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January 1, 2014 ~ It’s weird to type 2014

on January 1, 2014

New Year’s Eve

We ended up staying home this New Year’s Eve. Stu had to work making it impossible to meet up with friends out of state as we usually do.  Normally, it’s a lovely dinner followed by fun, games, laughs, with good friends and just a little bit of champagne.  A family affair, no driving required – once there.  A lazy breakfast follows, and eventually, a longish drive back home.

So.  home.  Take out Chinese once the kiddos are in bed – they got to watch the Wonderland episode of Wonder Pets and stayed up late! A little bit of wine for me.  Once Stu was done with his work, we pulled out the games I got for Christmas – Munchkin, Rummikub and Qwirkle. (I also got Fluxx – Monty Python edition, but we hadn’t drunk enough to play that one.  Also, we had played the Oz variant, so it wasn’t “new.”)

Munchkin was pretty fun.  Not to difficult to play first time out.  The cards were funny – weapons, monsters, actions – I had one that was an eleven-foot pole, Stu got an angry chicken as a monster to fight.  I’m sure the dynamics of more than two people playing make it very funny and a bit more cut-throat and fast.  With just us two, it was still pretty fun.  Also, the champagne helped.

Rummikub was a much more enjoyable play than I had expected, though I had read very enthusiastic reviews.  Both Stu and I really enjoyed it, once we got the hang of it – a weird mix of scrabble and rummy.  We didn’t keep score, but played three sets, just enough to get the feel of it.

Qwirkle, well, that got opened after midnight.  Fun game, but one that we will need to try again, with a more thorough read of the directions.  It plays like a variant of dominoes.  I’m sure the champagne and fatigue didn’t help, but we still enjoyed playing it.  Stu got all the qwirkles!

Both of us managed to stay up to midnight, and a bit beyond!  We had fun playing the new games, drinking champagne.  Well, sparkling wine.  We did start the bottle a bit early, but made sure we had enough to toast at midnight.  We had Ryan Seacrest on, it’s not the same without Dick Clark.  If we had watched Carson Daly, we would have seen my cousin policing the stage!  Gotta love the NYPD!  I can’t imagine having to work security on New Year’s Eve.

So, a good New Year’s Eve – much better than last year, spent with my love.  The girls even slept in.  For them.  Granted Ash was up at her usual 6am, but only demanded her blankets be put back on before she lay back down.  For almost forty minutes, a lovely doze.  She was then distracted for another 20 some odd minutes when I told her it was too early, even Steve from Blue’s Clues was still sleeping.  Eventually, she decided that the day was old enough, and asked for Blue’s Clues, no Dinosaur Train, no Steve-Blue!  Good enough, that gave me another 20 minutes of dozing.  Teagan was good and stayed in her room – except for a quiet knock on Ash’s door – until I went to get her.

A pretty good morning, almost a lay-in.  So, of course, it had to turn.

I got a call from my college roommate.  One of those calls you just never want to get.  Her mother passed away.  A wonderful woman, one, who once she saw how close her daughter and I were, treated me as one of her family.  They would include me for meals when they came to school to visit K, send care packages and notes when we were away.   She drove up (five hours!) for my wedding and my baby shower. She had been sick, so it’s not really unexpected.  But it was.  It always is.  She was doing better, had a happy and good Christmas.  Some of her best days in months, if not years.  K said she was walking without her cane, for the first time in years. Things started turning a few days ago, and just kept going downhill.  And now she’s gone, and I feel like I’ve lost part of my family.  And all I want to do is go give my friend a hug, and wish I had gotten a chance to see her mother just one more time.






9 responses to “January 1, 2014 ~ It’s weird to type 2014

  1. Nina says:

    Nina commented on your activity on WordPress.com.

    Nina wrote: “Sorry about your friends mother. Glad you had a nice night in with your people.”

  2. Sorry for your loss. Hope you can be with your friend soon.

  3. Kat says:

    :) We did the same this year…stayed in and watched football…made it to midnight and said GOOD NIGHT, Happy New Year and to sleep soon after. No sparkling wine, but a nice smooch at midnight. :) Was able to sleep in a little too, but once light shows around the window frame, we’re up. I’m like Ashlin, the day is too old by then. HA HA. My condolences to you and your friend on the loss of her mother. You’re right….never the right time even when we know it’s coming. Maybe you’ll get to give that hug soon. Sending virtual hugs to you and family {{{{{{ }}}}}}}}

  4. Kris A says:

    You were and still are part of our family. I couldn’t have made it through everything without you. You were my lifesaver and I can say what you used to say to me in college…”you’re just like my mom.”

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