March 6, 2012


Sirius radio played it this morning on the ride in.  I like this song.  A lot.  But it seems to stick in my head.  For a long time.  Today, it was all day.  Over and over, it wound round and around through my brain.  All day.  In the background while on a conference call, while going through e-mails, while walking to get more water.

I suppose there are worse ear worms to get stuck in your head.  And it’s a pretty happy tune…

Fading out the light
Softly saying
Get it out my mind

So, around and around and around, all day, until driving home and Foster the People comes on the radio.  Yay!  Another happy ear worm!


Also, today is the 100th birthday of the Oreo!  Yay!

Happy Birthday Cookie!

March 3, 2011 ~ She’s Got Rhythm

Good Times: The Very Best of the Hits & the Re...

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So, today, the baby decided that she’d kick the living guts out of my while keeping beat to the song playing ~ “Good Times” by Chic.  Ouch! LOL!!

Twice!  A kick to each word.  These. Kick.  Are. Kick.  The. Kick.  Good. Kick. Times. Kick.

Heh.  Maybe she’ll be as much a music lover as her sister…  We’ll just have to see if she likes bagpipes as much…

February 26, 2011

Slade - Keep Your Hands Off My Power SupplyGotta love starting a post and then not getting back to it.  LOL.  There are some good things about the WP iPod app, and some bad..  So, I had started writing about how in the play room most of yesterday there were three songs that Teagan asked for “moar:”

  1. SladeRun Runaway (in today’s WILFing expedition, I hadn’t realized there were bagpipes in it!  LOL!  Teagan has an ear for them, it seems.
  2. David Bowie – Changes
  3. Leona Naess – Anything

She also got quite into Seven Nations and Hair of the Dog – stopping whatever play she was involved in to dance dance dance.  My little Irish Princess.

As Stu was being a love and putting the desk together yesterday, Teagan and I played in the play room.  At one time, I was crawling around on the floor (yes, doing a breech exercise, LOL!) picking up toys and putting them away.  I ended up going into the open knees chest position.  Teagan came up gave me a kiss, and then mimicked the position next to me.

She also copied Stu.  On one excursion from the play room to the front, we passed Stu lying under the desk, tightening something up.  She bolted into the den and gave him a kiss and then stole a screwdriver.  I herded her back into the front, so we could get her (and me!) something to eat.  The next time I left her, so I could have a bio-break, she went and lay down under the desk, with a screwdriver (backwards).  She’s really a sweet kid, and quick too.

February 14, 2011 ~ Irish Princess Edition

My daughter loves this song.  She thinks he says “knock knock” when he’s saying “good luck!”  She’ll sing along to the “Mow, mow, mow,” and is getting the arm motion down.  Stu played different versions of this song for her on Saturday and she asked for it on Sunday.  LOL.

This version is the one that Stu and I prefered.  She didn’t care much which version we played, as long as there was “moarr beeeze.”

I’m not sure why Stu decided to play “deedle dee” music, as he likes to call irish folk music, when she pointed to his laptop and asked for “dance*, beeze”.  But she loves it.  He should have known she’d be asking for “moarr beeeze” the rest of the weekend.  LOL!

* “Dance” with pointing to the laptop means she wants one of us to play some video.  Sometimes she asks for the Irish Hand Dance, sometimes it’s a Fresh Beat song, but mostly it’s Irish dancing.  Yes.  Riverdance.  I have a feeling that we’re going to be learning all about “competition hair.”

January 21, 2011

So, we finally let Teagan out of her cage.  LOL.  We’d get home from day care, give her dinner.  When she was done, she’d get sent to the “cage” and she’d go right to the blocked off area in front of the sofa.  She usually didn’t try to escape either.  It was great!  Worked for us for a while, especially for the little bit she’s awake during the week, and at times when we’re home on the weekend.  She does have the entire living room, (it’s really her toy room!) that’s baby safe, and we’d let her have access to the kitchen and the rest of the room while we were there supervising her, but we’d been holding off on finishing the family room and lowering our supervision – hovering – a bit. 

Well, I finally got extra-wide gates and set them up, blocked off one tiny area at the end of the large sofa, moved all the grown-up books and stuff out of the side table/bookcase, off the coffee table.  Now, she has run of the family room.  We still need to move the coffee table, but I haven’t found a cabinet that’s tall (and thin and heavy) enough to put the lamp on.  There’s still time though.

So, anyway.  She loves pulling all her books out of the side table.  Today, she did help put them back, but that could be seen as a bribe for a bath.  Day care says she’s a great cleaner-uper.  We have yet to see the “great” part of that, though she will help if you ask.  She’s having a great time testing the boundaries of her larger area too.  It’s fun to see her go up to one of the gates and rattle it, trying to see if she can get it open.

We do have to get used to her having so much”freedom” now.  Stu still doesn’t know what to do with his tea – hot – when she’s still awake.  Or his laptop when he’s not there using it.  I need a new hiding place for my iPod (the sofa arm is no longer out of reach).  The remote needs a new place to hide as well.

I know we’ll figure it out. 

She’s loving it.  It’s worth it.

PS.  She loves her hop-hop shoes :)

PPS.  I’ll have a Teagan’s Tunes – One Year up shortly.  I might even get links to audio samples of the songs too :)

January 20, 2011

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The snow hasn’t started.  I’m sure it will soon.  The question is whether I’ll be awake to see it or not. 

With all the roof collapses locally, I am getting very worried about our roof.  The weight of all the snow and ice we have on the roof just can’t be good.  We had a spot in the kitchen that got wet during the ice storm, but I couldn’t find where it started.  It was in what I’m assuming is an extension, and you can’t get into the attic space there to see how the shingles and plywood are holding up.  We also should check out the main attic to see if there’s any buckling or bending of the plywood there.

For the record, you can order a roof rake on  Maybe tomorrow, after the additional 6-8 inches of snow we’re expecting, I’ll order one from there.  It’s impossible to find one locally.

Not sure how much it will help with the cold weather we’ve had anyway.  From what I remember of the winters growing up, they really only work on the fresh snow.  The ice we have on top of just too much snow will be too hard to use it with.

 Anyway.  Teagan seems to be refining her musical taste.  Tonight, Stu said she absolutely flipped over Katy Perry’s song about Peacocks…  Last week, it was Pitbull‘s “I Know You Want Me.”  LOL.  Both are a bit inappropriate for a 20 month old.  Still.  Some could consider them better than “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”  She also likes Elvis Costello‘s “Oliver’s Army.”  I should start a list.

January 7, 2011

[resolution revolution]

Image by RHiNO NEAL via Flickr

Still playing catch-up with my internet reading.  Soon enough, I’ll be all caught up and scrounging for more things to read.


One of the “mommy blogs” I like reading had a post with a great list of parenting resolutions.  Some of them really hit home, some not quite as much.  Maybe because I’m not quite there yet – her kids seem older than Teagan.  Some are how I’d like to be. 

Anyway, her list without her comments, gives you a basic idea:

1: Yell less.
2: Listen more.
3: Savor the small moments.
4: The little things matter. Show them how much you care.
5: Acknowledge that some battles on are not worth fighting.
6: Parent as if no one is watching.
7: Parent as if everyone is watching.
8: Unplug.   
9: Play.    
10: Enjoy. Enjoy your kids more. Enjoy your life more.

Having traveled recently with a toddler who’s just beginning to start acting out, not quite tantruming, but still exhibiting behavior that’s less than enjoyable, the yell less (though we really don’t yell, we will raise our voice to get her attention, and as soon as we do, drop to conversation) struck a note.  As did the Parent as if no one is watching, as I’m sure that we would have done things a little different – not give in as quickly (ie. pacifier) – if there weren’t people around.  We prefered to stop her from ramping up instead of holding our ground.  I’m sure that if we’re in places other than a plane, we would make different decisions, react differently.  I hope we would.

Unplug is another one that I need to work on a bit.  Sometimes I get caught up in the iPod or checking mail or something, and not playing attention to the piglet.  We get so little time during the week with her, that I try very hard to not get distracted.  sometimes, especially weekends, it’s not easy.  She’s so fun right now, and soon enough she won’t want my attention, I should focus on her now, and not other things.

One of the other articles I read was about Gerry Rafferty.  He, unfortunately, died recently.  I’ve had a soft spot for him ever since he (Baker Street!) was an answer to the pub trivia game that Stu and I won, or did we come in second?  I can’t remember now.  I remember that Stu chose to have Smirnoff Ice, while I got another pint :)

Oh!  And there are more vacation pictures up!  I may have too many of Teagan – eating peanut butter, chasing pigeons, splashing – than I should.  I just couldn’t pick.