when she was horsing around at the top of the slide and almost fell off.  Gah.  I guess I yelled a lot.  I need to figure out how to get her to listen better, so we can go and do things, like go to the park alone,  without difficulties.  Without meltdowns.

After the girls were asleep, Stu told me that Teagan has assigned the younger guests to Ashlin’s birthday party a balloon color.  G gets a blue one, E can have green, Ashlin gets red, and she gets pink.  Dada is allowed to have a purple one.  She thought through all the possible colors.  Impressive, that our little Miss Bossy-pants is thinking ahead.


February 9, 2012


I felt better and better, generally, as the day progressed.   Being home alone – or at least without a little baby – was heaven.  Coffee wasn’t a wonderful idea, but it did stay down.  I was able to eat some toast by noon.  Naps were still a very good thing.

Stu also survived the day.  Yay!  And ate some chicken noodle soup too!

Ashlin, on the other hand, is very much the worse for the wear.  She had been difficult last night, not wanting to sleep in her crib.  Maybe because it was still missing the bumper, as I hadn’t had a chance yet to wash it from the other night.  Maybe she didn’t want to lie down, due to teeth (the second is through!) or ears.  For whatever reason, she was difficult to put down, and woke up every hour or so all night.

After a night like that,  we were very glad to send her to day care today.  I was very happy to have her gone.  I was looking forward to being sick without having to take care of anyone.

I am such a bad mother.

Anyway, the care givers at day care said she was cranky and whiny all day.  When she wasn’t sleeping, that is.  Over three hours of naps there today.  She never naps that well at day care.  She threw up – all over me, herself and the floor – as soon as she got home and out of her bunting.  A lot. Wonderful.   Like there hasn’t been enough puke in the house this week.  After throwing up, she was all snuggly, and pale.

We ended up giving her a saltine or two, some water, and some pedialyte.  Kept her up for a while and then put her to bed, as she was totally exhausted.  She fell asleep within five minutes.  I had called the doctor’s office, being worried about her, her ears, whether she’s dehydrated.  The on-call doctor said that we should bring her in tomorrow, that it’s most likely her ears, but it could be something else.

We’ll be calling for a doctor’s appointment as soon as the office opens.

I may not be sleeping well again, tonight.


February 6, 2012 ~ Teagan Dreams & Desires

Breakfast is usually interesting.  This morning, Teagan told he that she didn’t dream about twinkle stars, but about lamps and, I think it was pigs.  There may have been dancing, she was fuzzy on the details.

She also told me that I needed to invite some one in particular to her sister’s party.  Guess who?  Guthrie!!  She said that if we invited him to Ashlin’s party, they could have their own party.  So cute.  Oh, and Ashlin can have cupcakes for her party.  She’s allowed to have cupcakes.

Then Teagan started talking about her birthday party.  The invite list is to include a few kids from day care, and Guthrie, and Auntie Em, and J*, a teacher at day care.  She didn’t want to invite her favorite teachers, or the ones we think are her favorites.  Especially one, who’s name she sometimes uses when she talks to me. (Yes, it bothers me a bit that she’s calling me someone else, that somehow the line between teacher and mother has gotten blurred for her.  Anyway).   And she wants both cupcakes and cake at her party.  And candy.  And she wants to wear her Christmas outfit, with the teddy bear.

And she wants to have LaLa and PopPop over for breakfast, or was it lunch?


We can do that.


January 28, 2012

Teagan missed her sister this week.  A lot.  Ashlin was almost always asleep when she was awake.  No sisterly kisses before bed, or upon waking, or even before leaving for day care.  No sisterly hugs.

Ashlin seems to be better.  She was actually conscious for more than one hour at a time.  Her fever, although not gone, was in the double digits, and not triple, so better.  No motrin or tylenol today.  Her appetite wasn’t really there, but she did eat.  A little.  She nursed.  A lot.

Teagan was so distracted with everything this week – her sister, several no bathroom accident days – that she didn’t notice that her hop hop shoes aren’t around.  The original ones, the ones that she saw from across the Old Navy.  She had finally outgrown them, after weeks of trying to squeeze her feet in.  They had to be thrown out.  She asked once, but we distracted her.  The replacement slippers – still hop hops – aren’t as cute.

Other than throwing out her most favorite slippers ever, and her sister getting her first ear infection, Teagan had an interesting week.  She told us a story about the worms that live in her boogers, and make her yawn.  I wasn’t party to that story – Stu was – and I think I’m happy.


She also dreamed – twice! – about things other than twinkle stars.  One night Teagan dreamt about her aunt NayNay and cake.  Not sure if Renee was eating cake or dancing with cake.  Or were they cupcakes?  I don’t remember.  One way or the other, interesting.  Another night she dreamt about a little pig and a big pig.  Two pigs.

Oh, and Ashlin’s tooth has finally cut through.

Pay no attention to the snot that is still pouring out of her nose.