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May 1, 2014 ~ Bunnies Make Everything Better!

on May 1, 2014

Second Easter!

Anyone who follows either my Instagram or Flickr feeds has seen many crochet bunnies in various stages of completion.  Inundated with them.  I ended up making eight of them, two for my girls and the other six for children of co-workers.  All were done and handed out before Easter too.  Of course, I forgot to bring the ones for the girls up to my parents.  So, they got them today.

I found the pattern on Green Dragonfly’s site.  Totally adorable!  And a great use of the scraps from previous projects.  I had also asked a few of the ladies at work who yarn too if they had some bright colors  for me to use.  Maybe some blues and greens, colors boys may not mind, compared to the pinks and purples I seemed to have a lot of.

Proto-bunnies. #crochet #bunny #easter

I started with my girls’ bunnies first.  Dug through the left over bins and found the yarn left over from Teagan’s ripple blanket.  It had pink, so would be perfect for her. For Ashlin I pulled two of her favorites – purples and blue.  I didn’t have a red that matched.

The first one took a bit, I needed to learn the pattern.  I crocheted up all the pieces first.  By the time I got to the last one, I could get a whole bunny, less pompom tail and sewing together, done in an hour if I focused.

I didn’t always focus.  There really wasn’t a rush, there was plenty of time.

Green ones! #bunny #body for a #boy   #crochet


#bunny #body for a little #boy. #crochet












Can’t Hear You


I saved all the sewing up for the very end. And the pompoms. I hate pompoms. They don’t ever seem to look right, too thin, too uneven, not tied tightly enough.  Something.  I’m sure I’ll eventually get them right.  These were made using a fork, so were just a tad off-center.  But they needed to be, to be sewn on the back.

Ears were a bit of a pain, but not too bad.  Short rounds with color changes, a small diameter that your finger doesn’t fit in, doesn’t make for much fun.  But they would go quick enough.  Again, if I focused.

Most times, I would get the pair of ears done while watching some show.  So, a nice distraction.

When I stuffed them, I would wrap the poly-fill in a dryer sheet, so that the fiber wouldn’t escape through the stitches as easily.  And it made them smell really nice.  I did tell the people at work that there was the dryer sheet in there.

The girls got theirs today.  Teagan said “cute!” and hugged hers.  Ashlin snuggled up with hers and didn’t want to give it up for dinner.  Both girls have gone to bed with them.

This makes me happy.

#crochet #bunny #body waiting for stuffing

Waiting for Stuffing

First #bunny of many. Almost done! #crochet

In process


Bunnies at work

Finished pair at work


#bunny line up!

All in a row






PS.  I started this post on April 16th.  Yikes!



4 responses to “May 1, 2014 ~ Bunnies Make Everything Better!

  1. Janette says:

    You did make a bunch! They are ADORABLE! xox

  2. Kat says:

    How cute. I loved the pictures of them in a bunch, especially the one with the tails showing. “Time out” for bad bunnies. HA HA I can see how the girls would snuggled them. I would!! Cute, cute, cute. What a treat to have in an Easter basket (and they don’t have to be fed or cleaned up after). Good job.

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