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October 30, 2013 ~ Punkin!

on October 30, 2013
  by lisa_sff
, a photo by lisa_sff on Flickr.

Ashlin painted a pumpkin this year! She was so proud of it, “it’s pink! Mama! Pink! I dood it.” Though now, three days later, she does it. She also doesn’t say “mice” for mine, but the correct word. She’s getting so big now.

Teagan got to carve hers with the pumpkin master tools. Day care said she was very careful. She didn’t want to put hers down, kept playing with the lid, until we took it away.


6 responses to “October 30, 2013 ~ Punkin!

  1. Kat W says:

    How fun!!! Love the ‘pink’ pumpkin and T’s turned out super!! I’ve NEVER carved a pumpkin….it would be a mess, I’m sure. :)

    • lisasff says:

      You’ve NEVER carved a pumpkin? How did that happen?? Now a days, you can get templates and nifty tools instead of using a butcher knife. Much safer, and more creative. Last year – I think? – We did nice pumpkins…. and next year, i’m sure we will again.

      • Kat W says:

        Yep…never…don’t ever remember that our household had a carved pumpkin….if we did, I’m sure Dad did it and mom made the pumpkin pies. :-) Most of our decorations were just ‘homemade’ things…and once I was grown and had kids, , the pumpkin was carved by ‘dad’. So, I personally have never carved one. Doesn’t really bother me, I enjoy seeing the creativity of others just fine. :)

        • lisasff says:

          Still, there’s something about carving one… even if it is just a toothful grin. Pumpkin guts, the excitement of seeing the face or pattern become what you intend… and then seeing that all glow when you put a candle inside.

          Though I can understand not wanting to get all slimy from cleaning out the pumpkin :D

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