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June 3, 2014 ~ Big Yellow Bus

on June 3, 2014

Big Yellow Bus!

Teagan finally got to realize one of her dreams today – to ride a school bus!

Today was orientation for the coming school year – kindergarten.  Gah.  I told her that there would be a bus ride before we left, and her eyes grew three times bigger.

When they called the kids, she was reluctant to line up with the others.  She held my hand and asked me to stand with her.  I had to stay with the other parents.  I told her that and that I knew she could do it, that would rock whatever it was they were going to do.  I’m not sure she believed me.  I think the lure of the school bus ride helped fortify her.

She looked so small, climbing up into the bus.  I’m glad she got a seat by the window.  She looked so nervous.  Sometimes she’s not very brave with new things, she needs some reassurance, some time to gather her courage.

Driving to day care, she told me she didn’t like the bus – it was too loud and bouncy. I told her that buses are always loud, but the bouncy part was the fun part. Growing up, we learned where the biggest potholes and bumps were, and would start bouncing in our seats so that we had a lot of inertia going.  When the bus would then hit the bump, we’d bounce really high, almost flying like on an amusement park ride.

– Mama, what’s an amusement park? 
– Lake Compounce is an amusement park.   
– Oh.  Ok.  I like your car better.
-Why, honey?
-Because you have music.  There wasn’t music on the bus.
– Sometimes buses have music.  My bus did when I was younger.  Maybe they didn’t have it turned on because it was your first time?
– Oh.  Ok.

She wanted to go into day care with her name tag on.  I think she was really proud of that.



5 responses to “June 3, 2014 ~ Big Yellow Bus

  1. Kate says:

    She does look teeny! One little step for T one giant tequila shot for mamakind. Do they not have seat belts on the school bus?

    • lisasff says:

      I had totally forgotten to ask. T said some of the seats did, but not the one she sat in. The ones with belts were far
      away and she wouldn’t have been able to see me. Sweet kid.

  2. Kat says:

    AWWW. First bus ride is really a big thing and she sounds as if she definitely ‘rocked’ it. I love the conversation afterward. :) and I would think these days they would insist that the kids have seat belts if for no other reason than to keep them in their seats and not being rowdy!! Good job, Teagan. And yes, maybe a tequila shot or two might help mama/daddy to cope. LOL

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