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September 3, 2014 ~ The other one

on September 3, 2014

The other one

Today I got a call from Teagan’s teacher. She told me that Teagan has been having some issues at school.  Mostly behavior issues.


Although not surprised, I – we –  were hoping for better.  She told us she would listen, sit still, behave.


It seems that she’s been having trouble following instructions, listening and complying.  Like at home.  Her teacher put her in the “cube chair” because she can’t sit still during circle time on the floor.


On top of that, she is pinching, pulling hair, hugging, and touching her classmates.  Classmates that she can’t remember the names of because she’s not listening.


I told the teacher that we would work to reinforce the good behavior at home, remind her to keep her hands to herself, to be calm and listen to the teacher.

When she behaves she is the most awesome little girl.  Fun, smart, funny, interesting.  I’m sad that she’s not sharing this amazing person with school.   I hope we can get this rocky start smoothed out and turn this around.

Fingers crossed.


10 responses to “September 3, 2014 ~ The other one

  1. Kris A says:

    What was her reaction when you told her the teacher called?

    • lisasff says:

      She didn’t quite believe me, then you could see her face go “oh shit.” I told her that I would be talking to her teacher every day to see how she’s been behaving. I mailed the teacher tonight asking her to keep us apprised. Sigh. She’s not a bad kid, not really.

  2. salpal1 says:

    hang in there – I am sure she will settle down.

  3. Kat says:

    :( Awww….maybe it’s just a ‘transition’ period? I sure hope so. She does need to see that her behavior has consequences (like you guys talking to the teacher every day and the cube chair). And possibly punishment at home for the day’s antics? The fact that she is a loving person wanting contact isn’t all bad, but in this day it’s frowned upon at school. I know the pinching, pulling hair, etc. isn’t loving or is it? but she does and will see that people care for her to do good and be that person you know her to be. I just hope THEY don’t want to medicate her to be still at school as so many do these days. Kids are kids….1st grade or 12th. You guys are great parents and I know that you will find a way to handle this for everyone’s benefit. {{{{{hugs}}}}}

    • lisasff says:

      I really hope so! I’ve heard from another new-to-kindergarten mom that her daughter did the same when she went into a pre-k4 program last year. That the difference between our former day care and school is pretty big. There, Teagan was top of the heap, in school she has to rebuild everything.

      We’ve been working on consequences for a while now, she’s still not getting it. Most times she is so in the moment she just can’t stop herself. But we see a bit more connection each time, so it will just take time.

      We went over how the cube chair isn’t a good thing, and that she’s NOT supposed to stand on it, that she needs to keep the day care rules, which are good rules for every day – and I think it helped today. We did not get a call about her, and she said she stayed “green” today. I haven’t heard anything back from the teacher yet, so fingers crossed she’s not added lying to her list of things that needs to be corrected!

      • Kat says:

        Sounds like a little progress.. will keep praying that she ‘understands’ what it is to go to BIG school, :)

        • lisasff says:

          I think she’s getting a bit more understanding, but she’s still very unfocused I think. We’ll be taking to the social worker there – the teacher wants her to talk to Teagan – and see if there are any suggestions on helping her focus and understand the reality of school…

          • Kat says:

            At least they are still ‘talking’ and not suggesting right away medicating. That’s a good sign. She’ll get it!!!

            • lisasff says:

              Yeah. Hopefully we’ll get some good ideas. I really don’t want to go a medication route, but will, if that is how we have to help her. She did say that it’s hard to focus on one thing because there’s a lot of stuff that foes through her head.

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