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August 27, 2014 ~ First Day

on August 27, 2014

First Day

I think this image is what I kept going back to most of the day. My (not so) little girl walking away to start a new adventure.  I so wanted it to be a good adventure, one she enjoyed and wanted to be on.  One with new things and excitement and friends.  And there was no way I could ensure that it was.  That made me sad.

I know I can help shape how she responds to things, how she may interpret events and possible how she may influence them.  But not what happens.  I want her to be liked by class mates, to have lots of friends.  I want her time in school to be as happy and joyful as possible.

Of course, I want the same for Ashlin.  For my little peanut to succeed and remain the happy – and quirky – little thing she is.  I want her stutter to be something that doesn’t frustrate her, that never holds her back.  That stops her from shining.

Off to School

At least she looked back at me as she walked away.

6 responses to “August 27, 2014 ~ First Day

  1. Kate says:

    Love this post. Yes. All these things.

  2. Kat says:

    Awww this made me smile and almost cry! I love those photos. I have one of my son walking his son to first day and it is very nostalgic to look at. Yes, not a problem to want all those things and more for our children. Praying for a great first year for T and a happy, adventurous one for Ashlin.

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