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August 29, 2013 ~ Diesel

on August 29, 2013
I got up to 51.9 before hitting traffic after the bridge. Ended up at 48.7 for the whole trip. Sweet! #hypermileing

Sort of sick

Last week I had to go to the Jersey office.  No big deal, except I had a stupid early meeting.  So, up and out before the sun and the girls – and Stu – woke up.  Have to beat the traffic. That in itself is a big rough.  I had two travel mugs of strong coffee with me, though they hardly took the bleariness from my eyes.

Anyway, I made it through the meetings and presentations we were there for, and headed home mid-afternoon.  I wanted to beat rush hour and make it in time to pick up the girls.  I really wasn’t looking forward to not seeing them at all.  As I drove up 9W, following a truck who was keeping close to the 45 MPH speed limit, I noticed that my miles per gallon were in the high 40’s, 47 or so.


never have seen the mileage be that high.  Driving to work I can usually get 38 mpg, home is a bit higher at 42-44 mpg.  Longer road trips, with mostly highway driving, I’ll get 44-46, but usually drive a bit aggressively so the mileage usually hovers around 44 mpg.

But as I was getting on the Tappan Zee the mpg was around 48.  Yes!  I hit the Merritt around 49, then saw 50…  51.4…  up up.  I ended up getting to about 52.2 mpg before I hit traffic, and then slowly dropped, dropped dropped to end the trip somewhere around 43 mpg for the whole ride home.

And I was in time for the girls.  Sweet!

Yesterday, I had to be in Jersey again.  I was hoping to be able to beat that yesterday and either get high 40’s or even 50 mpg on the way down or home.  The trip in I got mid-40’s, so not too bad.  Maybe because I was focusing on it and trying to beat that mark in the sand.  The ride home was horrible.  I did get to 47ish mpg as I hit the Tap, but the traffic on the Merritt conspired to make the ride last over three hours, instead of the just-shy-of-two it should be.  I think I was able to eek 41 mpg even with averaging 30 mph for the entire drive.

One way or another, I love my car.  Interesting that diesel’s are becoming more and more popular.

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4 responses to “August 29, 2013 ~ Diesel

  1. Kathy W says:

    I’ve had several diesel vehicles and really enjoyed them. It’s been a while….and boy, how I wish for even 20mpg much less 51….. :-)

    • lisasff says:

      20? I thought everything got at least 20 mpg? I usually get get 51 on a drive, so that was very memorable. I’ll probably never be able to hit that again, but I’ll sure try!

      • Kathy W says:

        When I had diesels I had great mileage as you do, but I drive an Explorer 2001 gas not diesel ….hwy miles about 21-25 depending on terrain and in town around 18-19…can’t really complain-it’s been that way since I bought it.. It’s been a very good vehicle. :-)

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