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November 10, 2013 ~ Cooking Day

on November 10, 2013
New baby!  Need to break it in!! #nerdycook

New Baby!

Yesterday my 15th anniversary present from work arrived at the house. I picked a cast-iron dutch oven by Le Creuset.  It is cherry red, and lovely.  It also made me want to cook something new and exciting today.

The other day, Yahoo! had a recipe that peaked my interest – Spatchcocked chicken with chickpeas.  You take the back out of a chicken and then roast it flat.  It cooks up super fast.  I asked Stu to run to the store to get me an unfrozen whole chicken, and we tried it for dinner.  He got me a 7 pound chicken, which is probably a bit bigger than the recipe calls for, though it didn’t really specify.  It wasn’t too difficult to cut out what I thought was the back, though I couldn’t get enough leverage to break the breast bone to have it sit flat.  It still had a bit of space underneath.

One chicken less backbone. Let's go! #spatchcocked #chicken

No backbone

So, the chicken took a bit longer than the 30 minutes the recipe called for. Could be the size of the bird, the fact that our oven doesn’t go to 500°F, only 475°F.  Or it could be that I cut the wrong side out… At least, I think I may have. The legs didn’t sit the same way as the recipe pictured.  I’ll try the other side next time!

Yum! #spatchcocked #chicken


The recipe was super simple.  Spatchcocked chicken, salt, pepper, can of chickpeas, lime.  The chickpeas go in the pan after the chicken is in the oven minutes.  They get a bit crispy and take on the taste of the chicken.  Very.  Interesting.  I ended up transfering a bunch into a shallow baking pand.  They were soaking in the chicken juice towards the end when I needed to put the chicken back in longer, and not getting crispy.

It turned out really good.  Very tender, very juicy.  I took some of the pan juices and made a gravy, adding in some lime juice.  I didn’t chop the parsley fine enough for that to go in, but it was tempting.  The girls really liked their chicken legs, though they weren’t fond of the chickpeas or the fresh lime juice.  Stu devoured the wings and some white meat, a big spoon of the chickpeas and used both the gravy and brown sauce.  Crazy Englishman.

I'm a baking fool. #brownies two ways


I was a bit sad I didn’t need to use my new pot.  But soon!  Soon!

Earlier in the day, I baked.  Yeah, I know!  I did a repeat of the apple brownie recipe I had made a few weeks ago as well as a pan of chocolate brownies.  The apple ones were for work, but the regular ones were dessert!  Ashlin helped me make both, Teagan was up in her room reflecting on the merits of listening.  Turns out, Ashlin is a very good listener, and a pretty good help.  She was very careful pouring in the ingredients, as well as whisking them together.  She really loved mixing the apples in.


Mix mix

Though, not as much as she enjoyed licking the spoon!



2 responses to “November 10, 2013 ~ Cooking Day

  1. Kat W says:

    Yah….I would love a new dutch oven!! The chicken recipe sounds interesting. I may have to look that up and try it myself. The pics of Ashlin helping and licking are cute as can be. And I can assume??? that T was being ‘punished’ for not listening. :) Hope the rest of the week goes well.

    • lisasff says:

      It was VERY good! And much easier than you would think to cut the bone out. Even though I think I cut the wrong side. I think that if you had a quartered chicken, it might work as well, if you lie the pieces flat… Though whole chickens are pretty cheap…

      I think we’ll be doing a stew very, very soon…

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