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December 18 ~ Quick! Catch-up!

on December 18, 2015

My Two Front Teeth!

It feels as if I was just here, writing about Teagan losing her first tooth.  But no, it’s been four months.  To the day.  Crazy.  Teagan has now lost a total of four teeth.  Just in time, too.  She’s already learned the required song.

She lost the other top tooth about two months ago, and we still don’t see any sign of the adult one coming in.  For awhile, the top and bottom were missing and she looked like she had a coin slot in her mouth.  Also, the tooth fairy is out of (affordable) pirate Lego sets to leave.

Her reading skills have leaped forward, she’s almost able to read books – she can read a few of the pages from Fortunately, The Milk – which is a pretty cool book.

Oh, and she’s earned her white belt in Taekwondo.  And her first trophy.

Ashlin is gearing up for Kindergarten.  Already.  She’s started with Raz-Kids, and can identify some of her sight words. Yes, the four-year-old has sight words.  Also, she’s super jealous of her sister and the tooth fairy visits.

Also!  She was brave enough to go up and take a picture with Santa.  She’s not super happy about it, but she did it. Twice. She was super excited when we saw Santa walking on the street after the town’s tree lighting that she couldn’t stay still.  The blur is Ashlin.  Teagan was so full of awe when he stopped to chat with her, you could see the pure amazement and joy on her face.

Talking to Santa

Hoping you all have a happy start to your holiday season!

4 responses to “December 18 ~ Quick! Catch-up!

  1. Kat says:

    Great ‘update’…good for Ashlin’s taking pics with Santa and that pic of T with him is adorable. Love these girls like my own grands… I’ve seen them grow up before my eyes. Merry Christmas to them and you & Stu!! <3

    • lisasff says:

      Thanks! I can’t believe it’s already Christmas. Fall seemed to fly by! So proud of Ashlin getting braver with Santa. She was awesome with him yesterday when he arrived early to treat them to some pajamas!

  2. Mali May says:

    With those freckles and that adorable smile, she can get away with the missing baby teeth. Better be cutting her food into small pieces though!

    • lisasff says:

      Yes, the freckles totally work on her face, with those eyes. My little Irish girl. She’s been doing a great job with her food so far, missing two front teeth isn’t slowing her down!

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