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June 6, 2014 ~ Beach

on June 6, 2014

Meig’s Point

Today I was out by where we used to live, so went to one of my favorite places. We needed a parking pass for the summer.  It makes no sense to go there, buy the pass and go home.  Crazy.  I took a little time to wander around and dip my feet into the water. Brrrr!  It was cold!

I grabbed a few shells to bring to the girls – they’ll be so excited to see them.  It will reinforce the idea that good behavior will get them good things.  Other than Ashlin waking up at stupid 5am, they were both very good today.  And continued to be good tonight, even though Ashlin was so tired everything made her cry.

The shells did their job.  They each picked a few then sat at the table describing their shells to each other. The girls are so excited about the possibility of going to the beach.  And to the zoo, and to the amusement park.  If they’re good and behave.  These trips may be the days only one of them is home with me – so I’ll do two trips a week – or maybe if we have company, on the day I have them both.  We’ll need to see.  Somehow I think the beach will not be the day I have them both.

Tomorrow, we’re going to go catch tadpoles and maybe hike a little.

I know we’ll have a great – and fun – summer.

Looking to the Jetty


Cold Ripples



8 responses to “June 6, 2014 ~ Beach

  1. Kat says:

    Looks and sounds like a fun place to be. Glad the girls will have the opportunity this summer. Really liked the feet shot in the water. :)

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