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February 26, 2014 ~ Memories

The things in her head

Teagan’s been astounding us with the memories she can pull out of her head.  Each memory is shaped a bit by her point of view, her experience.  Some memories are clearer than others. Some are a bit difficult to decipher.

The other day on the way to day care she asked Stu if he remembered something:

“Daddy?  Do you remember when it was NeeNee’s birthday and we… we… we… we…  LaLa and PopPop couldn’t find where to go and then we found it and there were lots of noises because people were making a building and and and and maybe they took down the other building and then made a new one while we were waiting and then there wasn’t any food so we went to another place to have food and it was too loud because of music?”
[long pause] 
“I love NeeNee.”

So sweet.

It’s amazing that she’s got such clarity on things that happened half a year ago.  This was back in September.

Watching a person, a personality, emerge and grow is pretty cool sometimes.