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March 4, 2016 ~ Can You Die Now, Please?

on March 4, 2016

24927171090_6ea864efb2_zToday I had one of those conversations in the car with Ashlin.  One that leaves you with a sad heart.  We were almost home from Pre-K when the questions started…

Ashlin asked how many more days I would be alive. I told her I hoped it would be quite a while. She asked how many again, and I replied with many thousand I hope.

And daddy? When will he pass away?

Honey, why are you asking?

Because I want you to pass away. Now.

Oh, really? Why’s that?

Because I don’t love you any more.

You don’t love me? Or daddy?

No. [Ugh.  This hurt]

Well, I love daddy a little bit.

Oh. Ok. Why?

Because you make me go upstairs for quiet time and I don’t like quiet time. That’s why I want you to die.

Thanks kid.

The rest of the ride was us giggling about finding snow in yards, and some on a tree.

I think she realized, a little, that her statement was a bit hurtful, “that’s not nice, you don’t wish someone to die just because you don’t like quiet time.”

Everything was better after lunch.  She asked to snuggle with me, hoping I would fall asleep, and then she’d be able stay downstairs longer.  Because, yes, she still got quiet time today.  Still, she went upstairs easily enough for her quiet time.  Time I used to find out if we could do the party she wants and one that her aunt can attend.  Oh, and taking calls from the school nurse about Teagan’s two head injuries today. (She’s ok.  One was due to a collision with another kid, who wasn’t hurt, and the second was her walking into a door or wall because she wasn’t looking where she was going).

2 responses to “March 4, 2016 ~ Can You Die Now, Please?

  1. Kat says:

    Ouch…on so many levels… Know that kids say things that they don’t really understand but in the moment seem to think that’s the best answer to their problems. I’m sure you’ll hear the ‘I hate you’ line more than “I wish you were dead’ line. My kids hated me a LOT!!! But in the end, they knew I loved them for the times I gave them punishment (or quiet time) for their good and peace of mind as well as for me. :) And Ouch…for T’s head injuries. Hopefully, they were very very minor. You and Stu are doing an amazing job with your kids!!! <3

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