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October 15, 2013 ~ Like a Carousel

on October 15, 2013

Teagan’s Hat

I finished Teagan’s hat today.  Yay! Me!

The yarn was picked out – by Teagan – months ago, before I had the skills to even attempt the hat.  I had fallen in love with this yarn – Adriafil Knitcol – it’s self striping!  I knew I had to find just the right pattern for it.  Thankfully, I found this lovely pattern on Ravelry and knew it would be great for Teagan.  And the yarn.  And it would give me another chance to work on my i-cord.  (For some reason I hadn’t gotten it to work before).

A few days prior, I had worked up a matching scarf using the same theme as the hat – knit a few rows then purl a row.


I really don’t have a good picture of it yet – I still need to block it – but I’ll be sure to take some soon!

The hat was fun to knit up.  I needed to modify the pattern a bit to account for the thinner yarn and needles and my daughter’s larger than 3-year-old head.  For some reason, I have a jog, a loose stitch, where I change rounds, but I’ll figure that out soon enough.  She’s not going to notice!

As I was doing the decreases, I got to practice using the double-pointed needles.  They were very awkward feeling the first time I used them.  But this time it was a bit easier.

Shrinking… Shrinking…

I’m really pleased with how it turned out!  I needed to tink out a few rows this morning, to start the decrease rounds a bit earlier.  But the i-cord turned out pretty well, although I need to figure out how to cast off better, this was messier than I’d like.  But for a first success?  Just fine.

When Teagan noticed the hat on the island as she went in to dinner, she squealed!  Grabbed it up, plopped it on her head, and started dancing around the kitchen.  It was not easy getting a picture of her wearing it.  LOL!

Happy girl!

Happy Girl!


This side?


Silly girl

Now, to get her mittens done!  I hope I have enough yarn left over!


14 responses to “October 15, 2013 ~ Like a Carousel

  1. Emily says:

    Emily S* commented on your post.

    Emily wrote: “Very cute!!”

  2. Wendy says:

    Wendy B* S* commented on your post.

    Wendy said: Very pretty Lisa! I love the colors.

  3. Nina says:

    Nina G* commented on your post.

    Nina wrote: “I love the colors and its so great when the kiddies love their stuff. Thats the main reason I make so many hats because the kiddies, they love hats. Im always giving em away.”

    • lisasff says:

      Nina – I lucked out with the yarn, it does look like a carousel My kids are at the easy age, anything i do, even with mistakes, makes them happy… I may end up making a set of hats for them to keep at day care.

  4. Now THIS gets my heart racing! It’s too gorgeous for words. So is that sweet little girl :-)

    • lisasff says:

      Thank you! The yarn is lovely, and does most of the work! :D And well, the kid, she’s just a big ham :)

      I have so many finished objects to write up… it’s almost ridiculous! I’ve been having more fun making them than writing them :0

  5. Kat W says:

    Your girls are very blessed!! This hat is fab! I have never seen this kind of yarn before. It did make up very nicely. The scarf and mittens will definitely set it off. And as I can see, T was well pleased too. LOL Good job.:)

    • lisasff says:

      Isn’t the yarn awesome? I know there are other “jaquard” type yarn that self-stripes like this, but this one is lovely. A superwash Merino, so it should hold up to the torture love that Teagan will give it!

      • Kat W says:

        LOL…..torture? well she is a kid after all. LOL But I guess that is something that you need to take in consideration.

        • lisasff says:

          Well, I did cross it out! They play hard, wear hard! They are not gentle at all with their things. Maybe when they’re older, they can get more delicate stuff, but not now :D

  6. Wow! That’s one gorgeous hat. Lucky Teagan :-)

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