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May 12, 2014 ~ Mother’s Day Recap

on May 12, 2014

Mother’s day was pretty laid back…  I had gotten Teagan’s present on Thursday, Ashlin’s on friday.  They were both handprint related.  And lovely.  Ashlin’s has a seed of some sort.  I watered it.

Teagan’s Hand

Ashlin’s Hand










After an initial 4:30am wake up for a lost bunny, Stu was sent in in at 6:30am for the second round.  I do think they both went back down for a little bit, but as seems the norm, not too long.  The little one came back in before 7am.  Stu jumped up quickly, trying to keep her, and the other one quiet, ordering me to stay there while hustling them quickly downstairs.

I tried, oh how I tried to go back to sleep.  But no luck.  I did enjoy the relative quiet and demand-free 20 minutes.  A lot.  I got to brush my teeth before my first cup of coffee.  And there was coffee.  Not a mother’s day treat, but an everyday treat.  Stu always makes me coffee.  I love that.

As Stu had work to do – he always works on Sundays, and we were out of fruit snacks – heaven forbid! – I took the girls to the store.  They were pretty good at the store, and we won a $25 gift card for a restaurant, just for listening to someone talk about a house cleaner.  They girls wanted to hear his spiel, I really wasn’t interested.  But hey, gift card!

After the store, was naps.  Well, quiet time.  No one napped.  Though they should have, being up before 7am.  I wanted a nap!

Waiting for an elephant

Then!  We took them out for a surprise trip.  Teagan kept asking where we were going but we wouldn’t say.  By the time we turned into the entrance road she had figured it out – Lake Pompom! She remembered!  Roller Coasters! Pirate Ship! Pirates!  Ashlin was excited.  She wanted to go on the roller coaster.

Teagan is old enough now to need her own pass.  She was excited about getting her picture taken and more excited to see her card.  Crazy the things you take for granted.  Season pass cards are fun things. (Thank you LaLa!)

It wasn’t too crowded, though the weather was lovely.  Lines were pretty short.  We worked our way through the kid section, heading towards the roller coaster.  Elephant, caterpillar, balloon, drums.  Ashlin took them all in stride.  As she had last year, with a stoic face that you weren’t sure about.  But she would jump up and down, asking to go back on after her turn.

This is her happy face

After a few rides, we got to the roller coaster.  All four of us got in line.  Ashlin asked to sit with me, Teagan was more than happy to go with Stu.  She was practically vibrating with excitement.  Ash was a bit more subdued.

But she rocked it.

We got on, the operator told us to put our hands up.  Ash did.  And then continued to hold them them up the entire ride.  She didn’t put them down when the operator checked between circuits that everyone was ok.  Hands up the second time around the track.

She loved it.

Total rock star.

Walking the exit path, she was jumping up and down, asking to go on again.  And again.  Then she saw the swings, and we had to go there.  And then the carousel.

Teagan wanted to do the Drop Zone ride.  Last year she wouldn’t walk near it, always watching with a wary eye.  This year she was ready.  I ended up riding with her, she’s still too short to not have a big person go with her.  Stu did not want to go.  No worries.  He took Ash back to the elephants, her ride of choice.

It was kinda fun, though no pause once you get to the top before the ride drops you.  Teagan did not want to hold my hand, but liked that there was a mom on her other side.  She was so proud of herself when the ride was over.  She couldn’t not run over to Stu to tell him about it – the Butterfly Tummy Drop ride.


After that I suggested that we try the Ferris Wheel, and after that maybe the big carousel – the girls both love the carousel – so off we went.

In hindsight, it probably wasn’t a good suggestion.  Although Ashlin, our dare-devil, was fine with the idea, Teagan was not excited at all.  I think she was worried it would it would turn us upside down or spin too much or something.  I told her that it was just a big circle, and a calmer ride than the balloon one.  After a short wait, we all got on.

And then we got stuck.  We were stuck on the Ferris Wheel for around 20 minutes while they tried to get the cars to line up to the exit places, it was off balance.



I guess we were lucky in that it was a gondola style and not a bench.  The two operators ended up calling over some engineers, who called over more engineers.  It was quite the ordeal getting the wheel to go around and stop at just the right place for everyone to get off.

Teagan asked to go on the Butterfly Tummy Drop again, Ashlin, the elephants.  The drop ride had no line, so we were done before Ashlin got through hers.  So, I let Teagan get in line for one more ride.

What’s funny, the two operators from the Ferris Wheel ended up rotating onto the elephant ride.  They remembered the girls.

The girls rode together.

Last Ride





4 responses to “May 12, 2014 ~ Mother’s Day Recap

  1. Kat says:

    What fun and such a ‘special Mom day’. Glad the Ferris wheel ordeal wasn’t any longer than 20 minutes. I don’t know if I would have been as calm as Ashlin seemed. :) Don’t like rides that tend to drop away or get stuck. Your girls ROCK!!! Happy Mother’s Day.

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