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November 15, 2013 ~ Someone to Marry Me

on November 15, 2013


I’m getting a bit delinquent updating with fun stories… So! Here we go!

The other night, Stu took Teagan upstairs early, hoping to make her bedtime routine a bit easier on everyone. I stayed downstairs watching Peg + Cat with Ashlin. Upstairs, they read books.  One of the stories was the Little Mermaid. After they finished, Teagan tells Stu that she’s going to marry Prince Eric.  Their conversation went something like this:

Teagan: I’m going to marry Prince Eric.

Stu:  Eric, like at Day Care? (Eric is one of the administrators)

T:  Yes, Eric from day care.

S:  You should make sure he’s not already married.  Do you know if he’s married?

T:  No. Well, if Him is, I will marry you.

S:  Teagan, I’m already married to your mother.

T:  Well, then I’ll marry mama. And you can go somewhere else.

S:  But your mama is married to me.

T:  Oh, ok, well then I’ll marry Bobby (one of the boys in her class).

S:  Oh.

Teagan ended up having a much easier bedtime, so win all around.

Another night, again with the Little Mermaid – she seems to be quite the trouble maker! – Teagan started a different type of conversation:

T:  Why does Ariel have purple nibbles (she still calls then nibbles, not nipples)

S:  They aren’t purple, it’s a bikini.

T:  What’s a bikini?

S:  It’s a type of bathing costume.

T:  Oh.  Ok.  Do men have breasts?

S:  Uh.  Yes, but they aren’t like women’s.

T:  Does Mama have breasts?

S:  Yes,  you know that.

T:  Oh, ok.  Read me a monster story.

Ashlin has had her share too, but somehow the only ones I remember revolve around “unnewear” and pooping.  I get all the luck.

PS. I added an idiot string to her mittens :D


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4 responses to “November 15, 2013 ~ Someone to Marry Me

  1. Kat W says:

    I love these conversations!!!

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