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May 8, 2014 ~ Kindergarten? Already?

on May 8, 2014

Obligatory Kindergarten Registration Picture

So. This happened today.

Kindergarten Registration.

I’m not sure when she got this big.

But she is, as much as I may not [want to] believe it.  So off we went.

Our school system had late registration this year.  All the prospective students parents were sent packages and given appointments.  Everyone went to one school for evaluation and a parent orientation.  After they collected the thousand forms in the office, the kids went with teachers to the library while the parents were sent to a meeting room.

We were told that they were evaluating the kids – colors, shapes, letters, numbers, writing, coloring, cutting.  A few powerpoint slides on the school and programs, a flyer for the Daisies, a few questions and answers and we got to go wait for Tea to come out of her session.

They said she did great.  She said she wrote her name and colored and got bubbles.  She thanked one of the teachers.

Sitting in the office

We now have to figure out if we want her to go to the “integrated day” program or the standard “contemporary” program.  Growing up, I participated in a program similar to the integrated day, with First and Second graders in one class.  I’m not sure if I was before first grade, kindergarten is very blurry.  I do know that when my family moved, to a school without combined classes, I had a very difficult time adjusting.  The teacher wasn’t very nice or understanding, and I spent a lot of time out in the hall.  I would hate that to happen to our little girl.

She may not be cut out for the ID program, temperament-wise, but she could flourish there.  It’s so hard to know, to see the future.  Stu and I will read up, see if we can get into a classroom observation, chat with my sis, the school psychologist…  We will do our best to make the best decision for her.

I do think she should do the Daisies though.  (Daisies – not Pixies, like I remember).  She really likes learning about things – even if she thinks she always knows the right answer – and this may be a good chance for her to learn and to participate in group activities.

My baby is growing up.  Though she still looks so small sitting in the principal’s office


6 responses to “May 8, 2014 ~ Kindergarten? Already?

  1. Kat says:

    Sounds complicated for sure. I know that you and Stu will do your ‘homework’ and make the best decision for Teagan. I hope that she will indeed flourish as she has up to now. What does Ashlin think about T going to Kindergarten?

    • lisasff says:

      We will try our best! I’m pretty sure she’ll do ok in either environment. But worry that one may be better short term, but not as good in the long.

      I think Ash is jealous of Tea… the trouble of being a second child… sigh. We are trying to make her feel special too :D

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