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March 15, 2015 ~ Shamrock On!

on March 15, 2015

Shamrock on!

Today Teagan ran her first road race.  It was a fun run, nothing super serious or competitive. I don’t think there were official times at all.  My sister and dad ran with her.  She paced dad and  Renee stayed with them, just in case.  Teagan ran almost all of the two-something mile course – shorter than most of the walks/rides we did over the summer.   She stopped a bit when someone gave her a flat and she needed to put her shoe back on.  And a second time, on the big downhill at the end  she got a stitch in her side, so walked a bit.  But she did run across the finish line.

My sister said she was a bit overwhelmed with how many people were in the race.  She’s not often in a big crowd like that.  Just after the start, she asked to turn back just because the cold make her need to use the bathroom.  Maybe it was a bit of nerves… Still, with the “false start” and two slow/stops she finished with a time of around 32 minutes or so.  Not too shabby.  Especially for a first race.  For a five-year-old.

On the drive home, after a lovely lunch of corned beef and Irish Soda bread, she spent the ride home taking pictures with her leappad of all the trucks that went by.  She liked the patterns on the cabs.

This kid is a hoot.  I’m so proud of her for doing the run.

UPDATE:  I totally forgot to mention how she would giggle each time she succeeded in getting a picture of the truck cab, asking me if I saw it or not.  Each time she mistimed the shutter, she would be “aw shucks, missed it,” she didn’t get frustrated, but would get ready to take the next picture. She only stopped once it was way too dark for a picture, well past the point where any older person would have stopped trying.  She was so into her project, it was totally adorable. There must be at least 50 blurry pictures on her Leappad of truck cabs.  I should try to look at them tomorrow :D

4 responses to “March 15, 2015 ~ Shamrock On!

  1. Stu says:

    There were official times! She did a 32:34, despite having to turn around at the start and having someone stand on her heel and pop her shoe off her foot.

  2. Kat says:

    whoohooo T!! That was awesome. I’m proud of you and your aunt and grand!!! Way to go.

    • lisasff says:

      She totally rocked it! And was so proud! My sis and dad have done some runs together before, and that’s what interested Teagan in trying this one. They’re good aunt/poppop

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