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July 19, 2012

Arrrr. Happy birthday to me!

PS. Teagan picked the card out.


May 19, 2012


Look at her. Totally zonked out. She loves her big girl bed. Hopefully she’ll sleep through the night and behave tomorrow morning… We got her so tired I don’t think she could move anymore when we put her to bed.

She had a good day. With brownies. And cupcakes.

Happy birthday baby. You’re getting so big. So fast. Too fast.


May 17, 2012


I baked tonight. Strawberry cupcakes with star shaped sprinkles for my little girl who is turning three on Saturday. They’re for her to bring in to day care. She asked for cupcakes and brownies. She’s getting cupcakes tomorrow. I won’t be responsible for sugaring her classmates up that much. I’ll make her some brownies for Saturday.

I can’t believe she’s three already! It has really flown by.

I hope she enjoys her pink cupcakes. They did pass tonight’s quality check, so should be head blowing for a three year old.

I do need to learn how to frost.


May 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to Stu! How cool is it to have a Star Wars birthday?  At his daughter’s request, I made cupcakes.  After the girls ate dinner, I lit the candle, he blew it out as we sang for him.  Then everyone got a cupcake.

Excuse me, waiter!

After eating more dinner than her sister, Ashlin devoured her cupcake.  And then called the waiter for another cupcake.

All dun!

Ashlin gave us the sign she was all done… a bit prematurely.  She looked down and saw more cupcake, which she finished immediately, and then tried to lick the crumbs off the tray just to be sure she got it all.


Teagan did stop singing long enough to eat her cupcake…

It was a good day.

And Teagan had a very good week.  So we had a very good week.  Birthdays and cupcakes are a great end to the week.

Happy birthday, Stu.  Love you.


April 1, 2012

Um Yum!!

Happy birthday girl!  She loved her cupcake!

We didn’t cancel her party, but we did disinfect the house, and tried to keep her away from everyone.  House was decorated with Dr. Seuss fish, there was a fish bowl centerpiece (that I should have put on a stand),


Fish Bowl

Hanging Fish!

Fish Swimming

Party Dress


It's bigger on the inside. Best. Present. Ever.

Now only if the Doctor would come to visit…


March 29, 2012


So, my baby turns one today.  I can’t believe it’s been a full year already.  It zoomed by in the blink of a bleary eye.  I was a bit bittersweet this morning watching her eat gold fish (and toast, and cheese, and fruit, and, and…), knowing I was sending her off to day care today, sad that I wasn’t going to be spending the day with her.  But, I got over that bit of sadness quickly.  She was home yesterday, and will be home with me tomorrow.  But the melancholy of today being her birthday is still there.

She’s grown so much, changed so much from the little (big!) peanut I had to wait to hold.  It’s been a year of challenges, for both of us.  She’s overcome so many of them.  At first it was her breathing and glucose levels.  Then it was the possibility of  hip dysplasia, thanks to her being breech for so long.  Then she was caught in the PKU screening, then nursing too much, and refluxing.  Not nursing enough, losing weight. And losing more weight.  Throwing up and almost needing to be tested for pyloric stenosis, a bout of croup, an ear infection, rash, allergic reaction, and another more impressive rash.  Stomach flu with severe dehydration, which lead to two ER visits, with an IV for fluids during the second one.  Sleeping through the night.

Swinging Birthday Girl!

No, wait.  She hasn’t overcome that yet, still up at least once, usually twice a night.  Though she will sleep around four or five hours in a stretch now.  More, if she’s been stuffed with macaroni and cheese, saltines and gold fish.

But there were good things that happened too.  Her first smile, her first laugh.  The huge laughs that Teagan can get from her, the way she looks at Teagan, and Teagan at her.  Her first party, staying up to see the Royal Wedding.  Many walks on the beach.  Rolling over, finally getting out of the swaddle.  Finally saying Mama. Standing.  Crawling.  Cruising.  Supported walking.  It’s all going by so fast.She loves imitating you, putting things on her head, playing peek-a-boo, talking on the phone.

She will say LaLa now, and NayNay, though her preferred word is still DaDa.

She gives hugs.  When being rocked to sleep, she wants to be up, with her head on your shoulder, snuggled in, instead of reclined in your arms.  She loves her glowing seahorse, and will usually go down easily, though still doesn’t stay down all night.

She’s got five teeth now, all came up within the past six weeks.  At least three more are just waiting to break through.

She sits back and watches, happy to be on the side lines.  If she wants attention she will ask – cry – for it, unlike her sister, who will be a dancing monkey for any attention.


I had this post open, revising it, adding to it, all day.  Maybe to keep my baby in mind today.  To hold her a bit longer.  I know the time she allows me to hold her is limited.  She’s going to grow up so fast, and want to run, run, as soon as she can walk.

I am looking forward to finding out who she will be as she grows older.


February 6, 2012 ~ Teagan Dreams & Desires

Breakfast is usually interesting.  This morning, Teagan told he that she didn’t dream about twinkle stars, but about lamps and, I think it was pigs.  There may have been dancing, she was fuzzy on the details.

She also told me that I needed to invite some one in particular to her sister’s party.  Guess who?  Guthrie!!  She said that if we invited him to Ashlin’s party, they could have their own party.  So cute.  Oh, and Ashlin can have cupcakes for her party.  She’s allowed to have cupcakes.

Then Teagan started talking about her birthday party.  The invite list is to include a few kids from day care, and Guthrie, and Auntie Em, and J*, a teacher at day care.  She didn’t want to invite her favorite teachers, or the ones we think are her favorites.  Especially one, who’s name she sometimes uses when she talks to me. (Yes, it bothers me a bit that she’s calling me someone else, that somehow the line between teacher and mother has gotten blurred for her.  Anyway).   And she wants both cupcakes and cake at her party.  And candy.  And she wants to wear her Christmas outfit, with the teddy bear.

And she wants to have LaLa and PopPop over for breakfast, or was it lunch?


We can do that.


May 24, 2011 ~ Birthday Party!

Birthday Smooch

Birthday Smooch

We had five toddlers at the house Saturday.  We survived.  Yippee!

They were over for Teagan’s birthday party – a small party, just the kids and their parents.  And LaLa, PopPop, and Ney Ney.  (She’s asked me to not spell it Nay Nay.  LOL!)  Total headcount ~ 18.

There were cupcakes, Teagan did sing.  She got awesome presents. There were bubbles and very few tears.

She even kissed the guests :)


May 19, 2011

Happy Cake!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!

Teagan had happy cake today!  I brought cupcakes to day care to celebrate her birthday.

Around 2:00, after nap time I went to the day care with cupcakes – happy cake – for all the toddlers, with extras for the instructors.  Teagan was so happy when I showed up.  “My mommy!” she screamed happily, “Aclin, sista.” Every instructor needed to know that I was her mom and her little sister was there too!  So cute.

After she showed us off, it was snack time.  Three kids sat down, the fourth didn’t want to.  Paper towels were put down as napkins and the cupcakes were handed out.  Teagan wolfed down the first one, and asked, so nicely for a second.  I let her have it.  At the time, I thought “why not?  It’s her birthday.”  I ended up regretting it, as she melted down into a teary mess as I got ready to leave.

After a bit, Teagan needed a diaper change, and I took advantage of her being occupied, sneaking running out, apologizing to the instructor as I did.  I always feel bad leaving her crying with the instructors.  They’re probably used to it, and I’m sure Teagan stops quickly enough after we leave – out of sight out of mind.  Still, I felt horrible.  All I had wanted was to make the afternoon special, and she ended up crying and being unhappy.



After Stu picked Teagan up from day care on his way home from work, we went for a walk.  Our first walk all week, thanks to the rain.  Teagan asked for flowers – daddy-lions raaarrrrrr – which we picked for her when they were by the sidewalk.  She loves blowing the seeds.

I can’t believe she’s two.  She’s so proud of being two – she told everyone at day care how old she was.  But she’s growing too fast.  I always joked with my friends that they needed to put their sweet little kiddos in a box so they wouldn’t grow, so they’d stay small and sweet.  I want to put my beautiful princess in a box.  But I also want to watch her grow up, experience new things, remind me of things I forgot.


May 18, 2011

Two years ago today I was in the hospital, being “ripened,” waiting to be induced.  It was not how either Stu nor I planned the day.  We had gone to the doctor’s appointment on the way to work.  We both had meetings.  There was no hospital bag in the car.  So, of course, I was sent from the doctor’s office to the hospital.

They were worried about my fluid level.  The baby was doing ok, but couldn’t stay in any longer.

I spent Monday afternoon and night contracting, not really feeling any of it.  Progression was slow and boring.  Being in the hospital alone sucked.  Waiting sucked.  Anticipation sucked.

After a quick peek through the blog archives, it seems that I never wrote up Teagan’s birth story.  Or, I haven’t found the blog entry yet.  I do know that Stu sent me his version, and I thought I had written mine up, I’ll keep looking.

I can say that she didn’t want to come, she fought to stay in all day. They didn’t move me down to L&D until 10am or so the following morning.  There was intervention after intervention – more than I wanted.  Ripening, pitocin, foley balloon, water broken, more pitocin, Nubain. My parents calling (really!) to see how I was doing. I hadn’t wanted an epidural, I ended up getting one. I was so tired by the time it was time to push I didn’t think I could. I remember that I wanted to push but they told me I couldn’t. Once they let me, I ended up pushing her out in 45 minutes. The cord was around her neck – bent her ear back, and it stayed like that for a few weeks.

She was a girl!  Born to “High and Dry” by Radiohead.  She came out a bit blue and didn’t pink up quickly. Her apgars weren’t too good – I think a 6 and then an 8? But she was ok. I was so tired once she was out, I thought I would drop her after they bundled her up and gave her to me. I had Stu take her from me.

It all ended up being worth it. I’m so glad our beautiful princess is here. She really is a joy (as long as she’s not tired!).  The way she sees, learns, the world is awesome.  I love her to bits.

Two Years Ago Tomorrow

Two Years Ago Tomorrow

Mother's Day 2011