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July 15, 2014 ~ Life In General

on July 15, 2014

Riding Away

So.  It’s been a rough ride these past few weeks.  I didn’t mean to effectively disappear, but wasn’t in the right mind – or with enough free time – to write about any of it.

The girls are awesome.  Well, mostly.  Still some behavior issues, but that’s to be expected at three and five.  Some sleep issues, but well.  We do what we can there.

The bizarre thing that is my now life allowed for the girls to attend daily swim lessons up at the pool I grew up at.  Well, where I spent entire summers before I could drive.  The girls and I stayed at my folks, as Stu still had to work.  My mom helped me keep the girls entertained – Fire House, Police Station, Zoo, Cat statues, nature lesson, ducks, library.  Dad would come watch the lesson and leave for his job at the post office.

Ashlin started the first lesson off timid.  Shy.  Terrified.  She’s never good at transitions, strangers, new things.  But she eventually got in the water, did a few of the activities the first day.  We praised her and she was better the second.  Teagan was a rock star, though she was nervous too.

The second and following lessons were much better.  Both girls needed different psych up chats – Teagan to sit still and listen, Ashlin to do what the instructors asked.  They were better and better.  I got us into a pool a day once or twice (where I took a total of three (!) pads removed from Teagan’s float vest!  And got Ashlin out alone with her float vest with a noodle.) before we left to go home for the weekend.  Home.  To Stu.

The second week was even better.  Teagan was able to do a few paddles on her own power at the begining, and swam halfway across the pool – from a jumping start! – by the end.  Ashlin advanced far enough to not have a death grip on your neck, but only hold a finger or two, and blow bubbles and float a tiny bit on her back, if you didn’t let go.  By that second Friday, she was rocking her vest.  Alone.

So proud of them.

As we needed to be in New Jersey – the shore! – for a family gathering on Saturday, the three of us met up with Stu south of my folks, east of our house and left his car for what we thought would be a long weekend, but was shortened due to poor wi-fi.

My knitting is calling, as is the thunderstorm, so I’ll leave the tale here.  For now.  I will be better about updating more frequently.  Promise.  I will have a lot more free time  – at least for a while.


PS.  Some pictures of our adventures are up on flickr….  I’m still going through some of them.  Go and check them out!

I floating mama!

Big circles


8 responses to “July 15, 2014 ~ Life In General

  1. Nina says:

    Enne Gii commented on your post.

    Nina wrote: “Your job abusing you?”

  2. Kate says:

    Quite the adventure! Let’s get together to catch up soon. A big transition for you all. Cheers and hugs.

    • lisasff says:

      Thanks! It was definitely an adventure! Girls had lots of good experiences. I learned things too! This week is the first in the new schedule, after an “almost” vacation….

  3. Kat says:

    HMMM…..job not abusing you??? Did you ‘quit’ them? It sounds like quite a bit of fun for the girls with all the activities they had PLUS swimming lessons. Yah. And don’t worry about ‘disappearing’…..do it whenever you need too. :) We’ll be waiting. Hugs to you and family.

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