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January 24, 2014 ~ Cat’s Whiskers

on January 24, 2014

Cat Whiskers

So, this one drew cat whiskers on her face at day care today.  The teacher got most of it off, but I noticed a hint of marker as I was brushing her teeth tonight. When I asked if she had colored whiskers on her face, she said “yes, cat whiskers.”  And the conversation continued:

“Were you pretending to be a cat?”  
“Who cleaned your face up?”
“A did.”  
“Did she tell you that you shouldn’t use marker on your face?”  
“Are you going to draw on your face again?”  
“Ok.  Give me a kiss.”

No yelling.  Calm.  I didn’t even bother trying to clean her face more.  I may give her face a swipe with a washcloth in the morning.  It didn’t look like Sharpie, pretty faint, so, it could be worse.  It might have been better if it wasn’t green and orange though.


So big!

Meanwhile, the other one spent the afternoon in the three’s.  Granted, she was allowed in because the “older” one was being bad.  So, they asked for a nice almost-three-year-old to take his place.  As Ashlin was being so good, helping the teachers clean up, listening, they sent her over.

She had an awesome time being in the same room as her older sister!  She said that she was given a bracelet – that she then misplaced – for being so good.  We’ve been telling her that it will be difficult for her to move up officially to the three’s because she’s not potty trained yet.  That she has too poop in the potty first – no more diapers or pull-up!

It’s become a mental game with her. She is fully capable.  She will go all day dry, peeing in the potty, as she needs.  But she won’t poop.  She’ll sit on the potty for a few minutes, trying, but a minute after she gets off, she’ll have pooped her underwear, or, more lately, the pull-up.  We’ve stopped putting her in underwear, it wasn’t worth the frustration.  And it doesn’t do any one, especially her, any good with us being frustrated having to change her because she’s pooped herself.  Again.

So, the teachers know that we’ve told her this, and they’re playing the same angle at day care.  Soon enough.  She’ll be big and moved up and this will be a fading memory.  I want her to stay small for a bit longer.  Diapers are a small enough price to pay for now.


10 responses to “January 24, 2014 ~ Cat’s Whiskers

  1. Kat says:

    I could barely see the ‘cat’s whiskers’ :) And yah for Ashlin being brought into the other room for older kids. She’ll get the hang of that potty before you know it..Just one day, she’ll decide, no more poopy pants for her. :)

    • lisasff says:

      Day care did a good job of trying to wash them off. There were some traces, but, of course, they didn’t photo well in the bathroom light :D

      We know Ash will get it, one day she’ll see a younger kid moved up to the big kid room and she’ll decide right then and there she’s done. And she’ll train right then. Pee? She’s got that. Even night time. But it’s the poop that’s the destroyer of enthusiasm and will.

      • Kat says:

        It’ll happen…probably just like you said. Hang in there.

        • lisasff says:

          Oh, I know. Sometimes the waiting is difficult! And the laundry :)

          This morning, I asked if she needed to go, at first she said no. But when reminded about moving up to the there’s room, she said she wanted to try and sat for a few minutes. She had already gone in her diaper, but she did try…

          • Kat says:

            I found that if you place them on the potty within about 5 minutes after eating that gets them in the habit of trying at least 3 times a day….or even after a snack. She may not go, but at least she knows she will have to sit there for at least 3 days a day….Helped a lot with my son to finally ‘get it’..

            • lisasff says:

              Day care takes them to the potty every hour or so. Ash totally has the peeing part down. She can stay dry all day, without any issues. But its the poop. You can have her sit every hour, she’ll still poop in her pants 3 minutes after you take her off. So, we stopped putting her in undies… but I think there won’t be a problem with her pooping – for the most part – once she realizes it’s tied to moving up. I’m sure she CAN it’s just that she doesn’t WANT to.

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