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April 28, 2014 ~ Grillin’

on April 28, 2014

Clean up!

Yesterday the girls helped me clear the leaves off the deck.  Teagan was super excited to help clear the flower beds too.  She would help move the leaves I carefully took off the sprouting plants and put them in a big pile.  She was also really helpful putting the leaves into a barrow for me to cart away.  Half the time she would wear her gloves, half not.  Eventually she’ll have the discipline.  Then again, I don’t always wear my gloves either.

Ashlin was not interested in much after the deck.  She would swing and slide and run to check on the fish – three survived!

After a little bit, Teagan lost her enthusiasm for raking leaves – can’t really blame her – and wanted to dig up worms.  Her sister and she sat nicely, for a bit, digging and chatting, before someone started shoveling dirt a bit too energetically.

Hot Dog!

We did get the deck cleared off and a third of the back garden by the fish pond.  Not too bad for an afternoon with littles helping.

They had asked to eat out last night, but it was late, a little rainy, and a bit too chilly.  Tonight, I told them.  And tonight it was!  Just a touch too chilly to be comfortable in short sleeves.  But still, it was pretty good!


My day was book-ended with cake.

This morning at 5am, Ashlin came into our room to snuggle.  Stupid early.  After she finally settled in, teddy in arm, seahorse behind her, she started talking to me about half asleep.  She told me how she was scared of the Cake Monster, but not any more, because Wally and Norville made him agree to not take Ogre Doug’s birthday cake any more.  And found him friends, so he would have people to share cake with.  He does love cake after all.

After dinner, snuggling with both girls, I asked Teagan what type of cake she wanted for her birthday.  At first she said she wanted a fairy cake, but almost immediately changed her mind.  A superhero cake, because then mens [sic] would like it.  I told her men would like any type of cake, even pink cake.  It’s cake.  Who doesn’t like cake?

I do prefer my cake to be after 7am though.

5 responses to “April 28, 2014 ~ Grillin’

  1. Kat says:

    Yeah…who doesn’t like cake? LOL I’d prefer it later in the day as well :) Sounds like you had a stellar day in the yard. Dirt therapy is always good, with or without help or gloves. Glad they are interested in being outside doing things rather than staying indoors all the time!!! Looking forward to pics of pretty flowers soon.

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