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September 8, 2014 ~ Fluff!

on September 8, 2014

It’s so fluffy!

I made fluff! Home-made marshmallow creme! From scratch. It wasn’t too difficult at all.  Surprisingly easy, actually. I’m not sure where I came across the recipe, but it caught my eye and I pinned it.

While Ashlin was upstairs for a bit of quiet time – or morning nap – I set up all the ingredients, pulled out the stand mixer and opened up my shiny, new candy thermometer.

Ashlin helped me put most of the ingredients together, though I did separate the eggs.  She really enjoys helping to cook.  She did get a bit tired watching the corn syrup and sugar boil, getting the mixture to 240°F took a bit too long for her attention span.  I don’t blame her.

Not quite 240F

Eventually, the mixture did get there, and the egg whites peaked softly.  Tempering the whites wasn’t too bad, though the syrup was very sticky and spun strings when it got cold.

I mixed till glossy, added the vanilla and let it whip away.  I did stop to scrape down the sides once, but other than that, an easy enough recipe.  Other than getting the syrup to the require 240°F, spooning the mixture into a jar was probably the most difficult thing.  Not an easy task, it was thick and sticky!

The recipe made about 2 1/2 cups of fluff.  I will probably make this again, and I’m sure it will take about half the time.  It’s always easier the second time.

Ashlin claimed it “deeeeelicious!” while licking the spoon I gave her.  It had a fresher taste, texture, than the store bought fluff.

Then, while eating her much wanted fluffernutter, she said that that it made a “tasty sandwich, mama!”

That’s good enough for me!




4 responses to “September 8, 2014 ~ Fluff!

  1. K8 says:

    I am mixed between impressed and repulsed. ;) I am not a marshmallow gal and never could stomach fluff. But impressed.

    I adore you but you must STFU about your morning nap/quiet time before I lovingly throttle you. <3

    • lisasff says:

      I thought you were big on the marshmallows though – what with the s’mores and all?

      And the quiet time is almost totally for *my* sanity. And her safety. She doesn’t sleep at all any more. Well, maybe once out of four attempts on a weekend.

  2. Kat says:

    Good mom/daughter bonding time….kitchen is a good place to learn lessons not only on cooking. It’ll be something she remembers for sure. I’m not much on the ‘fluff’ either :) Maybe when I was a kid. HAHA

    • lisasff says:

      She really did well for her attention span. I’ll try to make some cookies later this week I think. Non-peanut butter ones even though they are my favorites.

      I can still eat a fluffernutter every now and then. LOL!

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