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April 1, 2011

Green Eyes

Green Eyes?

No April Fool’s here. We don’t need  any practical jokes.  Thank you very much.

I am almost out, almost home.  Still have one more day, and although each day is better, I don’t feel ready yet.  I have dropped my pain killers down to half a dose, but I am still taking them regularly.  It still hurts to get up.  Don’t get me started on laughing – thank you sis and Stu!

Today was a good day, actually!  Even with the horrible weather outside, Ashlin and I snuggled up and nursed and just got to hang out.  Once the steady stream of people ended, that is.  The people parade started around 5am – vital check, then 6am – incision check by the resident, then the nurse to give me Ashlin to nurse, then some drugs for me and another wound/belly check.  Shift change had the night PCA and nurse come to say good bye, and the new ones do their thing.  There was the Lactation consultant and the Birth Certificate lady.  Housekeeping.  Breakfast showed up after the pediatrician and my OB stopped by.   No one came while someone else was there, but I barely had time to go the bathroom and only started breakfast at 10am.

I had a bit of breathing room by then, and took advantage to go skin to skin with Ashlin.  She’s so snuggly!

While the pediatrician was here – today was the one I met with before transferring to the practice – she mentioned in passing that we would need to have to have an ultrasound done on Ashlin’s hips.  (I love how all this stuff is just casually mentioned, in passing, like they are no big deal.  Everything lately has sort of been a big deal.  I’d like to not have any more thank you).  Anyway, we need the scan because Ashlin was breech for as long as she was (even though she turned.  Twice).  The risk is for developmental hip dysplasia.  It will most likely be nothing, but it’s something that they check for every breech and transverse baby.  The Pediatrician said that her colleagues hadn’t noticed anything to be concerned about, nor did she.  I asked if the click I hear every now and then when I change Ashlin’s diaper is a symptom.  She can’t confirm nor deny, as she hasn’t heard the click,

I’m sure that everything will be ok.  If it wasn’t, the one of the pediatricians would have said something.  Given some warning.


PS.  All caught up!!  Woo woo!


March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

I usually find a nice Irish quote to share, but this year, I just don’t have the strength.  Well, ok, maybe a small one:

“Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in.  Aim at earth and you get neither.”  – C.S. Lewis

We’re still aiming for heaven – that the placenta moves, the hip straightens out, the baby (who we think is oblique) goes to a better position.  I think she’s got her butt up in my right ribs…

Sleep wasn’t too bad last night, still was on the sofa and up every two hours or so, needing to stretch.  But again, better than the night before, which was better than the night before.

Anyway, I’m tired.  tomorrow is the chiro visit at the different office, where he has a drop-away table.  Maybe this time, the hip will go.  Fingers crossed.

In some “green” thoughts, here’s Teagan with her St. Paddy‘s leis:

She looks happy, doesn’t she?  LOL!

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March 8, 2011

(1) sacrum, (2) ilium, (3) ischium, (4) pubis,...

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It seems that I have a rotated sacrum.  Off center.  Twisted.  I went to the chiropractor today, to see if he could help with my lower back pain, and to see if there was anything to help turn the baby.  Many of the sites I’ve been reading about turning breech babies mention one reason for the upside down baby is due to a misalignment of the hips/pubic bones/uterus.  Also, my insurance covers it :)

Turns out, the guy the midwife suggested had an opening this afternoon.  It was a long visit, he was a bit chatty, which was just fine.  I’ve never been to a chiropractor before.  He was gentle.  Explained everything he did while assessing things.  So, thanks to the second pregnancy and all the lovely relaxin, I have a bit of SPD, and sacroiliac joint dysfunction.  So, uterus is a bit off kilter, and the baby doesn’t have enough room to be happy turned.  Ok.  goes along with what I’ve read.

It’s my left side.  Which makes sense, that’s where most of the pain is.  To find this out, the Chiropractor pushed down on my hip and raised my leg.  Left would go up about 40°, right leg around 65°.  It was amazing the difference in range of motion.

After a long assessment and discussion of issues and potential problems (Yay placenta!  You gotta love talking about your placenta with a complete stranger,) he said he was going to start doing the adjustments.  Basically popping my hip into place.  He had me lie on my right side, lower leg straight, upper bent.  Arms sort of crossed, but not quite.  He then tried to twist my left hip back while holding my shoulder straight.  It wouldn’t crack.  He tried three times, I think.  Then we went to the other side.  Small neck adjustment, left side needed some help, right side cracked three times almost on its own.

After getting home, I could feel my hips move – was I just more aware? – as I walked.  Almost a grinding feeling.  But my back felt a little bit better.  And a little bit better is good.

I have another appointment Thursday.


March 7, 2011

yumm... apple
mmmm… apple slices

This morning the midwife confirmed what I thought.  The baby has not turned.  Yet.  She’s turning into one stubborn pre-escapee. 

I had told Stu yesterday, that I didn’t think she had turned.  He had a word or two with her.  She may be one of the first babies to come into this world grounded.
Anyway, I have another appointment in two weeks, to see if she’s still turned the wrong way.  I’m not even worrying about posterior occiput, whatever.  Yet.  We need to turn her around!  There is still time, so I’m not really panicking.  Yet.
She also suggested seeing a chiropractor to see if 1.  he could help my back pain and 2.  help turn her if the “exercises” don’t.
My back has been painful this time.  Almost like back labor, but it doesn’t always come in waves.  Today, I woke up hurting.  And it’s not like I can lie on a board or the floor to make it feel better.  Or lie on my stomach to get a massage – Stu has offered.  After today, if our insurance will cover it, I will go.  Anything that makes my back feel better and easier to walk.  He also does moxibustion.  But we don’t need to think about that, yet.  There’s still time to turn her :)
So, my next midwife appointment is two days after the High-Risk visit, where they’ll check placenta, growth and confirm position.  So, in two weeks we’ll know what needs to be done, and how. 
If the placenta  hasn’t moved, it’s a c-section for me.  I was really hoping (still am!!) for another vaginal birth.  After the hours of contractions, back labor, it really felt good to push.  I’ll miss that, and then have a much more difficult recovery.  Anyway.  It’s not really in my hands.  We can get this baby to turn, even if we need to do a Version.
Unless there’s a complication or reason, they will schedule a c-section at 39 weeks.  I’m not sure if that means when I’ve started 39 weeks or have completed 39 weeks.  The way I feel now, I’d like a St. Paddy’s baby.  LOL!

February 24, 2011

Successful Cesarean section performed by indig...

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Yesterday was not a good day.  Although I got to work from home, I felt icky all day…  Contractions and Braxton Hicks felt almost non-stop.  For giggles I timed them, at worst they were every 3-4 minutes.  Nothing to really be worried about – I could breathe through them – but uncomfortable.

Today, at the midwife visit, she confirmed that as long as I can breathe through them, there’s really nothing to worry about.  They know that they’re not progressing anything.   Just annoying and uncomfortable.    She also confirmed that the baby is still breech, joked about how this kid just spins around willy-nilly.  Her head is on the left now, feet to the right.  SHe had one hand up by her head, but still butt down.  One good thing.  I could start doing the “exercises” again, because I want to get her turned before she runs out of room and any extra space she’s playing around in is gone.

I asked what they would do if the placenta didn’t move far enough for the High-Risk doctors.  She said that since I’d prefer to avoid a c-section they would evaluate it, but that I needed to be aware of the risks.  They wouldn’t let me go if it stays marginal or even low-lying.  She said they may allow if it moved “far enough.”  That’s good enough for now.

Also, I asked if they would allow me to delivery vaginally if the placenta resolved but she stayed breech (not footling, I know they won’t do that).  She said that she’d recommend an external version at 37 weeks and depending, they’d see.  She didn’t out and out rule it out though.

So, although we’d like to avoid a c-section, as time ticks down, it’s becoming more and more likely.  I’m a bit more anxious about having major surgery.  But I guess it’s known versus the unknown.

I go back in two weeks.  This won’t be for a “placenta check” but another midwife visit.  Placenta check will be in 4 weeks.  They’ll switch me over to heparin then too.


February 21, 2011

Ultrasound Machine

Image by DoNotLick via Flickr

This baby is so grounded!  She’s not even here yet, and she’s in trouble!  The ultrasound showed that she’s turned, she’s breech again.  At least this time she’s a frank breech – butt down, head up, feet by her head – and not footling.  One good thing.

Today’s appointment with the High-Risk people was a mixed bag, though mostly disappointing.  Doctor visit along with an ultrasound to check growth and placenta position.  First thing we saw in the scan was that she’s butt down again.  The tech was very impressed with how flexible this little girl is.  I almost asked for a picture of her spine – it looked like it was almost bent in half.  OUCH!

No pictures today though, as she was facing my back…  oh well.

Some good news, her growth has slowed down a bit, which is nice.  Now, she’s measuring in the 80th percentile, not 93rd.  Belly, leg, arm length are almost normal, it’s her big noggin that’s pushing up the percentile.  Nice.  This is totally Stu’s fault.  LOL!  Teagan’s head circumference was in the 60th percentile when she was born.  I do vaguely remember the ultrasound techs saying something about her having a big head before she was born.

Placenta has moved a little bit, it seems.  The expert doctor asked the resident if she would consider it “marginal” or “low-lying.”  They ended up deciding it was still  “marginal.”  I’ve progressed from partial to marginal!  According to the resident, and the doctor I saw after the scan, if it was going to resolve, it most likely would have by now.  Although there is still a chance.  It could still happen.  They asked if I wanted to schedule a section now or come back for a last scan.  Ever the optimist, I decided to come back for one more scan.  Next appointment is March 21st.  We’ll see what happens then.

The peek at my cervix that the midwives requested showed that it was about 5cm long.  Longer than they expected it to be, at 32 weeks.  LOL.  So, those contractions that are getting a bit more annoying aren’t progressing.  Good thing, it’s still too early.

After the scan, the doctor I saw was quite pessimistic.  The one good thing, she did recommend that I stop taking the Procardia.  Yay!  Since I was having an adverse reaction and I’ll be watched closely by the midwives at my practice, she was ok with stopping the medication.  It wouldn’t have stopped premature labor anyway, just slow it down.  Of course, I’m supposed to call if the contractions get bad, take my breath away, blah blah blah.

We then discussed the placenta.  This is where she was the most pessimistic.  She said it wasn’t impossible for it to continue to move, to resolve enough for a vaginal birth.  She really gave me the impression she didn’t think it would.  With that and the baby breech, she’d recommend a section.  That there was risk of placental abruption, higher bleeding risk.  I asked if the placenta did move a bit more, and  the baby stayed frank (or complete) breech would it was possible to avoid a section, or if the placenta didn’t resolve any more but the baby turned, or if it didn’t could we then try to turn the baby.   She was very against doing an External Version.  With Lovenox/Heparin, they don’t like doing them, but it would be up to my normal practice.  Even if the placenta resolved.  It also would be up to the normal practice to decide to deliver if the baby stayed breech.  She was a bit less clear about if the placenta didn’t resolve and the baby turned.

So, a bit of good news and some bad.  I’m not too worried about turning the baby.  She’s turned before, she was head down Thursday.  I think she flipped last night, I did have a bit of roller-coaster feeling.


I totally forgot that the other bit of bad news was that I’m not supposed to pick up more than 20 pounds any  more.  Teagan weighs over 25 pounds now :(  I can carry her, just not pick her up.  <sigh>


February 8, 2011



Footling breech. 

I’ve been doing the “exercises” the mid-wife gave me the past few days.  At least once a day, though it’s recommended to do twice daily. I haven’t been able to get there yet.

Seemingly simple enough exercises, actually.  Basically lying on my back, on a hard surface, with hips raised by pillows and feet on the sofa. For ten to fifteen minutes.   Part of the instructions is to visualize the baby turning head down.  It is suggested doing this on an empty stomach.

It’s harder to do then you’d think.   

It’s not easy to balance on the stacked pillows.  Minor adjustments are constantly needed.  After about 5 minutes it begins to get difficult to breathe.  A minute or so later the heartburn kicks in.  Depending on how tired I am, the lower ab pain starts.  Stabby and localized.  I’m not sure if it’s a good pain or not :)  Just shy of 10 minutes, I get very light-headed.  I haven’t been able to do it for more than 10 minutes.

Some websites suggest putting an ice pack on the upper abdomen, others a flashlight down low, to help direct the baby.  I haven’t tried either yet. 

This site has 18 ways to help turn a breech baby.  Twelve is tempting, and seems like it would help stretch out my back… 

I wish I was better at figuring out which bit of the baby is where.  It would be nice to know if this stuff is helping or not.  We don’t have too many options to turn this baby, especially with the added complication of placenta previa. 

I have an appointment with the mid-wife in a week and a half, we’ll see how well the tilts and visualizations go.