What to muse about today?

November 12, 2103 ~ Snow!


This morning Teagan came into our room very excited. “Snow! Mama, it’s snowing outside!”  Eventually she calmed down, but only until her sister woke up.  Then, it started again.  She had to tell Ashlin that it was snowing, and pull aside the blind for her to see.  Ashlin’s turn to be excited. We get downstairs to get dressed (all the clean clothes are in baskets in the living room) and look out the back door at the snow.  By then, it was starting to slow down, though the girls excitement wasn’t.  Breakfast was eaten quickly, hardly a complaint or ow for hair combing, socks and shoes put on by the parent of choice of the morning. I had to find heavier coats and hats, mittens.  There were some from last year in the girls basket, so these were dolled out.  I found one mitten that fit Ashlin, and put it on her.  Zipped her up and told her that Stu would get the match from the trunk when they got to the car. Stu couldn’t find the match.  When they got to day care, he didn’t want her going in with just one mitten.  So, he tried to have her give it to him.  She was having none of that.  So, Stu tried logic.

“Ashlin, you can’t go in with one glove.  Your hand will get cold.”

Ashlin shakes her head.  She’s not about to give up the glove.

“How many hands do you have?”


“How many gloves do you need?”


“How many hands does Captain Hook have?”


“So, how many gloves does he need?”

“One.” [“Are you Captain Hook?” “No.” “Then you can’t wear only one glove.” At which point she was felled by my logic and handed the glove over. I outsmarted a two year old. Go me.]

*~* As updated from Stu! *~*

She’s a smart girl :) The snow didn’t stick, sadly.  But the flakes did look nice floating down.


November 11, 2013 ~ My Heart


Ashlin’s Heart

Saturday while Teagan was in dance class Ashlin and I went out to Target to get some things – magic pen coloring books among them.  As we headed to the Children’s Activity section, we passed the phone cases.  As the one Santa brought me last year for Christmas was cracked and breaking, I stopped.  Looked at the Belkin ones, meh.  As turn to leave, we see this endcap.  Ok, price is right, designs aren’t too bad.  I ask Ashlin which one she liked.  She pointed to this one, “heart, mama.  I like heart one.”  Ok.  Not bad.  It’s a bit reminiscent of Olivia, but that’s ok.  I ask her if any of the others were nice.  “Yes, but this.  I like this one.  It’s like my heart.”  And my heart melted.
PS. I can’t seem to find my phone now. The new case seems to blend in, even with the big heart, much more than the silver glitter one I had.


October 14, 2013

#fort!  Hiding under the table.

Can she see us?

Today  day care was closed.  Stu had reports that had to go out, so I took the day off.  It wasn’t a bad day, though I needed a nap by the afternoon.  Ashlin rubbed my feet as I snoozed on the couch during Peg + Cat (their new favorite show).

Earlier in the afternoon, the girls decided to build a fort under the breakfast table.  I hear:

Ashlin:  Ouch!

Teagan:  You ok, Ashlin?

Ashlin:  Yes.

Teagan:  Want me to kiss it?

Ashlin:  Yes.

Teagan:  <smooch>

Ashlin:  Tank you.


They are so sweet together sometimes.  Later, they were sharing a sofa and could not help but needle each other.  I’m hoping they have more moments like those under the table then on the sofa.


October 11, 2013 ~ Fish!

Will he?

Will he?

So, yesterday I won a fish. A lovely blue betta fish.  I was of a mind to leave him in the office, not bring him home.  But then I thought again, and well, there wasn’t much choice.  I brought him home.  Teagan went to bed a bit early last night – she wasn’t a good listener – so Ashlin got to watch me set up the tank and helped me feed him dinner.

Today, both girls got to help me feed him dinner.  Each got to drop a flake or two in the tank, and then waited for him to eat.  Mr. Fish was a bit slow to start, but eventually he did eat,  Good fish!


Him did! Him ate it!

Ashlin wants to call him puppy. Teagan’s first choice is bunny.  I have weird kids.


October 9, 2013 – Love Lies Sleeping

Hiding together under the table. I see you two!Last night I was up inexplicably late.  I’m not sure why, today hurts a bit for it.  But it wasn’t too late to tuck the girls in, just like I always do.

Ashlin was on her back, with the heels and toes of her feet together in some bizarre frog-like version of first position in ballet.  As I pull the corner of her blanket out from under her and cover her back up, she laughed once or twice and then gave a deep sigh.

Teagan was halfway down her bed, covered in her afghan, baby quilt and comforter.  She half woke up as I shifted her towards the middle of the bed and took the extra blankets off.  Half-asleep, she sat up and told me she loved me, then fell back down.  Deep asleep, I covered her back up with the sheets and comforter.

Sometimes Ashlin talks in her sleep when I’m in there, sometimes not.  Sometimes Teagan will wake up a bit more, but usually she’s completely dead to the world.  Hopefully it will be a long time before they don’t need me to tuck them back in.


September 18, 2013 ~ Falling in Toilets

So bigToday, our big girl fell into the toilet. She was standing on it.


So.  Turns out that she and a friend were fighting over who could use it, and she decided to stand on the rim while the other girl was trying to sit.  Teagan may have had her pants down, I’m not sure.  Anyway, the other girl was pushing back on Teagan, trying to sit down and Teagan lost her balance.  On her way down, she scraped her leg on the toilet paper holder and one foot ended up in the bowl.

A huge scrape.  Bigger than a Disney bandaid.  One that the director felt I needed to be forewarned about, just in case I freaked out when I saw the gauze on my daughter’s leg.

At first she didn’t want to tell the teachers what happened, she was worried she’d get in trouble.


Eventually she “fessed up” and told the teacher about the need to be the one to use that particular toilet, what she did and how she scraped her leg.  Both girls were spoken to, but neither got in trouble or were yelled at.

On the ride home, Stu asked her why she did it.  She replied that she thought it was a good idea.  This is probably the first time she’s given an actual answer and not just said “I don’t know.”

Our baby is getting so big.  So grown up.

It would be nice if she didn’t stand on toilet seats any more though.


September 15, 2013 ~ Watch out for Grampires

Fairy flamencoDriving to the polo match today, Teagan and I had a very interesting conversation:

Teagan: “I love everyone”
Ashlin chimes in: “I love everyone toooo”
Me: “That’s nice, I love you too”
Teagan: “Well, nice people. Not bad people or witches”
Ashlin: “Witches!”
Me: “Oh, ok.”
Teagan: “And I don’t love grampires.”
Me: “Um, what?”
Teagan: “Grampires, some of them suck your bleed.”
Me: “Oh. Ok. I guess that makes sense.”


September 1, 3012 ~ Ballet


Teagan at the Hooley. She would walk around in circles with her arms above her head. When we asked her why she was dancing with her arms up in the air over her head, she said it was ballet. Her friend E taught her. She’s practicing before she starts her dance class next week.

Silly sweet kid.


August 15, 2013 ~ Princesses Are Everywhere


Is there a princess over there?

Teagan won’t let you pull anything over on her.  She knows it all!

Tonight on the drive home, Teagan pointed out a SUV that had a lot of antennas coming out of it. saying “look at that car with all the horns!”  When Stu told her that they weren’t called horns, but aerials, Teagan refused to believe him.  “Nooooo.  Those aren’t aerials. I know what Ariel is, she’s a princess.  That is not Ariel”

I wish I had been there.

She’s one smart cookie.


July 24, 2013

double rainbow!

Yesterday, we followed a rainbow home from the store. It started as a double rainbow, but as the rain evaporated, it became one arc.

Teagan said that there was treasure at the end of the rainbow. As the girls pointed at the rainbow we were following, I said that it looked as if the end was over our house.this made the girls very excited. “Drive faster!” Teagan said. “Faster!” Ashlin echoed. “We’re getting closer!” Stu encouraged. “Treasure! I want to find treasure!” Teagan said. Up, up, up the hill we went.

As we turned the final corner to our house, the rainbow moved, and settled to a house or two away from ours. As we get the girls out of their car seats, Teagan asks if we can follow the rainbow so we could get the treasure? No, sweetie, we can’t follow it into someone else’s yard. Maybe next time.

Dejected, the girls allow us to corrale them towards the front door. Stu looks down and asks Teagan if she saw something in the grass. When she looked where he was pointing, she saw a silver coin, a lollipop and a glass gem. Her head nearly exploded. She screamed that the treasure fell as the rainbow moved, the leprechauns dropped it. They both did a happy dance. She claimed the lollipop and the gem, Ashlin got the coin.

Watching them, their joy, I am so glad Stu was such a quick thinker, and had a Big Y coin, the dumdum Teagan earned for being good at naptime, and a bit of glass that Teagan probably swiped from daycare the day before in his pocket to quickly drop in the grass when the girls weren’t paying attention.

They are going to want to chase rainbows for years. So awesome!

End of the rainbow...