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May 18, 2012


Brownies!  With chocolate chip cookies on top!  Teagan asked for brownies for her birthday.  And cupcakes.  And cake.  These will have to do, with the cupcakes I made last night.  I may need to make another batch, but it can wait until tomorrow night.

The pink cupcakes were a big hit.  Teagan was very surprised to see that they were pink, and not white or yellow like most of the cupcakes she’s had before.   It’s fun to surprise her like that.

Hopefully tomorrow works out well.  The trip to the zoo, with the brownies as the surprise.  I’m sure that the new Galapagos turtle exhibit, that she doesn’t know is there, will blow her mind.  Turtles are one of her favorite animals, so seeing such big ones will be nifty.

We’re also going to be converting her bed tomorrow, after morning quiet/nap time.  I hope that we’re doing the right thing, that she is ready for a big girl bed.  We’ve been trying to impress upon her how she needs to stay in bed, if she has a big-girl bed, when it’s time to sleep.  Hopefully, the pink blanket, and pillow, will be awesome too.

She also talked about giving up her bubbles on her birthday.  I’m not sure if that will be too much change, too much new, for her or not.  We have listened to the “Bye, Bye Binkie” song that Elmo sings.  I’ve even caught her singing it to herself, where I’ve never heard her do that with anything other than “Row Row.”

She’s such a big girl now.  I can’t call her my baby.  She won’t let me.


May 3, 2012

I ordered sheets today for Teagan.  Toddler sheets.  Soon, we’re going to convert her crib (yes, she’s still in her crib), to a toddler bed.  We may put the side rail on, instead of leaving it open like this.  We’ll need to see.

The sheets are ivory and sage, with an extra pillow case and flat sheet.  I even ordered a pillow for her, so she doesn’t need to use her lady bug pillow pet every night.  It was much harder than I expected to find a simple sheet set, with no princesses or giraffes, that would match her existing bedding.  Anyway, I found some.

Just to make her squeal, I ordered a pink blanket.  It shouldn’t clash too much with the greens and ivory and cream and brown of her room.  She’ll really like the blanket.

We’ll need to put the gate up at the top of the stairs and figure out how to keep her contained at night.  Hopefully, she’ll be good, and there won’t be any real issue.  Her room will need to be finally childproofed, though it mostly is.  Just stuff that she may mess around with, and possibly break, if she gets out of bed.

Sleepy head

The past few times I’ve gone into her room, either in the morning, at bedtime, or in the middle of the night, she’s tried to climb out of her crib.  She really didn’t do more than attempt to throw a leg over the front side of the crib, but still.  I’d much rather move her before she actually does climb out and possibly hurt herself.  Have it be a treat instead of a necessity because she’s misbehaving.

The sheets should be here soon.  I hope she likes them, and the change in her bed.  She’s becoming such a big girl.  I’ll ask her to be my friend and to stay in her big girl bed at nap time and bed time.  Tell her that it would make me, and dada, and LaLa and PopPop, and probably NayNay and Nana and Auntie Em happy.

Her crib does convert to a full size bed, but I don’t think any of us are ready to move her to a real bed.  Not yet.  She can be my baby for just a little bit longer.  Thank you.

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