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February 9, 2014 ~ Olympics of Oz

Into to the WizardSometimes weekends are rough.  Stu works Sundays, so he’s not always available to distract, divert, entertain.  Sometimes the girls are extra needy, loud, annoying.  This weekend was one of those weekends.  We survived yesterday, barely.  Thank goodness for activities!

Today, I tried to keep them entertained.  They’re more fun when entertained.  I had Ashlin help me make brunch, well second breakfast for them and brunch for me.  She helped scramble the eggs.  Stu doesn’t like eggs much.  Then I had them do some hand-print hearts, and kept them busy with painting, a butterfly foam craft.  Unfortunately there were glue issues, and a lack of fine motor skills got in the way of finishing them.

We tried watching some of the Olympics, Teagan was interested in the speed skating, Ashlin wasn’t.  Neither was thrilled much with the snowboarding, though I think it’s crazy.  The cross-country skiing didn’t phase them at all.  But the ice dancing was a hit.  They started trying to ice skate in the family room.  We relegated them behind the couch, but they didn’t care.

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Ice skating behind the sofa. #olympicfever

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They threw a beach ball over the cardboard house while I cooked dinner. I tried a new recipe and it turned out fantastic! (Pan roasted chicken!  With dijon rosemary onions and mashed potatoes! Yum!) Ashlin decided she didn’t want to eat any chicken, but she had three servings of the mashed potatoes. Teagan got a chicken leg – chicken on the bone – and went to town.

After dinner and baths was movie time!  With popcorn!  Teagan had mentioned something about the Wizard of Oz during the day, so we watched that.  Ashlin hasn’t seen it yet.  We got them settled in their chairs, popcorn and drinks and started the movie.  As usual, Ashlin started off very interested, curious as to what the story would be.  Teagan, the old hat who’s seen this movie at least four times, was a bit distracted, needing another stuffed animal, more popcorn.  Ashlin told us she knew about munchkins – damn day care! – but didn’t know the words.  She enjoyed the movie a bit, though did get distracted during the Emerald City and haunted woods scenes.

Teagan was glued to my side, once she finished her popcorn.  She said she was scared of the witch and the trees.  Fair enough, those trees are kinda creepy.  She ended up sitting next to me, almost in my lap for the rest of the movie.  We tried to make her feel better, even offered to stop the movie, but she powered through.  At bedtime, she did ask for another stuffed animal and a night light in her room.  We couldn’t give her another night light, she settled down.  Eventually.

They’re both upstairs, sleeping.  It’s quite down here except for the Olympics.  We survived.