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May 14, 2015 ~ It’s only a flesh wound

on May 14, 2015

Brave Girl in the Doctor’s Office

Today I got one of those calls from the school that you don’t ever want to get.  Teagan was hurt in an accident, had a cut on her head that needed more medical attention than they can give at the school.  I had to come right away.  The nurse didn’t tell me if it was bad, just that it was bad enough.

Finding my car keys and making the not-quite-ten-minute drive were some of the longest minutes of my life.  My baby was hurt.  I had horrible images of her face being cut, an eye popped, her jaw broken.  Yeah, my brain went too far, but sometimes those images just come all on their own.

Her teacher was right at the front door, I didn’t need to wait to be buzzed in.  That was freaky, though probably just good timing.  We walked to the nurses office and she told me that the bar from the [security] gate fell and hit her in the head.  An accident, no one was fooling around, the class was on the way back to their classroom from gym.

When I got to the nurses office, and saw Teagan on the bed, with a huge gauze pad taped to her forehead, my heart hurt.  She looked so small, frail, even though she was being so brave.  Everyone spoke at once, telling me how good Teagan had been, how it was an accident, and how brave and strong she is.  She looked ready to cry, and I asked if she needed a hug.  She did.  Need a hug, not cry.

There was a second child in the nurse’s office who got hurt by the falling bar.  He got hit in the foot, thankfully.  Nothing too serious.  Teagan got the brunt of it, I think she may have been the line leader.

They gave me a quick peek at the injury, it was about half an inch long, maybe a bit more, and deep, right on the hair-line.  Not quite the nightmare wounds I was imagining on the drive over.  The nurse suggested I call our pediatrician’s office and see what they wanted us to do.  They wanted us to come in, if they couldn’t help properly fix her up, they would direct us to the best place nearby.  They did say they could do stitches there, or I think they said that.  Things did get a bit jumbly.

Teagan was worried that she didn’t have her behavior chart.  The nurse, teacher and office staff were dumbfounded that she was still worried about her chart.  They promised to get it and save it for her.  Once we got to the car, she worried about her snack – a fruit cup.  I told her I would call once we got settled at the doctor’s office.  Such a sweet girl, thinking about these trivial things and not being upset about getting hit in the head.

So brave

We got taken right back, thankfully, and the doctor said they could glue the wound shut, instead of stitching it.  The worst part was when they cleaned the cut out.  Teagan didn’t like the cold water on her head, in her hair.  She kept trying to touch her forehead, to wipe it away.  I ended up holding both of her hands down and out of the way.

I took a few pictures here and there, I thought it might be a good idea to document some of this, just in case.  She asked to see them, and I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea or not.  I gave her a quick peek at the one with the glue, before the steri strips.  She didn’t seem upset looking at it, more curious, which makes sense.  She’s never seen an injury like that before, and maybe more interesting, because it was her boo boo.

The school staff was really nice, the teacher and principal both called to check up on Teagan.  The teacher explained that the administration had called the district maintenance department to come look at the gate that afternoon, and that they would be taking it down before another child was hurt.  A bit reactive, but nice to know that there wouldn’t be any more accidents.

Anyway, this kid really surprised me today.  She was brave, calm, strong.  Most people, adults, probably wouldn’t have been that good with the procedure.  I know I had a hard time when I got stitches, and I was in my twenties.  And I had pain-killers.  She only had a bit of Tylenol after everything was done.

So brave.

Oh, and she’s sleeping in her bed, not on her floor.  Strange girl.

6 responses to “May 14, 2015 ~ It’s only a flesh wound

  1. Colleen says:

    It is more scary for Mom.. I am glad she was brave.. and she handled it all well.. I remember a few of these kinds of things with Macy.. scared me very bad.. but they are tough and strong kids we are raising.. Sending love and light.. and no headache.. (for Mom either..) Peace..

    • lisasff says:

      I’m sure it is. They are quite resilient things, aren’t they? She woke up cheerful and full of energy. Ready to show off her “stitches” to everyone!

  2. Kat says:

    I commented on FB that I thought you probably were more terrified than T….and yep….right, I was. We moms tend to go THERE at lightening speed when one of our babies is hurt. I’m glad it was so minor and that everything is good to go with just glue. I’m sure the school was really more interested in whether they would be looking at lawsuits for the two kids injured….however, I’m glad they got right on getting the bar ‘looked at’, taken down or whatever they did. She’s going to enjoy this story for a long time….and that you documented it, even better. xxxooxx on the boo-boo and hugs to you both.

    • lisasff says:

      Yeah. Imagination is not always a good thing. And when there’s a whisper of something bad and our kids, it just goes and goes. I was told that the boy who was hurt appeared just fine at pick up time. Hoping there isn’t a hidden injury. I’m sure they are concerned. We’ll see what we need to do. It sounds like a freak accident, and they are taking immediate action to ensure no one else is harmed.

      • Kat says:

        Yes, on all of the above. Glad the other child is ok too. Hopefully, they will be looking closer to safety issues around the school for sure. Take care.

        • lisasff says:

          Thank you. I know they were supposed to remove and replace the gate, so that there wouldn’t be any bar to fall… I’ll be in there tomorrow, so may take a peek around the corner…

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