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February 14, 2014 ~ Post-Storm Brownies

on February 14, 2014


Ashlin’s turn!

Yesterday, once we got home, we made brownies.  Getting home was a challenge.  Much more of a challenge than I thought it would be, even though there was a lot of snow.

Day care was open in the morning, and we both had so much work, sending them in wasn’t a question.  Picking them up turned out to be.  By 11:30 we had a good six inches of snow.  Stu went out to clear the car and driveway, as I tried to get off a conference call.  A call about Safety.  I ended up telling them that I had to go, ironically, to go and be potentially unsafe.

I helped shovel out the end of the drive, and clear the car and we headed out.

Getting out of the driveway, the development, was interesting. The hill was fun. We lucked out and had one plow width down the hill and most of the way.  I took the more main roads, with right turns, to get into the parking lot.  By the time we got there, there was at least 8 inches.  Above the lower edge of the car.  Stu said there were pretty fans of snow coming from the car as I drove on the nearly empty roads.  I didn’t get to see them.

We got to the day care with little issue, parked, picked up the girls and strapped them in the car.  I got the car backed up, and tried to take the back exit from the parking lot, we knew the front was plowed in and totally impassable.  I didn’t get very far.  After some rocking, then pushing (thank goodness the day care people helped push!), shoveling and more pushing, we got out.  Then we helped push one of their cars out.

I ended up skidding through the turn onto the road home, so tried turning into a parking lot, only to get stuck there.  More rocking, a bit of skidding and trying to turn the wheels back and forth to get traction.  No luck.  No one offered to help.  Eventually a guy in a truck with a front plow offered to plow behind me, and I was able to back up, then around.  Aiming for the exit, we had to pull to the side to let another car by, and got stuck again.  I almost gave up, parked the car, for us to wait it out in the CVS – Ashlin was in dire need of a change by then.  Someone in a truck saw me trying to get Ash out and asked if we were stuck.  He offered to plow behind us and make a path to the exit.  Stu pushed me to the path and I was able to get enough traction.

SnowFrom then on, we were fine, a few fish tails here and there, but up the hill and into our driveway.

All during this, the girls were anxious.  I wasn’t too worried, not really.  We’d only be stranded for a little bit, until the plows came, and then stranded somewhere warm, where there were probably toys for the girls.

Ashlin napped, and napped well.  Teagan got to watch some weird cheap movie off Netflix while we tried to work a bit more.  I had a 1:15 conference call to run.  I told her once Ash woke up, we’d do valentines cards for her classmates and then make brownies for today, for the party.


Teagan was good in the kitchen.  She was tentative when breaking the eggs, so gentle they almost didn’t break.  She was very careful pouring in the liquid and mixing the batter.  Ashlin was a bit rough when breaking the eggs, crushing the shells instead of opening it to get the egg out.  Luckily, neither of them got shell in the cup.  Always break your eggs in a cup and not the batter!

Cards done, both girls signing their names in their fashion, we started up popcorn and a movie.

I ended up yelling at the girls during the movie more than I’d like, I was trying to finish up some urgent analysis for work and they kept asking me things, interrupting, touching the laptop.  Not watching the movie like they were supposed to.  Gah.  I need to be better about that, maybe if I had gone into the other room, I would have been done before they realized I wasn’t there.

Anyway.  We survived the storm, though Stu is a bit sore from shoveling and pushing cars.

There was a card for me when I got downstairs today… We’re such geeks.  Or nerds.  Or both.  Whatever :D

Geek Love


4 responses to “February 14, 2014 ~ Post-Storm Brownies

  1. Kat says:

    What a day!!! I’m so glad you all made it home safely. Over 8″ of snow again??? Wow…I’m sure you are ready for some ‘melt’ days. :) The girls looked like they were enjoying their kitchen time. It is difficult to work from home when you have kids I’m sure….but you seem to be able to do that. Had it not been so snowy…..they probably wouldn’t have been so disruptive?? You know I think they can tell when to be ‘picky’ and when it won’t get a reaction. :0) They’re KIDS. HA HA. And glad Stu had the valentine for you. I did receive one as well that told me I was an ‘awesomely amazing’ woman . Of course, he got his mushiness as well. Happy Valentine’s day!

    • lisasff says:

      As well you should! You are an amazing woman! He’s lucky to have you :D

      We ended up with about 12 inches from that two fronted storm, and it’s snowing again – we should get at least 5-6 inches overnight tonight. Lovely.

      Each girl was so good for her batch, and it was nice to be able to focus on one at a time. To give each undivided attention. I think that helps them focus too. They get all the participation with no need to wait and share tasks.

      • Kat says:

        ack!! MORE SNOW????? :( Just stay safe and warm….Maybe it’ll give you a little crochet/knitting time too, after the girls snuggle in for the night with your “Miller” (aka Michelob)

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