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January 7, 2011

[resolution revolution]

Image by RHiNO NEAL via Flickr

Still playing catch-up with my internet reading.  Soon enough, I’ll be all caught up and scrounging for more things to read.


One of the “mommy blogs” I like reading had a post with a great list of parenting resolutions.  Some of them really hit home, some not quite as much.  Maybe because I’m not quite there yet – her kids seem older than Teagan.  Some are how I’d like to be. 

Anyway, her list without her comments, gives you a basic idea:

1: Yell less.
2: Listen more.
3: Savor the small moments.
4: The little things matter. Show them how much you care.
5: Acknowledge that some battles on are not worth fighting.
6: Parent as if no one is watching.
7: Parent as if everyone is watching.
8: Unplug.   
9: Play.    
10: Enjoy. Enjoy your kids more. Enjoy your life more.

Having traveled recently with a toddler who’s just beginning to start acting out, not quite tantruming, but still exhibiting behavior that’s less than enjoyable, the yell less (though we really don’t yell, we will raise our voice to get her attention, and as soon as we do, drop to conversation) struck a note.  As did the Parent as if no one is watching, as I’m sure that we would have done things a little different – not give in as quickly (ie. pacifier) – if there weren’t people around.  We prefered to stop her from ramping up instead of holding our ground.  I’m sure that if we’re in places other than a plane, we would make different decisions, react differently.  I hope we would.

Unplug is another one that I need to work on a bit.  Sometimes I get caught up in the iPod or checking mail or something, and not playing attention to the piglet.  We get so little time during the week with her, that I try very hard to not get distracted.  sometimes, especially weekends, it’s not easy.  She’s so fun right now, and soon enough she won’t want my attention, I should focus on her now, and not other things.

One of the other articles I read was about Gerry Rafferty.  He, unfortunately, died recently.  I’ve had a soft spot for him ever since he (Baker Street!) was an answer to the pub trivia game that Stu and I won, or did we come in second?  I can’t remember now.  I remember that Stu chose to have Smirnoff Ice, while I got another pint :)

Oh!  And there are more vacation pictures up!  I may have too many of Teagan – eating peanut butter, chasing pigeons, splashing – than I should.  I just couldn’t pick.

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