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October 11, 2013 ~ Fish!

on October 11, 2013
Will he?

Will he?

So, yesterday I won a fish. A lovely blue betta fish.  I was of a mind to leave him in the office, not bring him home.  But then I thought again, and well, there wasn’t much choice.  I brought him home.  Teagan went to bed a bit early last night – she wasn’t a good listener – so Ashlin got to watch me set up the tank and helped me feed him dinner.

Today, both girls got to help me feed him dinner.  Each got to drop a flake or two in the tank, and then waited for him to eat.  Mr. Fish was a bit slow to start, but eventually he did eat,  Good fish!


Him did! Him ate it!

Ashlin wants to call him puppy. Teagan’s first choice is bunny.  I have weird kids.

4 responses to “October 11, 2013 ~ Fish!

  1. Kat W says:

    I like both choices :) Maybe it will take their minds off not having a real puppy or bunny. Glad the fish finally ate too….The expressions on the girls faces were priceless.

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