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November 24, 2013 ~ Sewing wiggly lines

on November 24, 2013

New toy!

Yesterday, a friend came over and helped me set up my sewing machine and then sew my very first project. It’s been in a box since I got it back in July.  Finally, this weekend, it was released!

I had spoken to her about what my mom had given me, and what I wanted to do as an “easy” project.  She suggested I get a few things – rotary cutter, cutting board and pinking shears – and a guideline for the amount of fabric I would need.

She came bearing gifts for the girls.  So they were completely enchanted.  Stu took them away so we could focus on the project.  I had found this organizer wilfing a while ago and thought it would be a great thing.  Something we needed for our kitchen chairs.

Anyway, I’m sure I was not the easiest student – so many questions!  Why?  But I had fun!  She made me do everything, which was great!  I had to thread the bobbin, the machine.  She did help thread the actual needle, I just couldn’t get the stupid thread through.  I think my machine has an automatic threader, but we didn’t use it.  And after she left, I got the darn thing threaded all by my self!

She figured out how the yard of fabric I had bought needed to be cut then I could cut it to the measurements, folded and pined.  Then, it was time to actually sew.  So much prep work! I kept trying to raise and lower the foot from back of the machine, behind the foot, not on the curve above the foot.  My mom’s machine had the arm there.  It was weird, I haven’t sewn anything for at least 20 years.  Well, more like 30 – since girl scouts – and that was on her machine.  Crazy what gets stored in muscle memory and what doesn’t.

I made this!!  With help. Second one #sewing #organized

I made this!

My first runs were slow, tentative, unsteady.  I wasn’t sure what I was doing.  I would forget to pull the pins, need to stop, grab them and start up again.  My seams weren’t straight.  I kept trying to direct the material, not guide it.  But the machine is oh, so nice.  It basically pulls the material along, you just need to gently guide…  I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it and straighten out up soon enough.

The first bag took a long time to do. But we had cut the material for the second one at the same time, yay us! The second one went much, much faster. I was more confident with my abilities, understanding, and the machine.



The girls were happy to have something new, for them.  They put coloring books, papers in their pockets, took them out, put them back in again.  Yay me!

After my friend left, and the girls had an afternoon nap, I got brave and cut two patterns from the pre-printed sheet my mom gave me with the machine.  A snow bird and a penguin.  I got them sewn together, flipped.  I forgot to reverse once or twice, so did a second pass (with bonus reverse!).  Both have too small gaps, which made turning them right side out a bit difficult.  Oh, well.  I’ll get that down better eventually.

Today, during a nap, I stuffed both birds.  But, instead of sewing the opening closed, I wrote this.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll get them hand sewn.  I’m sure they’ll be done before Thanksgiving, so the girls can have a new stuffy.

Snow bird ready to stuff!  I'm on a roll!  Don't look too close! #sewing

Snow Bird

Need two of everything! #sewing


PS.  The kitchen table is transformed.  It’s awesome.  We didn’t need to clear anything away tonight for dinner!

PPS. I have an “oops” I need to hand sew on the first bag. It has a safety pin on it right now. I’ll eventually get that fixed too.


10 responses to “November 24, 2013 ~ Sewing wiggly lines

  1. Kat W says:

    Gosh, you!!! How many more ‘new’ things are you going to learn this year??? Better hurry only one more month to go. LOL This is super. I haven’t sewn on a machine in about 30 years myself. I finally sold mine and decided if I needed a BIG project done….will find a professional to do it. I do still have my sewing ‘kit’ and am able to replace buttons, sew up ‘small’ seam outages, etc… :) Enough for me. But then I don’t have two precious girls to make fun things for either!!!

    • lisasff says:

      Last thing! For this year at least! Something I’ve known I need to do, especially with the girls. I can’t affort to hire out every little sewing job that will be coming down the pike. Next project? Converting Ashlin’s onsies into t-shirts!

      • Kat W says:

        ohhh that sounds fun! NOT!LOL but if it can be done, I can see you doing it. Good luck.

        • lisasff says:

          he he he. She has so few long sleeved shirts that don’t snap in the crotch. It just seems so logical to do that next. I’m going to try with my least favorite shirt tonight, maybe get two done… Depends, though. I have a lot of knitting I’d like to do, too.

          • Kat W says:

            Yes, it’s difficult to decide some times about what to do next….I have that problem in scrapbooking quite often. (like now) Can’t get motivated to make that decision.

            • lisasff says:

              I hear that. I was getting frustrated with the machine… so, different project. I do want to figure out what’s wrong though… I found about 4 tops that could use converting, then the book organizer for the car… oh, so many things to sew now!

  2. Those birds are awesome!!!!

    I started teaching myself to sew when I turned 30. I love it, but it can be frustrating at times.

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