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January 26, 2014 ~ Stairs

on January 26, 2014
Ash didn't want me to help her down the stairs, but her big sister! by lisa_sff
Ash didn’t want me to help her down the stairs, but her big sister!, a photo by lisa_sff on Flickr.

This morning, Ashlin didn’t want me to help her down the stairs. Like I always do.

Usually, I’ll go down a step or two before her, sometimes holding her hand, sometimes not. Always making sure she doesn’t slip and bump her way down. Sometimes she just wants uppy! More often mornings, and I’ll carry her down.

To be fair, she’s very good with the stairs, and often, we don’t even bother if they’re carpeted. Ours are a bit slippy, and turn me a little overprotective. Even Stu has slipped on the stairs. And they hurt.

Today, she didn’t want me at all. She wanted her sister to hold her hand as she navigated the stairs. Like a big girl.


Teagan was such a wonderful big sister this morning when Ashlin asked for her.  She slowed down, held Ashlin’s hand, and was very solicitous about her little sister.  Very serious about her job as the one responsible for not letting Ashlin slip or fall.  Such a big girl. She made me so proud.


6 responses to “January 26, 2014 ~ Stairs

  1. Kat says:

    Wonderful….back to that ‘example’ of an older sibling. :) Love the expression T’s face. Watching where Ashlin is to step next.

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