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June 2, 2014 ~ Time For Your Check-Up!

on June 2, 2014


Today was Teagan’s now-annual check-up.  Stu took Ashlin in, I kept Teagan, who was having a blast with one of the sticker books she got for her birthday while I drank my coffee.  We also watched a little bit of Dirty Jobs, she didn’t understand why Mike would get so dirty.  Heh.  I told her that she’d get it in a few years, as he’s almost always playing with poop, bugs or animals.

As we were driving to the doctor’s office, she told me she didn’t want any shots this time.  Not my choice, the doctor’s give her the shots she needs, the shots school says she needs.  She’s so eager to go to kindergarten, that quieted her.  Walking into the office and having the PA tell her “no shots today” made her day.

She’s two inches taller than last year (42.5!), and two pounds heavier.  The PA got the hemoglobin test done before Teagan realized her thumb was pricked.  Fascinated by the blood going into the slide.  Proud that she didn’t flinch or cry.

This year was our first for eye and hearing tests.  When asked if she wanted the side of the chart with letters or shapes, she started reading out the letters, but asked for the shapes.  She rocked that test.

Hearing, well.  She did great the first ear, hesitantly raising her hand when she heard the sound.  But not quite as good on the second ear.  The PA needed to remind her to raise her hand when she heard something.  There were some times Teagan didn’t raise her hand.

After discussing the results with the doctor, the PA came back to say that we didn’t need to worry.  The school would be retesting her themselves in a few months, that Teagan was probably distracted or bored by the second ear.


There could be partial loss or nothing more than a bored child.  (It’s probably a bored child).  We’re not supposed to worry about it for now.

But how do you not worry about something like that?  If there’s something wrong, I want to do what I can to fix it, or if that’s not possible, then minimize it.  Make it go away as soon as possible.

Sigh.  I hate waiting.


2 responses to “June 2, 2014 ~ Time For Your Check-Up!

  1. Kat says:

    Yeah, they give you just enough info to ‘worry’ about and not enough explanation as to why? Bored child? Couldn’t the retest that ear? I’m like you: get it done, NOW. I’m glad the visit didn’t include shots. I’m with T….I don’t like them still. :) Good job, Teagan.

    • lisasff says:

      Exactly. Just enough. Though I’m sure if there was something serious we would have noticed. Not just continued to yell at her for not listening. Sigh.

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