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June 20, 2014 ~ Flowers

on June 20, 2014


Today I made flowers.  Paper flowers.

Months ago, Ashin asked if she could have a mobile like Teagan’s.  A photo mobile that I’ve various paper decorations for – Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s, St. Patty’s days as well as spring, winter, fall.  Oh!  And some generic stars to go with the rest of her decor.

It took a while to find another mobile.  Amazon eventually made one available on Prime, and I added it to an order.  So, it sat out of sight for a while.

Today, I finally decided to swap out Teagan’s eggs with flowers.  And as I had a little time, I made some more.  The giant hydrangea were a bit too big for the mobile and would get caught with each other, so I put one in each girls room.  I split the original ones across the girls, made some new ones in new colors, and added some dragonflies to further spruce them up.

Not wanting to put a new hole in the ceiling, I used a thumbtack to hang Ashlin’s mobile up.  That will leave a tiny hole if, and when, we decide to move it.

Teagan isn’t expecting her mobile to be different…  Ashlin doesn’t know she now has one too.  I hope they’re both excited.




2 responses to “June 20, 2014 ~ Flowers

  1. Kat says:

    Very crafty!!! I’m sure the girls just loved them. Neat idea.

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